New Interpretation Of Happy Diamonds Chopard Happy Diamonds Ladies Watch Appreciation

The first watch of the Chopard Happy Diamonds series has been available since 1976, and since then the Happy Diamonds series has become the brand’s classic series. 40 years later, in 2016, Chopard relaunched a number of luxury watches in the Happy Diamonds collection, paying tribute to this classic collection!

   This Happy Diamonds rose gold ladies watch is equipped with an 18K rose case with a bezel set with diamonds, which outlines a soft curved outline.

   The mother-of-pearl dial is gorgeously embellished with the brand’s signature flowable diamonds, and the mini dial in the middle of the dial is also embellished with diamonds.

   This watch has a silk strap, an 18K rose gold strap, and an 18K rose gold buckle.

   The new Happy Diamonds watch is very luxurious, reflecting the luxurious style of the watch at the beginning of the series, echoing the background of that era, paying tribute to the 40-year heritage of the series.
  For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Casio Develops Tough Movement With Integrated Led

Fully automatic winding watch? Still flicking your wrist to keep your watch working? Hehe, you are really out of date. Casio is planning to shock a few watch enthusiasts with their latest Tough Movement movement. This magical movement tailored for the Oceanus and G-Shock series watches ‘integrated a high-strength impact-resistant structure and LED pointer correction function’. At the 55th minute of each hour, the watch will receive signals from six transmitting stations around the world to correct the time. Even if the watch is stationary, it will automatically adjust the settings to ensure that the minutes are not bad. According to reports, the first watch model to use this technology will be the GS-1200, which is expected to be available in Japan this September, priced at 42,000 yen (390 US dollars, about 2700 yuan).

Vacheron Constantin’s New Métiers D’ Art ‘city Of Light’ Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s new Métiers d’ Art Master Villes Lumières watch, we invite you to overlook the beautiful night scene of the metropolis together, reflecting unique creativity. The dial is based on dark enamel, and a variety of precious powders are used flexibly to present the dazzling bird’s eye view of the metropolis in a micro-painting form. The traditional large open flame enamel combined with the precious powder craftsmanship demonstrates a pioneering work in fine watchmaking. These eye-catching, realistic and exquisite designs, the timepieces certified by the Geneva Seal have opened up a whole new field of art and creation, and continued traditional techniques through novel ideas.

The brand combines two extraordinary techniques to create a dazzling dream: the glazed infill enamel is a technique handed down by Vacheron Constantin’s craftsmen for nearly three centuries; and the hand-embellished precious powder is the Japanese guest artist Yoko Imai (Yoko Imai). This is also the first time the technique has been applied to a dial. It is embossed on gold, pearl, platinum, and diamond powder one by one, showing an amazing luster. Through extremely elaborate design, these bright flash points outline a vast and magnificent urban landscape. Shows the agility of streets, rivers and well-known landmarks. The Métiers d’ Art master series Villes Lumières watches are engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark, equipped with mechanical movements developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The refined finishing process is in the same vein as traditional fine watchmaking techniques. The first three models in the series showcase charming night scenes in Geneva, Paris and New York. Subsequently, the brand will also launch other city versions.

Continuous innovation in arts and crafts
The Métiers d’ Art Master Villes Lumières watch continues the century-old tradition of Vacheron Constantin. In 1755, the first model launched by the brand’s founder Jean-Marc Vacheron used a delicate hand-carved vine pattern. Since then, for nearly three hundred years, jewelry inlayers, enamel painters, machine engravers and engravers have continued to develop and inherit these rare and rare professional skills. Time is still there, and after years of continuous innovation, the use of their talents has given the watchmaking art masterpieces vigor. These decorative techniques complement each other and blend a variety of arts and crafts, often combined with other little-known or stunning arts, such as painted, Japanese dill painting, gem carving, or filigree gemstones, presenting a creative dial. While continuing the traditional characteristics, the Métiers d’ Art Master Series Villes Lumières watch also opened the door for Vacheron Constantin to explore new, contemporary and innovative arts and crafts.
Overlooking the night scene
Vacheron Constantin shows the dazzling charm of these artistic metropolises by depicting the beautiful night. The unique precious powder embellishment process not only increases its agility, but also enhances the dial pattern to enhance the contrast between light and dark, forming a high and low effect visually, and presenting the outline and emotion of the city in detail. The micro-painting surface created by Imai Yoko truly reproduces the different ‘light drawings’ of these cities. The spotlight not only reflects the changes in the streets, but even the landscape of traffic flow becomes more vivid! In order to present the real scene of the city, these exquisite and detailed works need to be completed through weeks of research and creative attempts.

