Resisting To The Gravity Of Gravity Three-axis Tourbillon Watch In Platinum

As the absolute authority in the manufacture of tourbillon watches, Girard Perregaux has launched a platinum three-axis tourbillon watch. This exquisite watch movement maintains the accuracy of timing to the greatest extent by counteracting the force of gravity on the watch’s speed regulation mechanism.
  Although tourbillons have been around for more than 200 years, watchmakers are still working hard to improve their performance. Girard-Perregaux has long been recognized as a leader in the manufacture of tourbillons. This compact structure can significantly offset the impact of gravity on the watch. Today, by improving the structure of the tourbillon, Girard-Perregaux has once again exceeded the limit of innovation, and has developed a three-axis tourbillon with a speed regulating mechanism that is different from the previous uniaxial structure.

  The high-speed rotation speed of different brackets is similar to ballet jumping, which makes the operation of the balance wheel more attractive. The inner frame adopts the traditional harp shape of Girard-Perregaux, which rotates once per minute, and perfectly fits the second frame that rotates around the second axis and rotates every 30 seconds. Finally, the two are integrated into a third frame that rotates in two minutes. This sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical device is polished with superb craftsmanship, and all 140 parts weigh only 1.24 grams.
  Above the tourbillon with a diameter of 13.78 millimeters and a multi-dimensional rotating shaft structure is an arched lens protruding from the sapphire crystal, perfectly integrated with the other parts of the mirror, providing sufficient rotation space for the tourbillon. Through the window structure at the 9 o’clock position of the case, more visible light can be injected, and the wearer can intuitively appreciate the exquisite tourbillon mechanical structure from here and at the back of the case. One of the new features of the platinum three-axis tourbillon watch is that the dial display area is wider, which can more clearly show the delicate characteristics of the three-axis tourbillon structure.

  The different constructions of the movement show the outstanding tradition and modern processing technology of GP Girard-Perregaux: mirror-polished surface and perfect chamfer sanding, as well as the fine hand-carving of each part, highlighting its rigorous craftsmanship. At the watch’s splint, the black metal plate is engraved with the brand’s logo, which contrasts with the classic rose gold arrow bridge of Girard Perregaux, highlighting the modernity of the entire watch. The brand logo is also made of rose gold, engraved with the watch’s independent number, and the ‘Tri-Axial’ inscription on the satin-finished round splint highlights the extraordinary quality of this tourbillon system.

  This watch movement has a total of 317 parts, which takes nearly 160 hours for the watchmaker to assemble, and is equipped with a 48 mm diameter white gold case. Girard-Perregaux’s Haute Horlogerie collection is typically characterized by its chamfered polished bezel, rounded bezel and elegant slender lugs. The black, full-grain hand-stitched crocodile leather strap with platinum discounts completes the entire watch.
  This three-axis tourbillon platinum watch is limited to 10 pieces.

Girard Perregaux Tri-Axis Tourbillon Platinum Watch
Technical Parameters
Case: Platinum
Diameter: 48.00 mm
Dial: Vertical mesh dial (hour and minute dials are sun-polished)
Mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal with convex tourbillon lens
Case back: anti-glare domed sapphire crystal
9 o’clock position window structure can display the movement structure: anti-glare torus crystal material
Water resistance: 30 meters (3ATM)
Girard Perregaux produced GP09300-0001 manual winding movement
Diameter: 36.10 mm (16 French minutes)
Thickness: 16.83 mm
Swing frequency: 21,600 times per hour-(3 Hz)
Power reserve: over 60 hours
Gems: 34
Number of parts: 317
Double Arrow Splint: Rose Gold
 Tourbillon frame: 140 parts, weighing 1.24 grams
 3 axis
 The first axis rotates once every minute, the second axis rotates once every 30 seconds, and the third axis rotates once every two minutes
 Upper and lower frames with rose gold balance weights
 Manually chamfered bridges
Balance: Variable inertia balance with rose gold trim screw
All movement parts are hand-crafted according to the fine watchmaking standards
Display: three-axis tourbillon, hour, minute, power reserve display

Black Hand Stitched Alligator Strap Platinum Discount
Number: 99815-53-153-BA6A
Limited edition of 10 pieces

A Woman’s Face, A Man’s Watch, Can Be ‘permanent Youth’ Properly Maintained

Is it over to buy a watch home? of course not. As a woman born with natural beauty, she is also protecting and preparing day and night when facing the test of years. Watches also need maintenance, from the case and strap to the entire movement. A man’s watch is like a woman’s face. Only when properly maintained can he ‘last youth’. Today’s watch home will answer your questions and doubts, and clarify the major misunderstandings in watch maintenance, so that your watch can live longer.

