Hamilton 120th Anniversary Touring Exhibition

(May 14, 2012) Classic watch brand Hamilton joined hands with Jinhua Watches from May 14 to May 18 in Dalian Dashang Xinmart Shopping Plaza for a period of time 7-day tour of the 120th anniversary of the brand. The touring exhibition is extraordinary in creativity. It vividly presents the most famous historical highlights of Hamilton watches in 120 years to consumers with lively performances. General Patton’s live sculpture performances shocked the audience. The life-like performances are fascinating. The audience came to stay for a long time, allowing everyone to more directly feel the strong and tough WWII military watch culture of Hamilton watches; the amazing and passionate Elvis singing show and the dance show in black attracted the scene. The ‘cat fans’ and ‘black fans’ lined up for a group photo. In addition, Hamilton’s glorious 2012 new watch display at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair not long ago not only interacted and interacted with consumers in close proximity, but also transformed the personality, freedom and pragmatic spirit of the Hamilton brand. Explanation of orientation.

    Hamilton Watch teamed up with ‘Men in Black 3’ to rewrite the future ‘Men in Black’ dance parody show to steal the limelight in this tour, presenting the personality and innovation to consumers with the enthusiastic Hollywood movie culture of Hamilton brand Concept. As we all know, Hollywood is an important stage for Hamilton watches. Since the Oscar-nominated film ‘Frogman Undersea War’ in 1951, Hamilton has performed in more than 400 blockbusters such as ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘Superman Returns’. In these films, the ‘Man in Black’ series has the deepest connection with Hamilton, whether it is ‘Man in Black 1’ in 1997, ‘Man in Black 2’ in 2002 or even May 25 this year The 3D masterpiece ‘Men in Black 3’ which will be released simultaneously on the world. The Hamilton watch always radiates unique brilliance throughout the film. The ‘Man in Black’ series is a masterpiece of sci-fi genre films in the past 20 years, so the Hamilton Watch, known for its innovative technology, is paired with two most suitable models-Ventura Adventure and Pulsar. They are the world The first battery-powered watch (1957) and the first digital display watch (1970) on the market embody Hamilton’s creativity. In Man in Black 3, the Hamilton Adventure Watch with full personality, like black suits and sunglasses, has become the standard equipment of ‘Man in Black’, which will surely make the ‘black powder’ feasting.
[Hamilton Adventure Series Futuristic] In 2012, many legendary classic models were reborn with modern and modern craftsmanship. The 100-year-old heritage has given Hamilton three key words: film, military watch and aviation. Among them, the watch that best represents the relationship between Hamilton and the movie is the enduring Hamilton Expedition series. It is a collection of thousands of pets. Elvis owns not only a collection of dozens of adventures, but also his classics. The film ‘Blue Hawaii’ shines, and it is an absolute protagonist in the turbulent ‘Man in Black’ trilogy. In this 120th anniversary tour, in addition to the performance of ‘Man in Black’, foreign ‘Elvis’ imitators were also specially invited to present the ‘Elvis’ style to everyone at close range, so that this eternal passion and personality were reborn with the modern concept. . The new adventure futuristic continues its personality and innovative watch concept with a starry design and a legendary culture. The multi-layered three-dimensional profiled shell Tianma breaks through the conventional bars and is made of stainless steel, which is in strong contrast with the black rubber strap and the black mesh hollow disc surface, which shows the overall visual impact; the red seconds hand and scale also depict the adventure wrist Express the enthusiastic rhythm of enthusiasm. Underneath the arrow, the Swiss automatic mechanical movement is surging, injecting endless momentum into the passionate American spirit. In addition to adventure watches, new jazz masters, Zhen thins and other newest products in 2012 made their debut in Dalian for the first time, giving consumers a feast for their eyes, and a glimpse of the 120-year history of Han Watches.

[Master Hamilton Jazz Watch] As the representative of the Hamilton brand men’s chronograph watch, the Master Jazz Watch is famous for its tough atmosphere. The new H21 automatic chronograph movement rejuvenates this classic style. The new master continues the introduction of the predecessor and adds many modern designs. The elegant all-white dial with golden waterdrop scales and baton hands interprets classic time. Modern The elegant grey plate has a chic personality, expressing the atmosphere of the times. With a full-featured leather strap, it is your tasteful choice for business meetings, fashion parties, and travel. The 60-hour power reserve brought by the movement H21 is an indispensable partner for busy and efficient urban elites.
[Hamilton Thinning Watch] The thin and retro-looking large dial watch, the Hamilton Thinning Series originates from the classic of the same name in the 1960s, and reappears nostalgia with modern technology. The entire watch reveals classic details everywhere. The brand’s retro LOGO, slim and light hand scales and pure and simple brushed metal surface outline a timeless style. The arched mirror and exquisite case exude elegant elegance. Swiss 2892-2 self-winding mechanical movement runs precisely in it, so that the thickness of the entire watch does not exceed 7mm. With a black leather strap with antique touch, the thin and classic temperament lasts forever.