Great Fire Enamel
On each dial, the master of Vacheron Constantin enamel first painted the shapes of streets, gardens and rivers using the technique of filling enamel with a large fire. According to the selected contour, the corresponding part of the gold dial is manually excavated, and then filled with multiple layers of translucent colored enamel. With each layer of enamel glaze, the dial is fired up to 850 ° C. These crucial and delicate steps need to be fully grasped through intuition and years of strict standardization practice. The powdered glass and colored glaze oxide are roasted and melted, and then cooled to vitrify-the largest of which The challenge is cracks and flaws. Nevertheless, the enamel master who created the Métiers d’ Art Master Series of the City of Lights Villes Lumières bravely accepted the challenge and used the contrast between light and dark between translucent to dark to reproduce the extraordinary night scene atmosphere.
Bright light
Vacheron Constantin invited Japanese artist Yoko Imai to combine her art with the craftsmanship of the brand’s enamel craftsman. After training by a well-known Japanese master, she has created her own unique technique: calligraphy paintings inspired by precious powder on canvas. For Vacheron Constantin, this is the first time she has applied this technique to an enamel dial, creating a charming contrast between light and dark effects. In order to be able to realistically present the light of the city, she needs to use her dexterous hands, tough focus and unique sensitivity.

The precious powder embellishment technique borrows the basic principles of calligraphy art: the pursuit of balance and purity. Using a fine needle, use a unique technique that has not been disclosed so far to embellish the powder particles one by one. Adding the charm of light effects to the entire painting is a very difficult task: each stroke needs to be filled to the corresponding position perfectly, and no free play or excessive decoration is allowed.
Choose according to the size and gloss of each powder, and then carefully observe different light changes at different angles to ensure that the brightness of the dial is increased without affecting the realism of the work. First, the fine gold powder is used as the background decoration to make the dial appear bright. Diamonds and platinum powders are then alternately filled to create a charming light and shadow effect, and finally decorated with pearl sequins. Just by adjusting its direction and size, the different luster they present can make the dial appear unique and warm. On the enamel dial, between the raised gold ridges and shining in tens of thousands of light points. These unique and precious powders have different reflective brightnesses, which are echoed against each other against the backdrop of dark and large open flame enamel. The contrast in the center of the dial is the strongest and gradually softens towards the outer circle of the dial.
Handcrafted for more than three months, combined with a variety of arts and crafts, making each dial unique. A timepiece display box is equipped with a magnifying glass to admire the fine details of this craft.
Ambilight Geneva, Paris and New York

This bird’s-eye view tour started in Geneva, the cradle of precious watchmaking technology, and is also famous for the enamel micropainting. The St-Gervais area in the city center is the birthplace of Vacheron Constantin. Here It is also home to the Attic Artisan Workshop.

The second is Paris. This veritable ‘City of Light’ is not only a place that artists, philosophers, writers, and painters yearn for, but also world-renowned for its unparalleled elegance. Overlooking the capital this time, it displays its famous landmarks, such as Charles de Gaulle, Champs-Elysées, the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower, which is famous for its light effects. It truly shows its gorgeous light through gold carvings.

Finally, New York, where everything is possible in this sleepless city that symbolizes dreams and vitality. Use this precious powder embellishment technology to draw the scene to the highest point as much as possible, and push this process to the extreme. Stretching in the enamel of the big fire, tens of thousands of precious glittering points vividly outline the night scenes of Manhattan’s Central Park, the Hudson River and Brooklyn.

Professional watchmaking skills
The Métiers d’ Art Master Series Villes Lumières watches are engraved with the Geneva Seal and certified by an independent neutral body, which guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the timepiece. Vacheron Constantin 2460 SC self-winding mechanical movement powers the hours, minutes and seconds display. Through the transparent case back, you can admire the 22K gold rotor with the brand’s signature Maltese cross decoration. Whether visible or not, all parts are manufactured using advanced watchmaking techniques such as chamfering, round graining, and polishing. The precious white gold case protects the movement.
The Métiers d’ Art Master Collection of the Villes Lumières watch collection combines watchmaking skills with artistic creation, embodying Vacheron Constantin’s purest tradition. The exquisite dial, like a detailed micro-pattern, shows the original style of these fascinating cities and watchmaking arts, and is constantly inspiring and innovative.

