Inheritance Of Time Art Amy Long Luxury Comes From The Details

Time travels and changes the vicissitudes of the sea, but it cannot change the classics and inheritance. Swiss Emilion watches are committed to inheriting the spirit of Lean watchmaking in Geneva. Each Emilion watch is passionate about the beauty and love of designers and craftsmen. The design idea focuses on the shaping of craftsmanship, uniqueness and detail.
  At Baselworld 2015, Emilion, as always, excels in the unique craftsmanship and the construction of details, successfully launching the new model MAGNOLIA of the Fairlady series and the new men’s watch of the Héritier heritage series; in the original Some series incorporate more complex craftsmanship and vitality based on the heritage and development of traditional watchmaking techniques.
Fair Lady Magnolia Flower
 Amy Long continued this year with a new story about flowers and women. The new Jingya series is inspired by pure white magnolia flowers, full of modern and poetic flavor. Amy Long’s attention to detail makes this white magnolia flower unique.

The unique new shell shape changes the outer lugs like the eagle spreading wings in the past, and interprets the ‘time wing profile’ from a new perspective. The two-winged lugs that slightly converge inward, like a pair of folded arms embrace the entire case. Just looking at it, like magnolia buds with buds, the exquisite beauty can be seen. The 30mm size is slim and elegant. The dial’s craftsmanship is also extremely delicate. The delicate water ripples fill the entire dial, which marks the Emilion DNA and produces a vertical stripe of light and shadow. Twelve small, delicate split flower round nails are scattered on the velvet-like soft blue dial, and like the stars, the magnificent magnolia flower is magnified; the magnolia flower is finely carved from natural fritillary, and the three-dimensional magnolia branch Fine but vigorous, revealing the profound skills of traditional Chinese ink painting.
 With subtle modernity, magnolia blends the brand’s purest traditional elements: a glamorous round case, unique streamlined wings and a finely crafted dial that make this watch the most exquisite flower. This new product is loyal to its traditional code and leaves a poetic space. It is a watch that allows women to discover originality and fun.
【Technical Parameters】

Model: 61.2189.L.;
Movement: quartz movement
Function: hour, minute, second display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: Blue water ripple dial with white fritillary magnolia flowers
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: Blue silk strap
Diameter: 30mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

Fair Lady

The elegance worn on the hand is exactly the promise of Amy Long Jingya series. The designer abandoned the exaggerated and complicated expression technique, borrowed the modernist style, and the simple decorative art based on practicality reflected the floral elements on the dial. The lines distributed on the dial perfectly replaced the hour and minute scales, and at the same time composed A lotus pattern, exquisite and extraordinary, is a perfect interpretation of the essence of the Bauhaus design through the pure lotus in the center of the dial.
 Elegant women’s jewelry watch. The diameter of the 29 mm diameter dial outlines the image of the lotus through sixty straight lines of varying length. The white lotus on the gray dial is a low-key label. The pure and harmonious temperament is this The heart of the watch’s elegance. The dark gray dial of the sun sand reflects the looming radiating band pattern, hollow silver willow leaves like lotus petals, and the Swarovski sapphire crystal shining on the crown and strap connection. Small ideas and novelties will most appeal to those active girls who like to share precious moments.

【Technical Parameters】
Model: 61.2188.L.
Movement: quartz movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: Dark gray dial
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: stainless steel band
Diameter: 29mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof
Héritier heritage

When fearless meets tradition, it is a simple and classic watch. Behind every watch, there is a story hidden. For the past few centuries, enamel dials have represented a unique and sophisticated advanced technology.
 Today, in the development and design of the new heritage series, brand designers continue to carry forward this traditional art, using simple and elegant staggered combinations of slender nail scales and Roman nail scales to make the perfect combination of complex technology and simple style. Emilon is committed to passing on the reputation of traditional Swiss watchmaking for future generations, which is endowed with a noble mark because of its heritage in the watchmaking industry. The diameter of 40mm is suitable for the wrists of most people, and the fully automatic mechanical movement with the three-point calendar window of hours, minutes, seconds and hours meets daily wear requirements. In order to better fit the classic traditional design concept, the brand’s unique time wing profile has a new continuation in this section, the wings slightly converge, and it is more comfortable to wear.