First, the difference between watch maintenance and repair

 Many people do not understand the difference between ‘maintenance’ and ‘repair’ of a watch.

Xiao Wu and his Longines Concas

 For example, Xiao Wu bought a Concas grey plate from the Longines retail store. There was no problem with the watch within the two-year warranty period, but he felt it necessary to check it. It just happened that the strap was a little worn and taken for sale. Take a look. Is this repair or maintenance? This is maintenance.

If Xiao Wu accidentally drops the watch and the mirror breaks, you have to say ‘I want to repair’ after the sale. This is repair.

 The purpose of maintenance and repair is different. Maintenance is a way to detect and fill in gaps, and is intended to ‘prevent’. Maintenance is the behavior of ‘fixing the dead’ after a problem occurs. The two are easily confused, but we must distinguish between them. To say who is more important between maintenance and repair, I think it is equally important. Like people, health checkups are important on weekdays, and it is equally important to see a doctor when you are sick.

 Take the straps that are most prone to problems in the watch as an example. The most common leather strap in the strap has a normal life of about 2-3 years. If you don’t pay attention to it during daily wear, it may have a shorter life; if it is usually Pay attention to wearing and careful maintenance. Alternating wearing can greatly increase its service life. This principle can be applied to leather shoes and leather clothes.

How to maintain different types of watches

 When the watch is sent for maintenance, a few questions everyone cares about are ‘maintenance time’, ‘maintenance cost’ and ‘how to maintain (maintenance item)’. The next step is the answer time.

• Maintenance time

 Compared to sending to the repair point, the time taken for the watch to be sent to the brand’s after-sales service center is longer, but it is also more secure. In addition to the corresponding maintenance items, the brand will re-check the watch’s travel time, error and movement of the movement during maintenance and repair to ensure that the quality of the watch is correct before returning the watch to consumers. This requires 1-2. The time of month varies slightly depending on the model and brand of watch.

Longines Sports Series L3.717.4.66.6 Watch (Quartz Movement)

 We called the customer service numbers of several repair centers and asked about the repair time of the quartz watch. The answer from the customer service staff was ‘If there are no major problems with the watch,
Generally, the maintenance time of a quartz watch is 2-3 hours, which can be removed on the same day. ‘But during the maintenance process, the craftsmanship and ability of the maintenance master cannot be guaranteed, so’ I have more time to send my watch for maintenance ‘Several bumps’ are also common.

• Maintenance costs

 Taking Longines as an example, the cost of maintenance is also distinguished by manual winding, automatic winding and quartz movement. And with ‘full service’ and ‘partial service’ to provide consumers with more solutions. The maintenance items of each brand are very similar. Now that the cost of maintenance is mentioned, let’s take a look at the costs that include those items:

Longines brand after-sales service charges (as of press time)

• How to maintain (maintenance items)

(A) How to maintain the quartz watch?

Replacement battery for quartz watch

 Many people have great misunderstandings about the maintenance of quartz watches, and think that quartz watches do not need maintenance, just replace the battery. In fact, the internal structure of the quartz watch and the mechanical watch is not only the difference in the power reserve of the driving force, but also the result of the mutual operation of the various components and gears. Therefore, in addition to the need to replace the battery every year, the quartz watch is best to do a waterproof test and the appearance of cleaning and maintenance once a year, the whole machine maintenance every 4-5 years.

(Two) the maintenance process of mechanical watches

 The maintenance process of mechanical watches is relatively more complicated. Based on the service details provided by Longines, the processes of ‘full service’ and ‘partial service’ are roughly similar, but slightly different;

Full service: pre-inspection, quotation, splitting, grinding, cleaning, assembling the case (band), testing, taking, disassembling, cleaning, assembling the movement, replacing the worn parts of the movement, checking the appearance of the watch, detecting, replacing the waterproof Parts, 24-month warranty.

Part of the service: Except for splitting, polishing the case (band), disassembling, cleaning, assembling the movement, replacing the worn parts of the movement, the rest are the same as the full service.

