Geneva-christie’s Christie’s Top Watch Auction

Christie’s Christie’s announces that it will hold a grand auction in Geneva on May 14th. This extraordinary fine watch auction will present up to 414 lots, including unparalleled top antique , Vintage and modern timepieces and watches. A number of attractive and rare masterpieces have been collected at this auction. It is estimated that the total sales of all lots will exceed 16 million Swiss francs.

1955 PatekPhilippe Wristwatch

As for the focal point of the star auction, it is an extremely rare Patek Philippe gold double crown world time watch (shown above). It is displayed for 24 hours. The cloisonne enamel dial features a map of North America, model 2523. Manufactured in 1955 (estimate: CHF 1,600,000-2,600,000).
Important Watches Auction
Four Seasons Hotel Geneva Berg – 33 Berg Street Geneva
Auction time:
Monday, May 14, 2012, 9 am and 2 pm
Geneva preview time:
 May 11 (Friday), 10 am to 6 pm May 12 (Saturday), 10 am to 7 pm May 13 (Sunday), 10 am to 6 pm
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Enjoying Inspiration · Building · The Great Wall Between The Wrists – 2013 Swiss Mido Watch Hangzhou Listing Event

[Thursday, September 17, 2013, Hangzhou Tower] On September 17, 2013, Swiss Meto watch interpreted the image of the building with time and proved eternity with inspiration! With a history of nearly 100 years, Swiss Mido Watch has come to Hangzhou, a long-established yet fashionable romantic capital, which opened the Swiss Mido Watch 2013 “Enjoying Inspiration · Building the Great Wall Between Your Wrists”. Smart series of activities. At this event, Swiss Mido brought everyone a new Great Wall series watch that condenses the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and Chinese architectural miracles. It embodies the wisdom of the East and the West in the wrist of the engraving time, and the charm of the miles. Concentrating on the square inch space of the dial, it has become a new milestone for Mido. As the first dazzling debut of the new Great Wall series of Swiss Mido watches in 2013, Mr. Wu Jianhao, an Asian idol, came to the scene and unveiled the 2013 Swiss Mido watch “Enjoy Inspiration · Build the Great Wall Between Your Wrists” Hangzhou Station. The prelude to the event and best wishes for Mido.

Asian popular icon Mr. Wu Jianhao wears Swiss Mido Great Wall watch
 ‘Inspiration’ and ‘eternity’ are the essence of the brand that Swiss Mido has been pursuing since its birth. In the past century, Swiss Mido has been creating a series of high-quality watches, while always insisting on creative breakthroughs in watch design, and strives to make the true classic design eternal in the passage of time. His artistic explorations complement the spirit of classic architecture that has stood the test of time. When the persistent traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship meets the magnificent Chinese architectural miracle, the timeless inspiration that emanates from it can turn the moment into eternity and make the classics exquisite. As a symbol of a great era, the Great Wall not only narrates the vicissitudes of the Chinese nation, but also witnesses a splendid historical moment. This magnificent historical building has ignited the extreme creative inspiration of the Swiss Mido watch designer, making subtle choices in the connection, sublimating the architectural art and cultural connotation of the Great Wall into the design inspiration of the watch, and forever for the Chinese people. Proudly integrated into the watchmaking concept of Mido Watch, the traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship is mingled with China’s long-established historical architecture, and a new masterpiece has emerged. The new Great Wall series watches are a wonderful fusion of classic architecture and watchmaking inspiration. The shining inspiration proves the eternal beauty spirit, so that everyone with a Great Wall watch can become an inspirational creator.