Master of Art Series Light City Technical Specifications
Geneva-Certified Timepiece
Available only at Vacheron Constantin stores
Model: 86222 / 000G-B101-Geneva; 86222 / 000G-B104-Paris; 86222 / 000G-B105-New York
Movement: 2460 SC Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures self-winding mechanical movement with a diameter of 26.2 mm (11 ”1/4 legal minutes); a thickness of 3.6 mm; a power reserve of about 40 hours; a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour) ); 182 parts; 27 gems
Display functions: hours, minutes, and central seconds
Case: 18K white gold; diameter 40 mm, thickness 8.9 mm; transparent sapphire crystal case back; waterproof to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial: 18K gold dial with large fire-filled enamel and translucent enamel, hand-filled with precious gem powder (diamond, pearl) and precious metal powder (gold, platinum)
Strap: Double black Mississippi alligator leather strap, large checkered
Buckle: 18K white gold buckle polished half Maltese cross design
Display box: distinguished
Accessories: with a magnifying glass
* Limited sale number, city name engraved on the back of the timepiece

Exquisite And Timeless Athenian Gold And Golden Moon Jade Bow Watch Tasting

As the world’s top watch, Athens was founded in Switzerland in 1846, and has a history of nearly two centuries. Over the years, every watch manufactured in Athens has adhered to the fine tradition of quality and mechanical innovation. At present, Athens has a series of multi-style watches, which has attracted the attention of many watch lovers. Today I will introduce an Athenian Gold and Gold Moon Moon Jade Bow watch, the official model: 8296-122-2 / 42.

   Athens originally started as a marine clock. The marine clock produced by Athens is the most reliable marine instrument ever made, and it has become a necessary instrument for the navies of more than 50 countries in the world. However, this brand coming out of the ocean does not stop in the field of marine watches. It also focuses on the application of enamel technology to watches, creating elegant artistic watches, and thus has the Athens classico gold watch series.

   This Athenian watch is made for men, with a diameter of 40 mm, and its simple appearance is the best interpretation of gentleman temperament. The round case is made of 18K rose gold, with a single color and soft undertones, highlighting low-key luxury.

   Viewed from the side, the case made of 18K rose gold is elegant, shiny and bright. The uniquely shaped lugs and the case are integrated into the case, which naturally connects with the strap.

   The strap of the watch is made of black leather with clear leather texture and pressure lines on both sides for a more stylish atmosphere. The strap made of cowhide material has good abrasion resistance and very comfortable wearing feeling.

   The crown-free side is perfectly curved, the case carefully polished by the watchmaker sparkles with a dazzling metallic luster, and the individual number of the watch is engraved on the side of the case, which shows the ingenious intention of the watchmaker.

   The design of the watch dial is unique. The black dial has an inherent mystery, and the golden hands are elegant and luxurious. The time scale display is also different. The large Roman numerals at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock become a unique scenery of the dial; the three hands also have their own characteristics, stylish and elegant; the middle is the watch’s moon phase display function, through the gold The disk shows the full profit and loss of the moon phases; at 6 o’clock is the date display window.

   The crown is located at 3 o’clock, and the precise gear pattern brings comfortable feel and perfect visual enjoyment. The top has the Athens brand logo, and the blue as the substrate is more profound and elegant.

   The watch uses a pin buckle, which is also made of 18K rose gold and is engraved with the Athens brand logo, which not only serves as the brand’s imprint, but also plays a perfect embellishment role.

   The bottom case adopts a back-through design. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the movement of the movement can be clearly seen, and the complex workmanship of the movement and the exquisite skills of the watchmaker can be truly felt. The case and movement are engraved with the brand’s LOGO, detailing the fine work of Athens watchmaking.

Summary: Athenian watch is at the forefront of watchmaking technology, setting a precedent. It uses new materials to produce highly accurate movement parts and the most creative wristwatches. This Athenian watch has a unique design. Equipped with an automatic movement, it can meet the needs of elegant gentlemen.