A Tribute To Legendary Life Tasting Iwc Saint-exupéry Commemorative Pilot’s Watch

In honor of the famous pilot, poet and explorer Saint Exupery, IWC Schaffhausen has launched special editions of various pilot watches since 2006. 2012 was the year of the pilot’s watch. The brand brought stainless steel and a limited edition of 18 pieces in 18K red gold. The bottom of this special edition of the Pilot’s Watch is engraved with the design of the last aircraft he flew, the Lightning P-38, which is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. The chronograph’s tobacco dial, calfskin strap, and cream-colored stitching make connoisseurs a classic look of the ‘holy repair’ at a glance. Let us appreciate the legendary charm of this watch today. 18K rose gold official model: IW387805, stainless steel official model: IW387806

   IWC Schaffhausen has more than 70 years of tradition in the manufacture of pilot watches. The IWC watch factory has launched its sixth special commemorative edition watch-the pilot chronograph Saint Exupery Special Edition to commemorate its first flight. It was the pilot’s wrist in 2012. In the year of the watch, the brand brought stainless steel and 18K red gold models with a limited edition of 500 pieces.

   The 89361 movement is exclusively developed and produced by IWC. It is a technical masterpiece of the brand. A separate small dial can display a longer chronograph record, so there is no need to set a second small dial for a more neat look. The streamlined design is also loved by the famous French pilot, who once wrote: ‘The so-called perfection is obviously not to be added, but to be deleted.’

Appearance articles:

   There are two main materials for this watch, 18K rose gold and stainless steel. The oversized 43 mm diameter makes it once again a behemoth on the wrist. The polished and silk-satin matte interlaced and artistically structured surface treatment highlights the charm of the case, with a water-resistant depth of 60 meters.

  The tobacco-colored dial of the chronograph made the connoisseurs look at the classic shape of the ‘holy repair’ at a glance. This timepiece has a refined surface finish, combined with a glossy surface and silky matte, which greatly enhances the overall look of the watch. The dial’s sunburst accentuates this.

   The thickness of the case is 15.5 millimeters, and chronographs are usually relatively heavy. The crown uses a screw-in crown, and the two regular buttons that control the chronograph are located at two and four o’clock.

   The back of the watch is engraved with the Lightning P-38, the last aircraft of Saint Exupery. On July 31, 1944, the pilot, known as ‘Saint-Ex’, flew the plane after the reconnaissance over the occupied French territory and failed to return. In 2003, part of the wreckage of his Lightning aircraft was salvaged in the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille.

   The 18K red gold case, folding buckle / stainless steel buckle, and calfskin strap, as well as cream-colored stitching, make connoisseurs know at a glance that it is a classic form of ‘religious repair’.


   The small seconds dial at 6 o’clock has a simple design and a date display window, which greatly improves practical performance.

   At 12 o’clock, the outer circle of the small dial is 60 minutes and the inner circle is 12 hours. The separate small dial can display a longer time record, so there is no need to set a second small dial, which brings a more neat shape.

Movement articles:

   The watch is equipped with the 89361 self-winding movement, which was exclusively developed by IWC Schaffhausen. This shows the brand’s remarkable technical achievements. The oscillation frequency is 28,800 times per hour at 4 Hz, which can provide a power reserve of 68 hours.

   Like some models in the engineer series, many pilot series models are also equipped with a soft iron inner case, which can effectively protect the movement from external magnetic fields. The inner back plate, case ring and dial are made of pure iron, which is particularly suitable for conducting magnetic field lines around the movement. This structure prevents magnetic fields from entering the movement, thereby ensuring that the watch can maintain high accuracy in general or extreme environments without being affected by magnetic fields. The antimagnetic ability can withstand magnetic fields of up to 80,000 amps per meter (the specific value depends on the model), which is more than sixteen times higher than the Swiss antimagnetic standard.

Summary: The rose gold version of this watch is currently limited to 500 pieces. It is obvious from the material that rose gold will definitely be a lot more expensive than stainless steel. If you consider starting, it is still more recommended. The 43mm super large diameter is very common for IWC, but if you haven’t tried it, friends still hope that you can try it on and then consider which one is more suitable for you. There are differences. As far as this watch is concerned, it is still a good recommended style.

18K rose gold watch details: iwc / 27597 /

Stainless steel watch details: iwc / 27596 /

Rado Launches Three Ultra-lightweight True Thinline Watches

RADO has added three minimalist-style True Thinline masterpieces, giving a new interpretation to the familiar ‘Less is more’ phrase. With their unparalleled lightness and simplicity, the three watches bring joy to a world full of visual chaos and busy work.

 The three new True Thinline watches follow the design philosophy of ‘return to the original’, simplifying complexity and retaining only the most core elements. Each watch is made of RADO’s signature high-tech ceramic material and is produced in a single color, including pure white, black or shiny plasma. Without the scale, small dial design and complicated decorative elements, the dial of the True Thinline watch is pure and simple-even the second hand is omitted. The watch’s cleanliness, restrained lines and unparalleled ultra-thin profile show a chic modern atmosphere-a new interpretation of a stylish low-key style.

 Thanks to a case with a thickness of only 4.9 mm, the True Thinline is the thinnest high-tech ceramic watch ever made by Rado. The new True Thinline watches achieve further breakthroughs in minimalist design, creating a minimalist style while showing minimalist beauty, and finally achieving a design that transcends the fashion trend and an ingenious exquisite appearance, expressed in the most original form The poetic mood of a watch.

 The light, simple and elegant True Thinline series watch floating on the wrist, the movement that drives its movement is only 1 mm thick, and it is extremely thin. It is unbelievable that this series of watches debuted in the watchmaking industry. Known as an engineering miracle.
 The thinness and simplicity of the True Thinline watch are thanks to the integrated high-tech ceramic case, which is a breakthrough high-tech ceramic case structure that does not require the traditional stainless steel solid rim. Craft.

 Although the three True Thinline watches are extremely light and simple, they are as durable and not as easy to wear as other RADO high-tech ceramic watches. The signature high-tech ceramic material of the Swiss radar is an extraordinary combination of lightness and rigidity. This material is about 25% lighter than stainless steel, but its hardness is almost five times that of stainless steel. It deserves to be one of the ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable materials used in luxury watchmaking.

 True Thinline watches have outstanding lightness, simple shapes and atmospheric designs, just like the ones floating on the wrist. RADO True Thinline watches-a fusion of luxury, lightness and minimalism.