Exquisite And Precise Lange Presents Unique Moon Phase Technology

The moon is a fascinating planet. Since ancient times, the profit and loss of moon phases have taught countless astronomers to indulge. It affects tidal effects, climate stability, and the laws of life of many organisms and plants. Because of this, many watch enthusiasts are also fond of the moon phase display.

In the astronomical calendar and yearbook, when there are two full moons in a month, the second full moon is given a name full of mysterious and romantic colors-‘Blue Moon’. This phenomenon occurs on average every two and a half years. . Most mechanical moon phase meters need to be calibrated once on this day. This is designed for simplicity. The full moon is set to 29.5 days. In fact, this setting is 44 minutes 3 seconds longer. .

In this regard, Lange’s moon phase watches are much more accurate, and most watches have a precision of 99.998% for moon phase restoration. Since 1994, Lange has developed 15 moon camera cores. Today in this article, we introduce five Lange watches with moon phase function.

RichardLangePerpetualCalendar “Terraluna” complies with Lange’s multiple benchmarks in accuracy, innovation and design aesthetics. The watch’s patented trajectory moon phase display depicts the change in the orbital position of the moon relative to the earth and the sun with unparalleled accuracy , Is a real innovation in the field of precision watch manufacturing. The moon phases of this watch can be viewed through the sapphire crystal caseback. In addition to showing the moon phase profit and loss in the northern hemisphere, it can also show the position of the moon and sun in the northern hemisphere, and the dial also clearly indicates the day and night of the northern hemisphere.

The new GrandLange1MoonPhase moon phase design is the most eye-catching. The moon phase disk is embedded in the small dial that displays the hour and minute, with a diameter of 14.3 mm. The moon phase profit and loss are displayed on the dial with rich details. It constantly moves like a moon, and its changes are very subtle and hard to detect with the naked eye. The moon phase of this watch reproduces the time between two new moons, that is, 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds, with an accuracy of 99.998%.

1815RATTRAPANTEPERPETUALCALENDAR is the eighth chronograph movement independently developed by Lange, which once again embodies Lange’s skills in the field of precision watchmaking. This watch has an elegant and solemn appearance, with a well-organized dial layout, but it contains many complex functions, including a double-track chronograph, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and power reserve indicator. The small dial at 6 o’clock is equipped with a newly designed solid gold moon phase plate, which accurately reflects the period of the new moon, and only one day of error occurs every 122 years.

In addition to the combination of the annual calendar and the Lange large calendar display, SaxoniaAnnualCalendar is also equipped with an extremely accurate moon phase display, which requires only one day of error correction every 122 years. The classic SAX-0-MAT automatic movement is the soul of this watch. Its patented zero reset device can set the time easily and accurately. After the crown is pulled out, the movement stops, the second hand jumps back to the zero position, and the minute hand is also aligned with the corresponding minute scale. When the crown returns to its original position, the watch restarts to the nearest second.

Lange specially introduced the DatographPerpetual flyback chronograph perpetual calendar watch with moon phase and flyback timing functions. The moon phase display guarantees that the deviation from the true moon cycle every 122 years is only one day, which is extremely accurate. The precision column wheel device is used to achieve an accuracy of 1/5 second. The movement splint is made of classic German silver and decorated with hand-engraved patterns, and the details are full of Lange’s masterful style. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)