Harry Winston Shines Brightly On The Red Carpet Of The 49th ‘golden Horse International Film Festival’

The 49th Golden Horse International Film Festival was grandly held on November 24, 2012. Taiwan’s first model Lin Zhiling and 2008 Asia-Pacific filmmaker Zhang Rongrong wore Harry Winston jewellery.

Jennifer Jones

Known as the ‘King of Diamonds’, Harry Winston has created countless remarkable legends, the most proud of which is the establishment of the beautiful tradition of jewelry worn by female stars on the Red Carpet. Originating in 1943, Harry Winston sponsored Oscar’s best actress Jennifer Jones for the first time. When she came to the stage to present the awards, the bright and bright diamond jewellery and the shining star style surprised all. In the eyes of people, Harry Winston has become a symbol of luxury, and therefore he has been named the ‘star jeweler’. Since then, Harry Winston and the female star have maintained a close and good relationship, Hollywood actresses are proud of wearing Harry Winston jewelry to attend grand occasions.

Taiwan’s first model Miss Lin Chi Ling

The 49th Golden Horse International Film Festival was held on November 24, 2012 (Sat.), Taiwan time. As the award presenter, Miss Lin Zhiling, a long white dress, paired with Harry Winston Red Carpet diamond bracelets and Cluster diamond earrings. , Outstanding temperament, magnificent; 2008 Asia-Pacific film Ms. Zhang Rongrong was also selected as the best actress of this year’s Golden Horse Awards, she wore a long golden dress with Harry Winston Cascading diamond necklace, Shinde diamond earrings, Cluster diamond ring Wait, the light shines, and after the development, it shines in the night sky with the jewellery of Harry Winston.

Taiwan’s first model Miss Lin Chi Ling

Taiwan’s first model Lin Zhiling wears
 Red Carpet Diamond Bracelet
CNY 4,610,500 Cluster Diamond Earrings
CNY 1,148,200 Oval Cut Diamond Ring
CNY 757,500 round brilliant-cut diamond ring
CNY 899,000
Asia Pacific filmmaker Zhang Rongrong wears

Jennifer Jones

 Cascading Diamond Necklace
CNY 12,015,700 Shinde Diamond Earrings
CNY 462,900 Cluster Diamond Ring
CNY 211,000

To The Founder Of The Brand Raymond Weil Launched The Maestro Series Of Special Limited Watches

The Raymond Weil brand was founded by the visionary Mr. Raymond Weil. After nearly 40 years of painstaking management, it has become an internationally renowned brand in the watch industry, inheriting the legacy of the founder Raymond Weil Raymond Weil is one of the few family-run Swiss independent watch brands. Now leading the family business is Mr. Raymond Weil’s grandson, Elie Bernheim. Now Raymond Weil launches this maestro series of specially limited watches, in order to excel the founder of the brand. Tribute to achievement.

   In April of this year, Eli Bielheim succeeded his father Olivier Bernheim, the head of the entire family business. At Raymond Weil, watchmaking is much more than a family business. In the late 1970s, the creation of his own brand in the crisis of the watchmaking industry demonstrated the courage and extraordinary courage of the late Mr. Raymond Weil.

   It is with this spirit of independence and courage to pioneer that Raymond Weil has grown to this day. All of the brand’s series of products continue the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, cutting-edge quality, and trustworthy tradition, which rely on Mr. Raymond Weil’s accurate interpretation of the market and unique design concepts.

   This specially limited watch is undoubtedly a tribute to the outstanding achievements of the founder of the brand. Based on Mr. Raymond Weil’s favorite complication style during his lifetime, this watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. Each watch movement is uniquely numbered and is accompanied by an official certificate issued by COSC. The 45 mm case is crafted in 18K rose gold, and the handwriting signature of Mr. Raymond Weil is adorned at 12 o’clock on the dial. There are timing buttons on both sides of the crown, which can realize the functional requirements of timing, stop, restart and reset.

   The watchmaker with a unique musical complex gave this watch a whole new life, and the decoration of the watch seemed so coordinated and flawless. The skeletonized oscillating weight is not only engraved with the brand name of Raymond Weil, but also decorated with the unique symbol of high-quality movement, the Geneva pattern. A fine olive wood box was introduced with the watch, and the wooden box also had a handwritten signature by Mr. Raymond Weil. The unique charm and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship it displays are impressive and amazing.

   This special limited edition of 100 watches worldwide not only demonstrates the brand’s watchmaking philosophy, but more importantly, through the development and production of more high-quality watches, Raymond Weil will become a banner of the famous Swiss superb watchmaking technology.