【Technical Parameters】
Model: 08.1128.G.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: white enamel dial
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: stainless steel band
Diameter: 30mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

New men’s watches
 A new line of Amyron that combines sporty trends with sophisticated sophistication. Amy Long’s new men’s collection fits the spirit of the times. Paying enough attention to the details makes this watch elegant, and the sporty shape is also suitable for different occasions. The dial adopts three-dimensional solar radiation pattern, exquisite craftsmanship shows exquisiteness and fortitude. The sun, representing the imperial power, is as flexible as the sun king Louis XIV.
With a touch of quaint temperament, a 40 mm diameter sports watch with hours, minutes, seconds, and 3 o’clock date window display. There are two dial colors to choose from, white or green and blue are in line with the current trend. The angular case gives this watch a strong charm. The toothed bezel showcases the fine metal cutting process and also makes the case very individual.

Full of masculine masculinity but full of elegance, the new Emilion collection undoubtedly ignites the passion of watchmaking. In classics and sports, Amy Long cleverly found the balance and made the new collection public.

【Technical Parameters】
Model: 08.1155.G.6.W.28.6
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: white dial
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: stainless steel band
Diameter: 40mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

Laimen series mechanical ladies watch

The perfect combination of fine craftsmanship and modern atmosphere. In 2015, Emilion continued to enrich the well-acclaimed Lehman classic series and launched a new ladies’ mechanical watch. The design details reflect the complexity and harmony of the clock. With a diameter of 28 mm, the appearance is small, simple and exquisite, and the unique shell structure design forms a slim shape for more comfortable wearing. The details perfectly illustrate the concept of elegant classics. Amy Long’s spirit and characteristics can be found in this series, and the shape of the wings shows the brand’s uniqueness as always.
The details are highlighted in simplicity; the diamond or stud scale and the Roman scale are interlaced with the dial, perfectly interpreting the elegance and nobility of this series.

【Technical Parameters】
Model: 19.1168.L.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: white dial, 8 natural diamonds and Roman numerals
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: stainless steel band
Diameter: 28mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

【Technical Parameters】
Model: 19.1168.L.
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: white dial, studs and Roman numerals
Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
Strap: stainless steel band
Diameter: 28mm
Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

Two New Items From Chopard The Clownfish Watch Under The Magical Underwater World

Happy Sport is a watch series of Chopard (Weibo). Recently, the Happy Fish watch under this series has launched two new items, with colorful clown fish in the ocean Peregrine Falcon brings magic charm beyond ordinary.

Happy Fish Watch
The new Happy Fish watch is based on three petite rose gold or white gold clown fishes, which are set with precious stones such as yellow gems, tsavorites, rubies and onyx. Fishes swim freely on the vibrant blue reef dials in the vibrant coral reefs. These quirky little cutes on Chopard’s latest watch sincerely invite you to go to the magical quiet underwater world and explore the mysteries together.

Rose gold clownfish theme

Platinum clown fish
Happy Fish watches are available in two options: stainless steel and rose gold with bezel and diamonds. The 36mm diameter case is just the right size for any occasion. The crown of both watches is set with a sapphire. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, powered by a quartz movement and paired with a blue silk strap, which perfectly completes the entire design plan.

Beijing’s Oriental Xintiandi For Watches–quick 20 Shop Guides

A few days ago we shared the ‘Beijing Buying Watch Raiders in the New World’, which was supported by many users. What we want to share with you today is how to browse the major watch stores in the Oriental Xintiandi shopping mall in the Wangfujing business district as fast and as easily as possible.