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China, presented Mido Great Wall Watches to Mr. Wu Jianhao

 Swiss Mido’s new Great Wall watch draws inspiration from the Great Wall, a classic Chinese building, and creates timeless beauty on the wrist. When the dancers vividly interpreted the traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and the long-standing historical building of China, time was frozen in this magnificent building full of historical vicissitudes, and the audience’s thoughts followed this building. The constant change of artworks travels through different time and space, and feels the unique artistic breath and beauty of architecture left in different times. And when wearing models of the Swiss Mido Great Wall series watches, each model seemed to represent the elf of the wisdom of Chinese children, walked out of the Great Wall, and refracted through the process of ‘building’. The Great Wall is a classic building with a simple and elegant atmosphere. Wearing the Great Wall watch on your wrist is like boarding the Great Wall beacon. Here you look back and look forward to the future. I believe that the inspiration storm brought by Swiss Mido watches in 2013 will definitely make the audience experience the artistic charm of watches that blend classic architecture with flowing time.

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Mido China, and Mr. Wu Jianhao accepted an exclusive interview with the media
As a special guest of the event, Mr. Wu Jianhao, an Asian idol, made his grand debut. As an old friend of Mido, attending the Swiss Mido event quickly ignited the enthusiasm of all the guests on the scene and pushed the atmosphere of the event to the top. As today’s all-around idol of film, video and song, Mr. Wu Jianhao and Mido Watch join hands to pay attention to and participate in this year’s series of activities on the theme of “Enjoying Inspiration · Building the Great Wall Between Wrists”. At the event, Mr. Wu Jianhao not only expressed his personal love for Mido Great Wall watches, but also happily shared his personal understanding of Mido Great Wall watches with everyone. Mr. Wu Jianhao said that The implication of the Great Wall spirit has gained new insights. In the future, we will continue to meet new challenges with the toughness of the Great Wall. At the event, Mr. Wu Jianhao sent his best wishes to Swiss Mido Watch. In order to thank him for his support and love for Mido, Swiss Mido gave him the Great Wall series men’s watch. I hope this Mido watch can always accompany Mr. Wu Jianhao’s future life and record it. Every memorable shining moment. The elegant artistic inspiration temperament, elegant brand charm and timeless classic design make Swiss Mido watches popular with consumers. Over the past 95 years, Swiss Mido has not only shocked people’s attention with its elegant and timeless models, but also used the innovative design that is full of artistic inspiration to make every watch timeless, confirming the years. The brand new Swiss Mido Great Wall series from 2013 will invite you to look at the distant past of the Golden Horse, look forward to the bright future of the stars, bloom bright sparks, and experience the elegant taste and eternity of Mido together. Wonderful!

Wu Jianhao and the model show the Mido Great Wall watch together

Original Charm Five Classic Automatic Mechanical Watches Recommended

What is the charm of a watch? Why are so many people paying such a high price for a watch? Is it really just used as a carrier of time? Surely not. Watches have their own charm. One is the heritage of watch brands, which has a history of centuries, and the other is the ultra-complex mechanical technology. Many brand watches are completely art. Product. Today, Watch House recommends five automatic mechanical watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes them.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Q1368420

Watch Series: Ultra-thin Master Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: 79000
Watch details: MATIC LUNAR Moon Phase Watch Series 1-90-02-42-32-05

Watch Series: Eccentric Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 101500
Watch details: glashutte / 24875 /
If you are interested in the above models, you can consult professional sales staff and enjoy one-to-one purchase guidance service.
Landline: 010-53340960; Mobile: 15311801766;
Watch Comments: This Glashütte original eccentric series watch has many fascinating designs, such as the characteristic eccentric design, exquisite blue steel hands, moon phase display at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock Large calendar window display, and this watch is made of stainless steel case, the price is not particularly expensive, many watch friends will be grateful for Glashütte’s original Senator series of classic 3959 models, think it is missing one Calendar window, a little regrettable, there is always a little hesitation when preparing to buy. Then this watch can be said to make the most of the use of the watch’s dial, making people find no reason to refuse. This watch is designed with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 12.7 mm. It is heavy and elegant. The internal movement is equipped with Glashütte’s original self-produced cal.90-02 automatic winding movement. It should be noted that Glashütte Original is currently the rare brand of all-line products equipped with its own movement. The watch is accurate and durable.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6654-1127-55B

