Radar Appears At European Tennis Competitions (October 15th Official Website Update)

Radar becomes official timer for ERSTE Bank Open Vienna and Moscow Kremlin Cup
   From October 13-21, radar will be the official timer for two top tennis events. We will be in Austria at the Erste Bank Open in Vienna in 2012 and Russia in the Moscow Bank Kremlin Cup. These two exciting tennis events are the main events in the two capitals and must-see events for tennis fans.
   In Russia, Radar will make its debut at the Olympic Stadium and test the speed of the Russian tennis fans at the radar’s firing angle to allow them to fully experience the tennis spirit. In Austria, the event is hosted by the Erste Bank Wiener Stadthalle. On October 18th, tennis fans in Vienna can join our ‘radar day’ event, and everyone wearing a radar watch will receive a free ticket for the day’s game (ticket availability is limited, so please be quick)
   Whether you are a tennis fan or a radar fan-or both-Vienna and Moscow are definitely must-visit places during the event. The competition is guaranteed to be wonderful!