 Wangfujing business district’s reputation for selling watches is more or less affected by Hendry Watches. Hengdeli Watch & Clock Co., Ltd., as a well-known watch firm specialized in selling imported watches in early China, had three stores in Beijing at the time, one of which was located in Wangfujing. Later, Wangfujing business district became more and more prosperous. More and more attention has been paid, so a lot of specialty stores have been opened in Wangfujing.
Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Mall Introduction:
 Dongfang Xintiandi is located in the Oriental Plaza, one of the largest comprehensive commercial buildings in Asia, with an area of ​​120,000 square meters, connecting the Golden Street-Wangfujing Commercial Street and the Silver Street-Dongdan Commercial Street. Dongfang Xintiandi has become the preferred place for many well-known brand stores, and it is also an ideal place for white-collar workers in Beijing, domestic and foreign tourists to shop, dine, entertain, and relax.
Opening hours: 9: 30-21: 30
Parking situation: The Oriental Plaza indoor parking lot has 1,900 parking spaces and is equipped with 24-hour security. It is not affected by the weather and provides you with convenient and efficient services.

The picture above shows the details of hourly parking fees

The picture above shows the details of monthly parking charges

The picture above shows the parking lot entrance

Green subway lines:
 Wangfujing has always been one of the business districts for travel and shopping in Beijing. There may be many foreign friends coming to see the meter. You can take subway line 1 and exit at C2, then cross the road, or directly arrive at Oriental Xintiandi at exit A. Underground, you can see Hamilton’s advertisement when you take the elevator.
 The first floor of Oriental Xintiandi is divided into five areas. The watch brands are mainly concentrated in the first and second areas, and then many of them are street-facing facades. Our route today is to go to the specialty store facing the street first, and then enter the mall, so that we don’t have to take a lot of wrongdoing. All of them come down as a semi-circular route.
Beijing Glashütte Store (Oriental Plaza)

First of all we saw the first Glashütte store from Germany, which is good at developing its own movement. It is right next to the main entrance of Xintiandi in the East. In this place where the money is precious, Glashütte’s facade is slightly smaller.
  Brand management: Glashütte
  Address: 1 / F, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85180618
Beijing Vacheron Constantin Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Close to Glashütte is the Vacheron Constantin store, which is unfortunately under renovation, presumably to prepare for the price increase.
  Brand management: Vacheron Constantin
  Address: A101, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85189908
Beijing Piaget Store (Dongfang Xintiandi)

We will continue to see the Piaget store dedicated to the research of complex movements, which is much more elegant than Glashütte.
  Brand management: Piaget
  Address: A102, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85186790
Beijing Athens Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

As we continue to move forward, we will find the Athens specialty store, which was started to make sailing timers and alarm clocks for the shipping company. The small door shop is not large inside.
  Brand management: Athens
  Address: Dongfang Xintiandi SS02B, No. 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85188828
Beijing Omega Retail Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

The next store opened up a big scene in front of me. This is the Omega watch retail store that is often used as the standard timekeeper in world-class events such as sailing, track and field, swimming. very.
  Brand management: Omega
  Address: A201B, Oriental Plaza, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85187188
Beijing Audemars Piguet Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Audemars Piguet is known as the Swiss national brand of watches and clocks. It has won numerous awards and is regarded as one of the top ten watches in the world.
  Brand management: Audemars Piguet
  Address: SS03, the first floor of Oriental Xintiandi, No. 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Phone: 010-85180028
Montblanc Store Beijing (Oriental Xintiandi)

Montblanc, which is also part of the Richemont Group, has increased its investment in the Mainland since it switched to watchmaking. The style of specialty stores is also relatively large. There are 8 in Beijing.
  Brand management: Montblanc
  Address: A402A & 406, East Plaza, East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85180250
Beijing Jinhua Watches Rolex Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

To my surprise, Rolex wasn’t next to the Omega store this time, and actually made a neighbor with Montblanc.
  Brand management: Rolex
  Address: No. SS08, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Phone: 010-85151888
Beijing Frank Mueller Store