Watch series: Villeret series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 115500
Watch details: blancpain / 5205 /
If you are interested in the above models, you can consult professional sales staff and enjoy one-to-one purchase guidance service.
Landline: 010-53340960; Mobile: 15311801766;
Watch Comments: This classic Blancpain Villeret series 6654 watch can be said to be a very hot watch. This 6654 watch was launched by Blancpain in Basel in 2011 and has received strong attention from watch fans since its launch. Since entering the Chinese market, the sales of this watch have also been very consistent with its popularity. The watch has a 40 mm diameter design and a stainless steel case. It is also equipped with a black alligator strap, which is ideal for formal wear. The watch features a beautiful moon phase display at 6 o’clock, and the unique snake-shaped date hand is also an important feature of this watch. The watch is equipped with a 72-hour power reserve for the cal.6654 self-winding movement.

Rolex Greenwich II Series 116710BLNR-78200 Watch

Watch series: Greenwich II series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 69300
Watch details: rolex / 29079 /
If you are interested in the above models, you can consult professional sales staff and enjoy one-to-one purchase guidance service.
Landline: 010-53340960; Mobile: 15311801766;
Watch Reviews: This is a Greenwich II watch launched by Rolex at the 2013 Basel Watch Fair, which is also known as the ‘blue and black circle’ watch. The origin of the ‘blue and black circle’ is because of its bezel The design is a blue and black ceramic bezel. This two-color ceramic ring is not made from one another but fired as a whole. This technology is also just conquered by Rolex, so its highlights are not just as simple as they seem. . As for the 904L stainless steel and GMT functions, everyone knows that it is not different from other watches. Inside the watch is still the classic cal. 3186 self-winding movement produced by Rolex, which is precise, sturdy and durable.

Summary: Compared to automatic mechanical watches, there is another mechanical watch that is a manual mechanical watch. I still prefer automatic watches because as long as I wear them normally, I do n’t need to care about their power. This is also the automatic watch now. There are more reasons than manual winding. But many people like the feeling of winding and the opportunity to communicate with watches. In fact, I want to say that automatic watches can also be wound manually! In fact, the biggest thing about manual watches is thinness. Manual watches with the same design are thinner than automatic watches because automatic watches have an automatic rotor, but I think the thickness is within the acceptable range. I still choose automatic mechanical watches, simple and worry-free.

Basel 2019: Classic Replica Watches Return As Independent Series Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Autavia

At the 2019 Baselworld watch exhibition, TAG Heuer re-launched the Autavia watch series and returned to the watch industry with a strong attitude of independent series. The watch series combines the outstanding features of the Autavia watches produced in the 1960s, such as versatility, durability and reliability.

TAG Heuer launches the Autavia watch series, which draws inspiration from original Autavia watches and uses innovative watchmaking technology to attract a new generation of adventurers

As one of Tiger Heuer’s flagship styles, in 2019, it was decided to re-release the Autavia series, making Autavia alongside Carrera, Aquaracer and other series to become independent series. Seven new models exhibited at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair this time: the stainless steel Autavia three-hand watch uses the first round Autavia case and beveled lugs in the 1960s, with two-way rotation of 60 minutes The bezel is made of black ceramic, blue ceramic or stainless steel, which highlights the sporty look of the watch. The oversized crown is inspired by pilot watches and chronographs. And the original Autavia model is famous because it can be read clearly under any conditions, and the 2019 version retains this feature. The hour markers and hour, minute, and second hands are coated with SuperLuminova®, so that time can be read even in places with insufficient light.

The Autavia watch is re-launched with a new look and relaunched as a standalone collection. There are a total of seven models, each designed with the bold and adventurous spirit that Autavia takes pride in.

In addition to the stainless-steel Autavia three-hand watch, TAG Heuer has launched two other bronze models. The watch with a bronze case is equipped with a green or brown smoked dial, and the two-way rotating bezel is made of black or brown ceramic, respectively. The brown dial and brown ceramic bezel are paired with a brown leather strap, while the green dial and black ceramic bezel are paired with a khaki leather strap. The bottom cover is made of titanium.