 The watch is sent to the after-sales service center. It must first pass the pre-check, and then the brand service staff will give us a quotation. Next, the watch will implement the maintenance items required for the watch according to the actual situation. It is basically divided into a series of maintenance. project:

 Mechanical watches are also distinguished and different according to different functions and maintenance items performed by different movements. Take the maintenance items of a junior mechanical watch as an example. It can only be called a complete machine after going through the shell, movement removal and assembly, refueling, adjustment, dial face, hands, movement assembly, etc. maintenance.
 1.Case cleaning, disassembling and polishing

Watch case
 The clarity of the case is usually cleaned with ultrasonic waves to remove residual stains that are not visible to the naked eye, and to ensure the flexibility of the movable outer ring to rotate. Add the appropriate amount of silicone grease to the crown, handle, and bottom cover; replace the aging waterproof rubber ring to ensure that the waterproof effect of the watch reaches a normal level.

2. Disassembly, washing and assembly of the movement

There are large and small gears in the movement

 The processing of the movement can be said to be the most important and difficult factor in the maintenance of the watch. This part can be divided into three stages: ‘disassembly, washing, and assembly’. Inspect parts, replace worn parts, and clean with solvent gasoline. Carefully check for any residual stains through the environment, check whether the gemstone bearings are bright, and whether the parts are free of wear. Finally, put it in the oven and dry it at 50 ° C. At this time, the movement will become as clean as new. During the assembly process, the watchmaker should ensure that the major wheels of the movement run smoothly.

3. Grease

Oiling tools
 Oiling is not a washing oil. The two must be clearly distinguished, and it is not a single oil. There are strict rules on how much oil is added and what part is added first. For special brand requirements, you have to follow the brand requirements.

4. Tuning

Watch tuning

 For repair and maintenance, the adjustment of the four directions can already ensure the accuracy of travel time. The general requirement is that the swing of the watch face and the face must reach a value of 280 or more. When the words 3, 6, and 12 are downward, the swing must be more than 260. Within 10 seconds, the polarization is within a value of 0.2.

5. Literal, needle

Dial correction

 First of all, the dial can’t be offset literally. The three hands are equally spaced in parallel with the literal, and the hour and minute are not more than 3 minutes apart. Secondly, the entire face of the dial must be treated literally: the needle is dust-free and there are no new scratches or fingerprints.

6. Movement assembly inspection

Assembly movement
 When tightening the screws, you need to use them in strict accordance with the size of the screwdriver and the screws to ensure that the screw holes cannot be scratched, the screw heads cannot be scratched, and the plywood is clean, dust-free and free of print.

7. shell

Longines traditional watchmaking series L2.910.4.78.3

 Coming to the shelling step means that the hardware assembly is about to be completed. When installing the case, ensure that the device for fixing the case is stable and effective. Align the core with the handle tube, and it must not be offset. The second hand and the cover must have a safe distance. The automatic top does not scratch the case bottom cover, and the bottom cover screws are not stained. Thread into smooth and seamless.

8. Waterproof

Assembly movement

 For waterproofing, watch repair professionals with professionalism and responsibility often leave room for the waterproof ability of the watch when performing maintenance.

 Watches with complicated functions will have more maintenance items, and moon phase functions, dual time zone display functions, tourbillons, and other maintenance items that are distinguished from complicated functions will vary according to different functions.

 Third, the practical problems easily encountered during maintenance and repair
The most common problems we encounter when performing maintenance or repairs are as follows:

1. Find the wrong channel: Did not go to the formal after-sales service center, don’t greet the small benefits in front of you, the brand after-sales service or authorized service center can give you professional inspection, and their service is more accurate and in place;

2. Wrong estimation: In fact, in addition to the two-year warranty, many brands have extended their maintenance and after-sales time. This is a great benefit for consumers. During the warranty period, as long as a valid warranty card is used, Enjoy after-sales service.

3. Failure to send the warranty in time: Failure to send the warranty in time may cause two problems. One is that the watch that was originally in the warranty period is out of warranty. If there is a problem with the watch, you will need to spend more money on repairs. Another is the watch. It is a work that cooperates with each other. If a component fails, failure to pay attention to it may lead to overall problems.

Fourth, will there be over-maintenance?

 Many people worry that the watch sent for maintenance may be damaged by the watch repair master. The reason is that the watch went to the hospital for medical examination but was afraid that the doctor would cure himself. As long as you go to a regular ‘hospital’, there is no ‘fake doctor’. Generally speaking, we don’t need to spend extra money for maintenance. We do the whole watch maintenance every 4-5 years, and we can usually do local maintenance according to the actual situation of our watch. Therefore, the situation of excessive maintenance is basically non-existent.