2012 Basel’s New Blancpain Dynamic Speed Light Shadow

The L-evolution family is proud to launch new members. Inspired by the speed of the car, this timepiece is equipped with a flyback dual-seconds chronograph mechanism and a large calendar display window. It has both the mysterious beauty of chronograph and the cutting-edge technology of watchmaking. .

  In keeping with the brand’s long-standing tradition, Blancpain chose carbon fiber to create this extraordinary timepiece. Lightweight and sturdy precious characteristics, combined with pleasing visual effects, provide a wide space for the use of carbon fiber in the development of watches and clocks. As a major technological innovation of the brand, this high-tech material is used to manufacture certain parts of Blancpain timepieces, such as the carbon fiber bezel, case back, and dial, which demonstrates the brand’s strong innovative strength and R & D spirit. The large date window of the dial is displayed in digital font. The background of the dial highlights the oversized red digital processing. The timing button at 8 o’clock mimics the appearance of the oil cap. The 9 o’clock position is equipped with a badge-type chronograph dial. All details are highlighted. The watch’s vibrant sporty style.

  This new timepiece is equipped with a Calibre 69F9 movement, which is composed of 409 parts set with 44 gems and has a power reserve of 40 hours. The movement is equipped with a column wheel to ensure precise control of the buttons. At the same time, the vertical disc linkage device also effectively avoids unnecessary friction caused by shaking the wrist for internal parts when the timing function is activated. The watch perfectly combines the flyback dual-seconds chronograph mechanism with a large dual-hole date display window. Among them, the double-second chronograph function is an important and complex technology in watchmaking. The two small chase hands superimposed on the sweep-type chronograph seconds hand (called double chase hands in French, meaning ‘catch up’) run in parallel to catch up with each other. Take the interval before the second hand ‘separates’. Press the chronograph button at 8 o’clock to activate the dual-second chronograph function. At this time, a chronograph second hand stops and the sweep-type chronograph second hand runs independently. When the same button is pressed again, the small second hand will quickly catch up with the front Sweep chronograph seconds hand to continue synchronous operation. The button at 4 o’clock activates the flyback function, which resets the chronograph to zero and restarts instantly.

  Through the sapphire crystal, the elegantly decorated internal movement is clearly visible. Behind this extreme charm lies the complicated mosaic work of watchmakers. According to the processing requirements, the movement parts are coated with sandblasted coatings of two different materials (5N red gold-plated or rhodium-plated); the bridge is coated with NAC coating, and the vertical texture highlights the smoky gray appearance of this process feature.

  The watch uses a black Alcantara leather strap, with precision sewing, exquisite workmanship, and the addition of carbon fiber materials, reminiscent of Blancpain’s recent breakthroughs in the field of racing. At the same time, the carbon folding buckle is even more delicate and perfect in detail.