Smoked face plate available in black, grey or blue with date window at 6 o’clock

The Autavia three-hand watch is powered by Calibre 5. The original Autavia models are known for their use of the latest technology, which is also maintained in the new watches. The new Autavia watch features a carbon fiber composite hairspring created by TAG Heuer earlier this year and created with cutting-edge technology. The combination of the movement and the carbon fiber composite hairspring gives this series unique Isograph technology for each style.

The strap or bracelet of each watch is interchangeable. Consumers can freely choose different style combinations and match their own unique shapes to create their own personal taste watches.

As a core element of a mechanical watch, a hairspring is essential to the overall function of the watch and is also the most difficult part to produce. The main advantages of TAG Heuer carbon fiber composite hairsprings are: the hairspring is lightweight, low in density, hardly affected by gravity and impact, and completely antimagnetic. The geometry of the carbon fiber composite hairspring is conducive to achieving perfect concentric oscillations and improving the accuracy of the watch. In addition, this process combines a carbon fiber composite hairspring with an aluminum alloy balance to achieve the best thermal performance and aeroelasticity.

Carbon fiber hairspring not only shakes traditional watchmaking technology, but also enhances the performance of watches with this proprietary technology

The new Autavia watch series, while possessing its own authentic characteristics, is still loyal to the original, leaving the original Autavia impressed in the Tag Heuer world.

Autavia series EB0173

Stainless steel material / Calibre 5 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / scratch-resistant sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 29,000 RMB

Autavia series FC8266

Stainless steel material / Calibre 5 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / scratch-resistant sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 26,000 RMB

Autavia series FC8266

Stainless steel material / Calibre 5 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / scratch-resistant sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 42mm

Chopin’s Golden Palm High Jewellery Exhibition Opening Ceremony

On November 16, 2016, Chopard, a high-end watch and jewelry brand, held the opening ceremony of the Chopard Golden Palm Fine Jewellery Exhibition in the atrium of the first floor of Beijing SKP. At the event, the famous Chinese movie star Liu Tao and many media friends and guests were invited to appreciate the high-quality jewelry works from the Chopard Geneva Jewellery Workshop. This is also the first time Chopard has exhibited high-quality jewelry on the red carpet in Cannes in China.

   Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Mr. Stephan Rizmann, chief executive officer of Chopard Asia Pacific, Mr. Tasso Von Berlepsch, regional manager of Chopard China, and executive vice president of Beijing SKP Manager Ms. Lu Xuemei and well-known Chinese movie star Liu Tao came to the scene to cut the ribbon for the opening of the event.

Chinese famous movie star Liu Tao attended the event as an event guest

   At the event, Liu Tao wore a stunning black costume and wore Chopard high-end jewelry earrings, rings and necklaces. Between her hands and feet, her elegant and confident temperament matched with the shining Chopard jewelry. According to observations, she should wear it on her wrist. This is the Chopard Diamond Watch Series 139419-1001.


   The Palme d’Or is the hallmark of the Cannes Film Festival and the bridge between Chopard and the supreme event of the film industry.

Chopard Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Design Director

   In 1997, at the kind invitation of the film festival chairman Pierre Viot, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and design director of Chopard, redesigned and produced the highest achievement of the Cannes The Golden Palm Trophy, the world’s most prestigious Cannes International Film Festival and Chopard Chopard have forged a 19-year-old immortality. In 2014, the legendary trophy debuted for the first time to obtain ‘fair mining’ certification, which also represents the important new phase of Chopard’s ‘The Journey of Sustainable Development’ plan. So far, the Golden Palm Awards not only represent the best films, but also represent the best examples of gold and silver crafts.

Golden Palm High Jewellery Show


Chopard Diamond Watches at the Event

Red Carpet necklace

18k yellow gold set with 3.8 carat marquise-cut diamonds and 6 carat marquise-cut yellow diamonds.

