Rado’s Cutting-edge Changes

Since the birth of the first watch in the world, the timepiece industry has been developing at an unprecedented speed. For the survival and development of the industry, as well as to lay the foundation of the brand to promote purchase, the change of timepieces is inevitable, and the protagonists always cannot escape: movement, design, materials. Among them, RADO has been a pioneer in materials and design, standing at the forefront of innovation and revolution.

Base2013Basel World, a tactile control full-body high-tech ceramic watch specially made for women, caused a sensation by combining the latest latest technology with the most touching sensory factors. This series of watches incorporates touch technology from the Swatch Group. At the same time, it is entirely made of high-tech ceramics. The touch is warm and the case is smooth and curved. The eSenza series belongs to the Swiss radar that has high-tech material expertise and is good at turning dreams into reality.

诞生 Since its inception, adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Rado has been the global leader in watch design and innovative materials. In 1957, the Swiss company SCHLUP, which has been a professional watch movement supplier, launched a series of watches under the RADO brand for the first time. Five years later, in 1962, Swiss Rado launched the world’s first hard-wearing watch made of hard metal—DiaStar, which shocked the industry with its unique oval shape design and innovative high-tech tungsten-titanium alloy material. . Initially, hard metal was only used to make industrial tools, for example, it could protect the drill bit from damage when crossing the surface. Later, the Swiss radar watch noticed that the hard metal is superior to steel, gold (1392.90, -0.10, -0.01%), platinum and other traditional materials with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics. good idea. So the brand introduced hard metals into the watchmaking industry. Since then, Swiss radar has begun its brand’s success by combining innovative materials and unique designs.

In terms of innovative materials, in addition to the earliest tungsten-titanium alloys, Swiss Rado also released Dia67 in 1976, the first hard-wearing watch with a patented fully covered metal-coated sapphire crystal; it was released in 2002. The highest watch of the V10K series, the watch has a long and pure surface, using high-tech diamond material up to 10,000 Vickers hardness, which is comparable to natural diamonds. These inventions embody the persistence and wisdom of Swiss radar watchmakers, and they can be called a major leap in the field of materials. Among the large innovative technology groups of Swiss radars, they are most familiar to watch fans and can even be used as synonymous with Swiss radars , Also includes an important member-ceramics.

Swiss Rado launched the Integral precision ceramic watch in 1986, which was the first to introduce high-tech ceramics into the watchmaking industry and regarded it as the most popular material, far before other watch brands. Three years later, in 1989, the Ceramica series of legendary ceramics was launched, and the world’s first watch with high-tech ceramics was born. The watch’s case and strap are integrated into a unique bracelet-shaped watch. This design has won many well-known design awards and is the iconic design of the Swiss Rado. Since then, Swiss radars have continuously accumulated, deepened their understanding of high-tech ceramic materials, and successfully got rid of the limitations of the traditional watchmaking industry both aesthetically and technically. 1991 Swiss Rado’s first white high-tech ceramic watch is born: Coupole pearl ceramic watch. Two years later, the brand launched the first platinum gold high-tech ceramic watch Sintra silver diamond series. This is a historic leap forward, which makes high-tech ceramics emit a metal-like luster. At the same time, this watch is also the pinnacle of the design concept of all high-tech ceramic watches. Except for the sapphire crystal, the entire watch is made of high-tech ceramics. As of 2011, Swiss Radar’s research in the field of innovative materials ushered in an update and breakthrough, bringing the watch design to a new level. In that year, the brand launched the D-Star Emperor Series and True Thinline. D-Star series is the first CeramosTM titanium carbide cermet watch made by Swiss radar. It adopts a new material CeramosTM titanium carbide cermet made of high-tech ceramic and metal alloy titanium carbide. The advantage of wear is more than the previous 1900 Vickers hardness and sharp lines. The True Thinline watch is an ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case with the thinnest thickness of only 4.9 mm, which fully demonstrates the extreme lightness of high-tech ceramics and the intimate touch of the second skin. In last year’s new series, the Swiss radar watch also showed the latest technological achievements to the brand’s fans, a fusion of innovative structure and multiple high-tech materials HyperChrome series watches. This series uses a single case structure and iconic bracket design to perfectly integrate CeramosTM titanium carbide ceramics, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel and other high-tech materials, showing an unprecedented pioneering atmosphere.

