The Rubber Strap Offers Unlimited Possibilities

There is a saying in the jewelry industry that diamonds are forever. In the watchmaking industry, it is no exaggeration to say that metal chains (mainly gold, steel, titanium and platinum) also enjoy a similar reputation. But this is not entirely accurate. In recent years, the rubber strap has been continuously developed, and its high added value has made it catch up with the metal chain strap. In terms of strength, durability, creativity, performance, and even development costs, rubber is becoming an increasingly valuable material.

 In the world of watchmaking, no one can deny Biwi’s central role in the progressive evolution of rubber. This family-owned company in Glovelier, Switzerland has won the respect of well-known brands in the industry. It seems that prudence is one of its key attributes. We do not know the major brands supplied by Biwi. However, RICHARDMILLE has established a fruitful partnership with this company, and the results include a transparent rubber strap that took two years to develop.

Chopard Mille Miglia Race Edition
 There are two main reasons why rubber straps can achieve such high popularity and technical achievements: one is plasticity, and the other is ‘meltability’. Plasticity includes shapes, materials, and colors, as well as antibacterial and deodorizing treatments. Anything, or almost everything, is possible. ‘Fusion’ also contains infinite possibilities. For example, the HysekKilada 41mm stainless steel automatic chronograph inserts ‘H’ inserts in rubber straps in honor of the brand logo. The ‘H’ inserts are available in different materials, steel, titanium or gold, depending on the model.

Athens Watch Dive
 Another key feature of rubber is its close association with car tires, and this applies to almost all watchmaking brands seeking inspiration from the automotive world. In this regard, Chopard is a pioneer in the industry. The most representative example is a strap with the same outline as the Dunlop tires of the 1960s. At that time, Dunlop tires were regarded as the best tires on the market, and Karl Scheufele (the father of Karl-FriedrichScheufele) chose this type of tire. In 1995, Chopard decided to reproduce the fashion of the times with the MilleMiglia series.

Eberhard & Co. Scafograf GMT ‘The Black Sheep’
 Two years later, another Genevan manufacturer, Patek Philippe, put this idea into practice, and the brand specially designed the famous ‘Tropical’ strap for the Aquanaut series. The development of this watchband took more than a year, and manufacturing required a number of specific steps, using a variety of machines, including 150-ton presses.

Hysek Kilada 41 mm stainless steel automatic chronograph
 The latest example of tyre and strap fusion comes from Roger Dubuis. As part of the partnership, Roger Dubuis manufactures straps from Pirelli-assembled racing tires. In this very unique collection, each watch corresponds to seven famous color schemes of Pirelli. There is even an ExcaliburSpiderPirelliSottozero watch in this series. Its strap is inlaid with titanium studs, echoing Pirelli’s famous snow tire.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch with ‘Tropical’ strap
 Rubber straps are developing rapidly, but given their novelty, there is still plenty of room for exploration. One possibility is to add fluorescent materials; the other possibility is to work on strength and thickness to develop an ultra-thin rubber strap with robust performance, just like an ultra-thin watch. For example, the strap of RICHARDMILLE can withstand a traction of 20 kg.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Sottozero
 In the end, there is no doubt that the belt will follow another major trend: customization. We can look forward to seeing some colors not found in the brand’s common palette (the specific color depends on customer needs), more or less special materials (Sand Bart’s sand, Havana’s cigar leaves, UAE Crude oil), and shapes never seen before (such as rubber cuffs). The future is very promising, but the production of rubber straps is still in the hands of subcontractors. Increasing relevance may change the status quo, and we may see related mergers and acquisitions in the future. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Interpretation Of Aurora Inspiration Bulgari Lvcea Series Ladies Watch Tasting

The BLVLGARI LVCEA series is inspired by the Aurora. Since its birth, this series has become the new muse in the family of Bvlgari ladies watches. The LVCEA series watches are highly recognizable, blending the essence of Bulgari design, and also perfectly blending various opposing elements, such as roundness and lines, light and shadow, elegance and depth. Below, the editor will introduce a Bvlgari LVCEA series ladies watch, the official model of the watch is: 102192 LU33BSPGSPGD.

 LVCEA is also a tribute to the brand’s glorious history-ancient Roman and Greek traditions gave Bulgari an artistic light. Because of this origin, Bulgari combines the Italian ‘luce’ (meaning ‘light’) with the Latin ‘lux’ (meaning ‘luxury’), which gives the brand new name.

Watch with stainless steel case and 18K rose gold bezel
 The watch design uses a round case, a light base, and a series of light and shadow blending with style to make LVCEA unique in its feminine beauty.

