Fashion And Dynamic Ruibao Timemaster Series Real Shot Tushang

CHRONOSWISS (Ruibao) was founded in 1984. Its successful performance in the market proves that German pragmatic spirit and Swiss precision watchmaking technology are the perfect combination. CHRONOSWISS has since become synonymous with the oldest and largest manufacturer in Swiss watchmaking. At this year’s Basel Haute Horlogerie exhibition, Ruibao launched a number of new watches. The Timemaster series has attracted everyone’s attention. It is stylish and very dynamic. A favorite of sports retro people. Please follow this watch watch editor to watch this watch together:
Real shot appearance tour:

Watch styling vintage sport

Reasonable dial layout and unique design

The delicate texture of the onion crown and the chronograph buttons are distinctive

With a comfortable rubber strap

Precision coin design around the case

Watch with folding clasp

The dense case is engraved with the Ruibao logo on the bottom

Summary: Ruibao watch is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. It is compatible with the precision of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and the rigorous national spirit of Germany. For more information, please click on the watch home Basel live show:

What Lange Watches Are Easy To Get Started?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Some time ago I wrote about what Patek Philippe’s complex watches are suitable for everyday wear. After writing, many brothers came to me and said, you write a Lange too. Since the brothers mentioned, let’s Lange.
Before talking about specific watches on the market, I want to give you a few details.
   Everyone knows that I usually use actual conditions and actual prices to talk about things, but this time I need to talk about some details. Mainstream luxury watches, spelling ‘face value’, look at the dial, because for example, watches such as Rolex, there is nothing to polish the movement can be said to support the talk function. But the top brands are going to spell out the details. Langer has a few details that I’m very concerned about. Brothers can pay attention.

38.5 Lange 1, Lange’s top watch, many things win in the details.
   1. The white dial is very common, but the white on different Lange watches is different. For example, the white plate of a Lange white gold watch and the white plate of a rose gold watch are different in white. Different gold matches different white.

   2. The dials of most luxury watches are painted, and Lange’s dials are electroplated, not painted (except for the special ones such as enamel and shell dials).
   3. Although Lange No. 1 is an eccentric layout, if you connect the center of the eccentric dial, large calendar, and small seconds dial, we will find that it is an isosceles triangle.
   4, Lange’s movement, if the two parts are intertwined, then the upper and lower parts will use different grinding and decoration methods to form a difference.

The new L121.1 movement of the new 38.5 mm Lange 1 is characterized by a whole 3/4 plywood and a weightless balance wheel.
   The general luxury watch does the face value, function (anti-magnetic, dynamic storage and other technical features), the top brands do these details. Let’s talk about functions. A 15,000 Gaussian will kill all top watches, so top watches will not play these functions.

Let’s start with the specific table.

   Many people have a characteristic of writing Lange, which is to write Lange’s complex watches. For example, this year, they write Lange’s three-chasing stitches. These watches are very good, but most people who buy watches cannot buy them. Therefore, I still say that the market has a large number of transactions. It is also a watch that the brothers think about and buy more. Let’s talk from cheap to expensive.
NO.1 Lange-Saxony Two-Hand Watch (37mm)

37mm Saxony two-hand watch, the price is only 108,000
   The Lange-Saxony two-hand watch is the cheapest Lange, with a public price of only 108,000. This price is basically the same as IWC, Blancpain 6654, and Glashütte Original 90. In other words, we can use a mainstream brand of high-end steel watches to buy a Lange gold watch. The Lange-Saxony two-hand watch is a manual watch with a size of 37 mm and is not large. It has only the hour and minute hands and is a typical formal watch. Although this watch has a simple dial, on the movement, Lange’s signature features are all. 3/4 plywood, gooseneck fine-tuning, and beautifully polished. This watch I think the main tangled point is, I bought a Lange entry model? Or buy a high-end steel watch? This can be a bit tangled.

The 35mm Saxony small three-pin, the public price is only 108,000.
   The other Lange, which is also cheap and also costs 108,000, is a 35mm Saxon small three-pin. Because this watch is only 35mm, most brothers should feel small. I think the basic brothers will ‘farewell’ to this watch So I won’t say it.

NO.2 Lange 1815 small three needle

Lange 1815 small three-pin
   Lange 1815 is Lange’s ‘serious’ small three stitches, and it is one of Lange’s most representative watches. The biggest feature of the Lange 1815 three-pin is the digital dial and track scale. It looks much richer than the Saxon dial. In addition, there is a small second dial in 1815. You can see that the watch is always running, and you can see the time to the second. The 1815 is also a manual watch with a size of 40 mm and a public price of 182,000. This price is basically the regular price of top brands’ formal watches, and there is nothing to entangle. The configuration and plate of the 1815 is better than that of Saxony, so many brothers like it, and the 1815 is also one of the watches with a larger circulation. Because the public price of 1815 is much cheaper than Lange 1, but also has the characteristics of Lange, so brothers who do not go to Lange 1 for a while can engage in 1815. After all, the actual price of 1815 is still good due to discounts, exchange rates, and secondary markets.

NO.3 Lange 1815 UP / DOWN

Lange 1815UP / DOWN
   The Lange 1815 UP / DOWN is the 1815 with power reserve, an upgraded version of the 1815, and a transition model between the 1815 and the Lange 1. The price is between 1815 small three-pin and 38.5 mm Lange 1, the public price of 1815 UP / DOWN is 210,000, and it is only one step away from Lange 1. Lange 1815 UP / DOWN is mainly added a power display. Lange is very unique in that the layout of the small dial is in the lower half of the dial, which is different from other brands of watches (this is determined by the Lange movement). The 1815 UP / DOWN has a power display. On the one hand, it is convenient (because it is a manual watch). On the other hand, the watch face looks better. There is a movable reserve on the left side and a small second dial on the right side. It is very balanced.