We passed through the Grand Hyatt Hotel and saw Farak Muller being renovated. We do n’t know when it will open. Then we can enter the middle of the mall from the entrance next to Frank Muller and continue to browse the remaining brands. .
  Brand management: Frank Mueller
Address: First floor, Oriental Plaza, East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Beijing Chopin Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

When we walk into the mall, we will find a Chopard store under renovation. Chopard currently has only a specialty store on Financial Street in Beijing. Xinguang Tiandi is a newly opened store. The editor of the Watch House asked when The construction staff said that the details were unclear.
  Brand management: Chopard
Address: The first floor of Oriental Xintiandi, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
 As we walked back, we saw that some of the storefronts we saw when we came also had a door inside the mall. If you did n’t walk enough, you could repeat the shopping once.
Beijing Blancpain Store (Oriental Plaza)

Blancpain, which insists on making complex mechanical watches, has never made quartz watches since 1735, which is also Blancpain’s pursuit of quality. The decoration style of Dongfang Xintiandi is exactly the same as that of Xinguang Tiandi. Brand management: Blancpain
  Address: Shop AA49, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85182988
Beijing Gucci Store (Oriental Plaza)

When we found a small Gucci store in the second district, the luxury store next to Omega and Omega was a bit crude.
  Brand management: Gucci
  Address: A203, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85185323
Guanya Watch City

Then we entered the more concentrated area of ​​watch brands in the first zone. The first thing we saw was the Grand Watch City. Their brands are still relatively large, such as TAG Heuer, Hamilton and so on.
  Address: A109, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85186024
Beijing Seagull Store (Oriental Plaza)

The seagull watch is proud of the Chinese people. Since its birth in 1955, it has a history of more than 50 years.
  Brand management: Seagull
  Address: A110, First Floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85151969
Beijing Citizen Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Closer to the seagull is Citizen from Japan, whose radio and solar energy meters are still good.
Brand management: Citizen

  Address: A108 Dongfang Xintiandi, No. 1 East Changan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85187712
Beijing Plum Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

 The plum watch, which has always adhered to the field of automatic mechanical watches, attaches importance to the Chinese market as early as 50 years ago. In addition, this store is also a plum aftermarket that can repair plum watches.
  Brand management: Plum Blossom
  Address: Shop A103A, First Floor, Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Mall, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85186194
Beijing Tissot Retail Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

After we watched the Plum Blossom Store, we turned back, and then we saw Tissot stores, Longines, Casio, Radar and other stores. It seems that some of these stores are not specialty stores.
  Brand management: Tissot
  Address: AA03 Tissot Flagship Store, 1st Floor, Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85181181
Beijing Longines Retail Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

Longines, which focuses on tradition, professionalism and precision, is about to celebrate its 180th anniversary. Here we expect Longines to do better and better. In addition, the two stores are connected to each other. In addition to Longines, radar is also operating.
  Brand management: Radar, Longines
  Address: AA05A AA05B, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Phone: 010-84094111; 010-85186024
Beijing Rolex Store (Oriental Xintiandi)

We were surprised to find a Rolex on the opposite side of Longines. Rolex was really rich and willing to invest. There are actually two stores in a shopping mall.
Brand management: Rolex
  Address: AA02, East Plaza, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-85153866
Beijing Hublot Store (Oriental Plaza)

Opposite Rolex is the innovative Hublot store. Hublot has been favored by the Greek King with its unique design and has been collected by the Greek King.
  Brand management: Hublot
  Address: AA01, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Changan Street, Beijing
Phone: 010-85153613
 Today, I will introduce you to the famous watch stores in Xintiandi. Next, I will introduce you to other watch stores located in Wangfujing business district. The editor will be connected for two days and transferred to Xinguang Tiandi and New Oriental Plaza. Xinguang Tiandi should be selected, one is Beijing’s CBD business district, and the other is Beijing’s gathering place for foreign tourists. Relatively speaking, Xinguang Tiandi has a better environment.