33 mm diameter
 LVCEA continues the beautiful legend of Bulgari, making classics eternal. The 33 mm diameter round case contains the flow of time, shining brightly with the rotation of the wrist. The elegant lines of the case and the creation of two different materials make the watch exude elegance and nobility.

Smooth rose gold bezel
 No matter which angle you want to admire, this watch can give people a different feeling. The round two-tone bezel has a high degree of recognition. This design shows that Bulgari is good at the contemporary elegant model bred from traditional aesthetics, making classics eternal.

Hidden lug design
 The lug of the watch adopts a hidden form design, which is integrated with the bracelet. It is a watch that becomes a luxury wrist watch at the same time as a fine timepiece.

Crown set with pink cabochons and diamonds
  Bulgari, famous for its high-quality jewellery, has a brilliant gem embedded in the crown of each LVCEA work. The noble fuchsia gemstone with egg-face cutting shows the bold and distinctive classic charm of Bulgari design. In addition, the gem crown is inlaid with a brilliant diamond, symbolizing the charming charm of women from the inside out.

Black opal dial with sun print
 The black opal dial is adorned with sunburst. It is inlaid with gold-plated indexes and Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. A practical date display window is mounted at 3 o’clock on the dial. Two The delicate sword-shaped rose-gold hands are exquisitely crafted, which is even more shiny and luxurious on the radiant dial.

Bracelet inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti collection
 The LVCEA watch bracelet is inspired by Bulgari’s classic Serpenti series. The scales on the winding bracelet are replaced by polished metal that showcases the architectural geometric aesthetics, and each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In Bvlgari’s classic style, the powerful lines of the bracelet are perfectly balanced with the gorgeousness of the round case. These distinct elements are perfectly combined by lines and circles, just like the charming complex connotation of contemporary women-full of power, Elegance, sexy and energy.

Comes with a double butterfly clasp
 The watch is equipped with a butterfly double-button clasp, which is convenient to use while not destroying the overall effect of the bracelet, and the decorative effect of the watch is greatly improved.

Internally equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement
  The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, and the classic imprint of the Bulgari brand is engraved on the movement’s oscillating weight. The sapphire crystal in the case back can be used to appreciate the operation of a precision mechanical movement. The charm of the watch lies in this.

Summary: Bvlgari LVCEA series watches combine traditional style and modern aesthetics, combining outstanding performance with creative design. As the embodiment of light, LVCEA is loved by celebrities and watch connoisseurs because of its brilliant style. On different occasions, it reflects their unique personality and charming style, making each moment the best time. The current reference price for this watch is 35,800 yuan.

How Much Do You Know About The Texture Of The Dial?

In today’s world trend, the dial of a watch mostly uses simple geometric lines to outline different graphics, creating special visual effects and making the dial more artistic. The seemingly simple texture engraving actually incorporates the ingenious design and energy of the watchmakers. The size of the dial is originally small. The complicated carving on it is a difficult task in itself, but the watchmakers Challenge this height one after another. Watches with different textures create different styles, which are really memorable.

  Whenever you see a watch, most people will admire its superb function display, whether it is moon phase display, world time, power reserve or tourbillon, there are many lovers. However, when it comes to the texture and details of the dial, it is often ambiguous and insignificant. In fact, the texture of the dial is also an integral part of watch design. Below, the editor will take you to understand the various textures on the dial, so that you also get an aesthetic experience in aesthetics.
 Paris spikes
  Paris studs are architectural decorative arts of medieval Europe. They have appeared in many elegant ancient buildings in Paris. The ‘diamond tips’ are arranged in a matrix to make the most of the charm of the pyramid lattice.

  Audemars Piguet is the world’s top watchmaking brand with a long history and rich experience in watchmaking. The design details of the watch are fine and beautiful. This ClassiqueClousDeParis series 77231OR.GG.A088CR.01 watch is made of 18K rose gold. Against the yellow metallic luster, the ivory dial looks exceptionally fresh and natural. The dial has a basic time display, and the dial is decorated with a grid pattern to make it shiny. It does not look monotonous because of the small number of functions of the dial. In response to this, the bezel also has a unique Paris nail pattern. After careful polishing and decoration by the craftsmen, there is a geometric beauty of light and shadow. The watch uses a brown crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold folding buckle. The color tone is in harmony with the whole, exuding an antique charm.