GreenCarpet necklace

   ‘Fair Gold’ certified 18k white gold set with a 22 carat pear-shaped emerald and 60 carat pear-shaped diamonds along with another 11.4 carats of diamonds.

Event Jewellery

   The Chopard Golden Palm Fine Jewellery Exhibition will be open to the public from November 16, 2016 to November 20, 2016 in the atrium on the first floor of Beijing SKP. Interested friends can visit it by themselves.

2015’s Most Desirable Watch Brand Top 50

Recently, ‘Esquire’ and ‘Men’s Health’s’ magazine invites readers to participate in ‘The Big Watch Survey 2015’, which lists the most wanted in their hearts Watch brands, and edited and published TOP 50, the most desirable watch brand in 2015.

   DuncanChater, UK Group Publishing Director of HearstMagazines, said: ‘I’m very proud to launch the TOP50 list of the most desirable watch brands with the support of Gentleman and Men’s Health magazine. The list provides us with a unique perspective on consumer psychology. In recent years, we have increasingly felt a significant increase in the consumer awareness of the entire industry, and the influence of big brands has been consistently implemented. Rolex’s brand positioning work is amazing, ranking on the list The first place is a proof. ‘
   The first and second places were unexpected, and Rolex and Patek Philippe separated by crown with 6,408 votes and 6072 votes. In fact, the top two-thirds of the list are firmly occupied by well-known brands in the watchmaking industry, and there is no real surprise. It is slightly surprising that the first-time British brand Christopher Ward (1114) is ranked 35th. It is better than more well-known brands such as Nomos Glashutte (1111), Le Méridien (1104), Bulova (924), and Seiko (819). The ranking is still higher. Of course, in this list, which is almost entirely occupied by professional watch brands, we are also surprised to see the names of two fashion watch brands under Fossil, namely 45th Armani (835) and 50th Michael Kors (807).
Big Watch Survey: TOP 50 most watch brands in 2015
Rolex (6408)
2. Patek Philippe (6072)
3. Omega (5406)
4. Breitling (5149)
5. Schaffhausen (5128)
6. Tag Heuer (4053)
7. Audemars Piguet (4034)
8. Jaeger-LeCoultre (3832)
9. Hublot (3609)
10. Cartier (3510)
11. Panerai (3096)
12. Montblanc (2758)
13. Lange (2741)
14. Bell & Ross (2483)
15. Longines (2318)
16.Bremont (2203)
17. Zenith (2134)
18. Tudor (1976)
19. Breguet (1891)
20. Vacheron Constantin (1886)
21. Bachelor (1833)
22. Blancpain (1659)
23. Bulgari (1648)
24. Tissot (1593)
25. Hermes (1498)
26. Richard Miller (1472)
27. Chopard (1398)
28. Hamilton (1394)
29. Raymond Weil (1355)
30. Oris (1329)
31. Earl (1328)
32. Girard Perregaux (1316)
33. Frederique Constant (1176)
34. Ball (1126)
35. Christopher Ward (1114)
36. Nomos Glashutte (1111)
37. Amy (1104)
38. Radar (999)
39. Gucci (977)
40. Chanel (961)
41. Bulova (924)
42. Victorinox (922)
43. Junghans (892)
44.TW Steel (845)
45. Armani (835)
46. ​​Citizen (826)
47.Love Love (821)
48. Seiko (819)
49. Mondaine (815)
50. Michael Kors (807)

Beyond It Again! Tag Heuer Becomes The First International Cooperative Brand Of Nasa To Serve As The Official Choice Of Timing

On June 19, 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand helped the Chinese aerospace industry at the ‘Yuecheng’ Xichang Satellite Launch Base. In 2016, the brand worked hand in hand with the China National Space Administration’s Mars Exploration Project. This time, TAG Heuer is once again honored to become the official strategic partner of the China National Space Administration’s lunar exploration project and the official choice of timing, marking that the Chinese lunar exploration project has officially entered TAG Heuer time! TAG Heuer will continue to uphold the pioneering spirit of #Dont Crack Under Pressure # and support the vigorous development of China’s aerospace industry and moon exploration projects. In the early morning of June 19, China Satellite 9A Radio and Television Live Satellite was launched. On the afternoon of the 19th, a press conference was held at the base of Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