While maintaining the leading position in the development of high-tech materials, Swiss Radar’s efforts in ‘contemporary design’ in recent years are obvious to all. The communication focus of the brand is ‘innovative design and comfortable wearing’. The brand has won more than 30 international design awards for its forward-looking design and innovative materials. The world’s most prestigious world’s four top design awards, ‘Reddot International Red Dot Design Award’, ‘iF Design Award’, ‘G-Mark Special Design Award’ and ‘IDEA Design Award’, are all under its umbrella. In 2009, Swiss radar and the famous British industrial design master Jasper Morrison launched a new r5.5 series watch, combining high-tech ceramics and minimalist design to create the iconic watch that is popular all over the world.

Looking back, unremitting technological innovation and creative attempts at material application, Swiss Radar has finally produced unparalleled high-tech materials. It gives each watch its unique characteristics and value, making them shiny, lubricious, durable, durable and durable. Of course, these characteristics and values ​​are also virtually integrated into every process of research and development, design, and production. The superior quality of Swiss radar’s high-tech hard materials not only manifests itself as smooth and perfect, but also as a permanent beauty.

Vigorous Fire Sign Constellation One Of The Watch And Constellation Matches

Flowers bloom in the spring, the willow branches are swaying and dancing; enthusiasm is like fire in the summer, and the sky is changing with wind and rain; autumn leaves fall, and the quietness contains the joy of a good harvest; in winter, it is wrapped in silver. New life was brewing under the pure white snow. The four seasons are like songs, constantly writing their own movements, and each note is a life with personality. A new life is born at every moment, everyone has their own constellation, and each constellation has its corresponding watch, allowing the ticking time witness of the wonderful life course.

  Exploring the watches that belong to each constellation is a fun and cool thing. The following editors will take you to find out what fancy watches are corresponding to the 12 constellations. According to the constellation iconicity, the twelve constellations can be roughly divided into four categories: water, fire, and territories. The fire constellation includes: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, which represents action, enthusiasm, and energy. The earth constellation includes: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, which represents efficacy, practical And stable; the astrological zodiac sign includes: Libra Aquarius Gemini, which represents acceptance, intelligence and inspiration; the astrological zodiac sign: Cancer Scorpio Pisces, which represents emotion, compassion, and judgment.

  Fire-related constellations are called fire signs, including Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and are symbolized by rams, lions, and archers, respectively. All three represent an energetic and unwavering image, just like the various characteristics of the fire sign. This article first introduces the suitable models for the three constellations.
 Vibrant Aries

  Born from March 21st to April 20th each year, Mars is positive in nature. It is a fiery red object in the sky. It gives a brave feeling. Therefore, it is named after Ares, a symbol of courage, strength, fighting spirit and male charm. In charge of individual motivation and desire, it has a certain influence on the group. Aries people are passionate, adventurous, generous, and not afraid of heaven and earth, and once they make up their minds, they will not die until they reach the Yellow River. Favorite color: Red.