  The RAYMOND WEIL Classics (maestro) collection has launched a new collection that continues to uphold the brand’s classic, timeless and elegant watchmaking philosophy. This watch has a clear color, smooth lines, and Paris studs in the center. Although it is a simple three-pin watch, the brand’s ingenious design can be seen from every detail of the watch. As a very common watch decoration, the Paris nail pattern can not only decorate the dial, presenting a distinct effect, but also has the effect of music rhythm, which is more delicate and dazzling under the light.

  If the Paris studs create a romantic atmosphere, then the elegant blue steel hands are even more icing on the cake. The slender hands smoothly display the functions on the silver dial. One of the hands is decorated with a delicate moon. The pattern, pointing to the round calendar scale, blends with the natural rhythm in subtleties.
 Rose pattern

  As one of the best in the watch industry, Cartier’s classic style and unique design make it easy to recognize at a glance in the vast sea of ​​watches. This brand’s watches are very impressive. Cartier’s workshop carved a detailed and complicated ‘double C’ ring pattern on the dial, which is a rose pattern. This process is time-consuming and complicated, and it is unique and attractive in the entire watch industry.

  The Cartier ROTONDEDECARTIER series watches show the noble and elegant model of the case, which makes it stand out from many traditional watches. This watch is made of 18K gold. Cartier has always used heavy metals to create watches. Don’t think it is silver. The silver checkered dial uses ancient Roman numeral time scales, and the center is decorated with rose petal-shaped carvings, and the petals expanding outward seem to transfer the energy and power in the center. If you look closely, you will find petals in the middle. Cartier interprets the characteristics of the double C in a unique way. The watch is marked with ‘CartierParis’ and the big calendar display is also different from other models. It is not in the six o’clock or three o’clock direction, but is set in the twelve o’clock direction.

  Cartier blue balloon is also a highly recognized watch in this watch. This watch has smooth lines and elegant appearance. The guilloché pattern of this watch is different from the previous one. There is no petal in the middle, but it still shows impeccable double C texture. Adopting typical Roman numerals, the rail-shaped scale deviates from the track in the arc design, and the blue stainless steel sword-shaped pointer ticks under the instruction of power, reminiscent of ancient urban civilization.
 Sun print

  The sun pattern is a more delicate radial pattern. It is used on small parts to straighten the curve of the radial Geneva pattern, which is the sun pattern. The sun pattern conveys energy and vitality, incorporating the care and intentions of the brand design masters, and incorporating simple dials into more artistic symbols.

  The Reverso series is one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most famous series of watches. Based on the feminine aesthetic, the Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin ultra-thin women’s watch is a fusion of gorgeous diamonds and watches. The pure geometric line design is inspired by Art Deco style. The simple and elegant silver dial is decorated with a sun pattern. It is integrated with rose gold scales and sword-shaped hands to present classic beauty. The patented design of this series-the legendary square flip case can be turned to the front to protect the dial from impact, and the back can be engraved with personalized patterns.

 Wheat grain

  The grain of wheat is a kind of decoration that everyone commonly sees. The uneven texture makes the dial more delicate. There are no clear rules about what type of watch uses which texture. Specific models need different foils. In fact, the design of many watch dials often incorporates many different patterns, interweaving various textures together.

  The watch introduced below is a Zenith Colombian watch. The tourbillon in the convex spherical mirror may be the focus of everyone’s attention. However, we have to go the other way, not about the function. Speak the details. The watch is made of pure white gold with silver hand-refined grain pattern, and the fan-shaped power reserve display uses radial patterns to distinguish the use of functions. It also has a geometric symmetry beauty, which naturally separates the functions of the dial. Excessive white space sometimes feels thin, but the appearance of the texture makes this 45mm dial more full.

  Breguet began to assemble its own hand-engraved silver or gold dials for watches in about 1786, and today the process has become one of the brand’s important symbols. The Breguet 5377 ultra-thin tourbillon watch incorporates the important features of the brand. The dial has 4 different hand-engraved decorative patterns, which show a wonderful harmony through the sapphire crystal: the Paris-studded hour and minute dial, and the outer edge is Carved wheat grain decoration, the power reserve at 8:30 shows the carved herringbone pattern, and the lace pattern outlines different functional areas. There is so much texture, but it doesn’t look cluttered. This is the charm of art.

Summary: Every designer not only understands the mechanical structure, but also the aesthetic concept. A seemingly simple pattern must not only operate on a certain metal material, but also have the beauty of matching with other watch elements. It is both practical and Beautiful design can win everyone’s applause. Based on the aesthetic tendencies of different consumers, major brands continue to contribute new ideas, add new color to the watchmaking process, and give the dial more meaning. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)