   It is because of these upgrades of 1815 UP / DOWN that the price of this watch is usually relatively high. The actual price is not low, and can even catch up with the old Lange 1 of 38.5.
NO.4 Lange 38.5 mm Lange 1

New 38.5 mm Lange 1
   As we all know, Lange 1 mainly comes in two sizes (not counting women’s watches), one is the large Lange 1 with 40.9 and the other is Lange 1 with 38.5. The situation at Lange 1 is a little more complicated now, let me talk about it in detail. 38.5 is actually the most classic size of Lange 1. Langer attaches great importance to Lange 1 of 38.5. Everyone knows that Lange replaced the 38.5 Lange 1 with a new L121.1 movement and launched the new 38.5 Lange 1. Some brotherhood associations say that this is a thing of the past, and that it is useless. The brothers are really useful, because the Lange 1 of 38.5 is old and new. Take Beijing for example. The Lange store is also in the period of 38.5 Lange 1 old and new. The store has 38.5 of the old movement. Lange 1, also has the new movement 38.5 Lange 1, and the price of the two watches is the same, both 255,000. I emphasized this because I had bought the old model before and told me that the new model is also available, so I reminded my brothers and asked for the new model directly.

Note that there are no separate blocks on the 3/4 clamp plate, and the balance is a non-clamping weight.

   The new movement of the 38.5 Lange 1 has two main advantages. One is that the large calendar is instantaneous (note that the 40.9 large Lange 1 is not instantaneous), and the other is that the small second hand will return to zero after the power is exhausted. Convenience). The new movement is easy to identify. The 3/4 splint is a complete piece. There is no independent small splint. There are independent small splints is the old movement. At the same time, the new movement uses a cardless weight balance. We also need to note that in the secondary market, the 38.5 Lange 1 in circulation are basically old models, please pay attention to your brothers.
NO.5 Lange 40.9 mm Lange 1

40.9 mm Large Lange 1
   I have a few questions about the large Lange 1 of 40.9 mm. The first is that the price of the large Lange 1 at 40.9 has reached 300,000 (the public price is 308,000), which is much more expensive than the Lange 1 at 38.5. In fact, Lange 1 in circulation on the market is mostly Lange 1 of 38.5, and there are fewer large Lange 1 of 40.9. The large Lange 1’s public price is already very high. Even under the influence of discounts, exchange rates, and secondary markets, the actual price is not low. From the actual price point of view, the Lange 1 at 38.5 is more popular. The second is that the large Lange 1 with 40.9 is actually not as high as the new Lange 1 with 38.5. The large calendar of Large Lange 1 is not instantaneous. So from these two perspectives, the Lange 1 at 38.5 is superior in price and configuration, in other words, cost-effective.

Note that there are separate blocks on the 3/4 plywood of the large Lange 1 and the screw balance is used, which is significantly different from the new movement of the new Lange 1 38.5.
   However, the biggest advantage of the 40.9 Large Lange 1 is its large caliber. After getting started, the effect is different, the size is large, and there is momentum. After I started to compare, I was steadily poisoned by a large caliber. The difference between the old and the new movement of the movement is actually nothing, isn’t it just a momentary jump of a second hand to zero? No, it’s all the same. The only thing to consider is that the price of the 40.9 large Lange 1 is higher than 38.5 Lange 1. Brothers who are familiar with the market know that after all, sometimes some Lange 1s with a price of 38.5 are good, and the price will be tangled.
NO.6 Langer Richard Manual Big Three Needle

Langer junior Richard

   Brothers who are familiar with the watch market should feel that the number of Richard Langer’s junior pins on the market is quite large. Although Langer Richard looks like a ‘niche watch’, it has become a mainstream watch. The Lange junior Richard is a very special watch, especially in that it is a manual junior. You can take a look. Most of the manual watches on the market today are two-pin watches or small three-pin watches, such as the two-pin Vacheron Constantin 81180 and the small three-pin Patek Philippe 5196. Lange junior Richard should be the only top brand manual junior on the market.

Note that there is a small raised splint on the Richard 3/4 splint, which is for the three-pin drive.

   Previously, I knew that there was very little manual junior watch. It was because the second hand of the junior watch was very large and heavy, and the manual winding power to drive the junior hand was more strenuous, so manual watches were generally Little three stitches. Regardless, Langer’s junior Richard is definitely a major feature of Lange. Another major feature of Lange’s junior Richard is the movement. We can see that there is a small raised splint on the 3/4 of the junior Richard. This splint is used for the transmission of the large second hand. . Langer’s junior Richard Richard’s public price is more than 230,000, probably because this watch market is relatively small, so the actual price is not bad, and Lange 1815 UP / DOWN is almost the same. The brothers who bought this watch should be senior players.
With so many watches mentioned above, I want to pick out a few more at the end.

   The first is Lange 1 at 38.5. Lange 1 is Lange’s most famous watch bar. The actual price of Lange 1 38.5 is very good. Let’s think about it, Patek Philippe of the same level as 38.5 Lange 1, a 5227 is also the price. The Lange 1 has a dynamic reserve, a large calendar, a high configuration, and a gorgeous movement. At the same price, the Lange 1 at 38.5 is excellent value for money. The old 38.5 Lange 1 still has leaks and beautiful prices (the old one is currently on sale).

   I think the 1815 small three-pin is better. The 1815 plate is richer than Saxony and has Lange characteristics, but the market is much lower than Lange 1. At the same time, the 1815 small three-pin is much cheaper than the 1815 mobile storage UP / DOWN, so the cost performance comes out.
   The junior three-handed manual Richard I think is the choice of old players. On the one hand, this watch is not difficult to start, and on the other hand, few consumers will touch this watch. The X grid is high.