Watch comments: Red represents enthusiasm, unrestrainedness, passion and strength. Aries’s love for red coincides with the Hublot Supreme series. Hublot has always been known for its boldness and publicity. This king’s supreme red devil’s personality is just enough to satisfy Aries’ unwillingness to be bland. Its hands, chronograph small dial and calendar window, as well as the strap and other details are used in red, eye-catching red magic mark with a bit of rebellious color at 3 o’clock, making the hollow dial more personalized The black rubber strap reveals the beauty of a man’s masculinity. Black fortitude and red passion are in line with the characteristics of Aries.
Basic Information
Number: 716.CI.1129.RX.MAN11
Brand: Hublot
Series: King of the Supreme Series
Style: Automatic, 48 mm, men
Material: Ceramic
RMB: ¥ 177,100
For more watch details, please click: Leo of the King

  Born from July 23 to August 22 each year, Leo is the second sign of summer. The hot summer gives Leo people courage and courage. Leo people pay attention to the performance of their personal talents. They are extremely open-minded, creative and optimistic, and have enthusiasm and courage. They also have strong self-esteem. You just sit there silently and still stand out. They have a distinguished and lofty king, like the lion of the king of the forest. Reliability, bravery and perseverance are the obvious qualities of Leo. Favorite colors: bright yellow, light yellow, brown.

Watch Comments: Vacheron Constantin heritage series models, showing Vacheron Constantin’s timeless classic features everywhere, while exposing the elegant temperament with the times. The case in 18K rose gold sparkles with aristocratic metallic color. The simple silver-white dial has a small second at six o’clock. The brown Mississippi alligator leather with the 18K rose gold buckle is noble and luxurious. The watch is equipped with a cal. 4400AS self-winding movement and has the Geneva seal. No more decoration and function can reflect the classic of Vacheron Constantin watches, this brand is enough to express the Leo domineering exposed king style.
Basic Information
No. 82172 / 000R-9382
Brand: Vacheron Constantin
Series: Heritage
Style: Manual Machinery, 38mm, Men
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 182,000
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 172,000
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  Sagittarius is born from November 23 to December 21 each year. The ruling planet is Jupiter and the patron saint is Zeus. So Sagittarius people are optimistic, enthusiastic and like challenges, but it is easy to be impatient and reckless. He is an adventurer in the zodiac constellation. He loves travel and gambling activities. He is versatile and has a dual character. Like my own way, do not want to be restrained by others. Emotionally very sincere and an emotionally rich person. Favorite colors: blue and purple.

Watch reviews: For Sagittarius who loves adventure and advocating freedom, Breguet Marine series watches are definitely his best companion. Not only is blue the favorite color of Sagittarius, this nautical stimulation will also stimulate their challenges. desire. This Breguet marine series watch adopts the blue design, which symbolizes the magnificent blue ocean. It is full of imagination, and it is also one of the favorite colors of Sagittarius. This watch is delicate and beautiful with silver plated 18K gold and blue dial with hand-engraved patterns. The classical Roman scales look very grand, with the Breguet logo at 12 o’clock and a large calendar window at 6 o’clock. Faceted luminous 18K gold hollow needlepoint hands and coin pattern design on both sides of the case have always been unique to Breguet. The sapphire crystal caseback is engraved, has a 65-hour power reserve, and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Basic Information
Number: 5817ST / Y2 / 5V8
Brand: Breguet
Series: Sailing
Style: Automatic, 39 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 121,800
For more watch details, please click: The watches that belong to each constellation are a kind of meaning. In addition to providing a time scale, it is also a suitable personality partner for different people. Different watches are like different constellations. , Its design origins, flash points, and functions are all different. Due to space limitations, we cannot list all suitable models, but only select a few good representatives. Some watches that are suitable for a certain constellation may be expensive, and for some people there is material distance, so we do n’t have to have it. Sometimes appreciation is also a beauty, and knowing more about a new thing is also an improvement. .

In summary: ‘Fire’ is an element that can be burned and is enthusiastic, so the three representatives of the fire sign (lion, Aries, Sagittarius) will have a more optimistic, confident, enthusiastic, active and aggressive tendency in character. But the three have different emphases. Aries prefers to express himself. Leo is usually ‘self-king’, and Sagittarius is more intelligent. His deep introspection ability allows him to grow quickly. Therefore, based on three different personalities and hobbies, the suitable models are not the same, because each watch also has its own personality like a person. Choosing a good watch is a profound and long-term understanding. Companionship. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)