   TAG Heuer has positioned the event at the China Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which has extraordinary significance in the history of Chinese spaceflight. Founded at the end of 1970, it has launched numerous domestic and foreign satellites into space, establishing outstanding achievements for the development of the space industry of the motherland. Aggressive and hard-working, it coincides with the brand spirit of Tag Heuer. It conquers every severe challenge with its far-reaching accurate timing function, and it has no fear even in deep space, showing its brand of excellence and innovation. charm.

Inextricable bond with space

   On February 20, 1962, as the first watch brand to enter space, Tag Heuer accompanied the American astronaut John Grain to successfully launch the ‘Friendship 7’ spacecraft, completing the feat of flying around the earth for three weeks. . Tiger Elegance and John Glenn witnessed this historic moment of great significance to the entire human race, and this watch is from the brand’s 2915A chronograph stopwatch.
   In May 2012, Tag Heuer visited the International Space Station with SpaceX, a space exploration technology company, to verify the reliability and accuracy of its self-made Calibre 1887 movement under extreme conditions.
   On July 12, 2016, Tag Heuer formally became a Swiss Space Systems (S3) ZeroG flight partner, as an exclusive ‘boarding pass’ to take the Airbus experience with the public. Extraordinary journey. On October 26, 2016, Tag Heuer held the “Dream Dreaming and Space” cultural exhibition in Tianjin, focusing on the technological take-offs of the brand over the course of 155 years of history. Among them, many timepieces show that the brand has changed from 1/100 Second, to 1/1000 second, and then to 5/10000 second, break through the miracle again and again and achieve remarkable results.

   On August 23, 2016, TAG Heuer became associated with China’s Mars exploration project and officially entered TAG Heuer time. It marks the official launch of the global collection of Mars exploration project names and graphic signs, while revealing the long-awaited design of China’s first Mars rover.
   From the initial entry into space to the exploration of Mars, one step at a time laid the inextricable bond between Tag Heuer and spaceflight. It is also a natural fit to join hands with the China National Space Administration’s official lunar exploration project to create time and space miracles.

In the early morning of June 19, satellite launch

Launch satellite viewing station

   Since the 1950s, the aviation competition between nations has begun. The successful launch of each satellite means that humans have another pair of eyes in space to observe and understand this unknown vast space. In the early morning of June 19, carrying the expectations and arduous missions of the Chinese people, the satellite 9A will be launched by the Long March 3B in Xichang. After the countdown, the rocket cut through the silent night sky, carrying the Zhongxing 9A satellite, flying into the air, at this time the observer’s heart was excited and full of hope.

Satellite ready for launch
   In the early days of China’s aerospace construction, under the pressure of various huge challenges, rocket technology was placed at the forefront of key development plans. Through years of hard work and tenacious struggle, it has yielded fruitful achievements. On October 8, 1956, China’s first missile and rocket research institute, the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense, was established. In May 1958, the Chinese leader proposed that ‘we also need to engage in satellites’ and began the battle of the satellites. On April 24, 1970, China’s first artificial earth satellite (Dongfanghong-1) took off; on October 15, 2003, Shenzhou V completed its first manned space flight; on October 24, 2007, China’s exploration Moon satellite realized the dream of going to the moon; in 2013, China’s first lunar probe successfully landed.

Unlaunched LM-3 and LM-3 recovery wreckage visit

    On its way to space, China is constantly refreshing its heights, creating miracles and glories that belong to the Chinese themselves.

In the afternoon of June 19, the press conference

Xu Xingli, General Manager of Chang’e Benyue Aerospace Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China Pan Jinji

Summary: At the press conference, the general manager of Tag Heuer Greater China Pan Jinji and the general manager of Chang’e Benyue Aerospace Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xu Xingli exchanged gifts with each other, expressing the common good wishes and blessings between the two groups. Fearlessness under pressure is the persistent pursuit of China’s space industry and the unremitting drive for precise timepieces. Adhering to the common pioneering spirit, we will create a better future for timepieces and aerospace technology.

Longines Watch Fifa Venue Obstacle World Cup Kicks Off In Oslo

Last weekend, the first round of the 2014-2015 Longines International Horse Federation Field Obstacle World Cup kicked off in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian Qualifier will decide on valuable 12 places to participate in the United States in April 2015. World Cup finals hosted by Svegas. In the end, Dutch rider Jur Vrieling drove the good horse VDL Zirocco Blue NOP racecourse to victory. Longines has been the title partner and official timekeeper of this series for the second consecutive year. The official timekeeper for this competition is a Longines Concas women’s watch, made of stainless steel and set with 30 diamonds.

   Longines’ equestrian sport has a long history. The Longines International Horse Federation Field Obstacle World Cup series has a special status for Longines, which cherishes tradition, precision and elegance. The origin of Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878, when Longines introduced the first timepiece engraved with the figures of jockeys and horse racing.

Introduction Of Cartier 9909 Mc Watch

Over the past few years, Richemont Group has successfully developed Cartier into a star product with multiple brands and the top trusted brand in the watch industry to date. Most of its products are indeed made by ‘handmade’ or workshops. Calibre 9909 MC is the latest and most innovative.
 The Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch displays two time zones at the same time, making it easy to read and unique. Local time continues the traditional style with brand signatures, sword-shaped hour and minute hands. At the same time, the second time zone is represented by a double-hour clock concentric with local time, which is novel and unique. It is a double hour clock because its area is a 180 & deg; sector. The two tips of the double hour hand are the sun and moon signs, so as not to confuse day and night. The fader is used to adjust the second time zone when crossing the meridian, and this display points to the city indicator. Apart from the realistic design with highly readable pointers, it is not unique in nature. In this regard, to provide additional space on the dial surface, the city indicator is actually visible through a side magnifying glass.
Then again, the main value of this Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch is that it solves a problem. All watchmakers are aware of this problem, but no one (at least as far as we know) can solve it: take daylight saving time into account when calculating time differences between different time intervals. Cartier offers a simple solution that focuses on the practicality of complex functions, going beyond manufacturers known for their efforts to develop complex functions. In this way, guide the city dial to make up for the difference in the mid-time interval in the five months of summer or ‘Daylight Saving Time’ (DST). At the same time, another extremely useful and unique indicator is displayed below the dial: the number of time difference between two different time intervals! The Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch features a 45 mm white gold case that embodies all Cartier watch design concepts, including dial style, crown setting with sapphire and pointer shapes.
  This concept is clear and simple, and the craftsmanship is perfect. It deserves to be the perfect choice for watchmakers. It is difficult to imagine that such a functional and clear watch will not affect other models that will be released in the near future.

Jan Carlo Stanton Becomes The Latest Brand Ambassador Of Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is proud to announce that Giancarlo Stanton has become the brand’s newest ambassador. Stanton is an All-Star right fielder, MVP player candidate, and currently plays for the Major League Baseball Miami Marlins.
   Local time this Monday evening, Tag Heuer and Stanton celebrated the conclusion of the cooperation agreement in the boutiques of the Miami Design District of the brand. The sports world, the cultural world and the precious heritage of Swiss luxury watchmaking are here.
   Giancarlo Stanton presents the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M ceramic bezel watch. This watch is designed for fans who are looking for performance and quality, and can still guarantee accurate operation in extreme environments.
   That night, the Tag Heuer image ambassador, the hottest duo in the electronic dance world, the versatile music DJ / producer Sister Nervo appeared to help out, and offered a DJ teaching class for Stanton. Giancarlo Stanton galloped on the baseball field, while the Nervo sisters shined in the music industry. Although the fields were different, the Tag Heuer image ambassadors refused to follow the rules, faced high pressure, feared no challenge, and achieved self.