Earl And Tim Walker Create A New Advertising Image

Earl, is a story centered on time, boldness and creative inspiration. By combining long-time professional accomplishments with innovative ideas, Piaget was founded in 1874. It is determined to set foot on a virgin land that has never been seen before and create jewelry and watches that have never been seen before. First, the ultra-thin movement, the first jewellery watch that set a new record in the watch industry, and the bracelet-style jewellery watch that followed in the 1970s to create innovative art forms … The core of every meticulous mechanical structure in every creation engraved with the Earl’s trademark contains the brand’s pursuit of excellence; the meandering design of each line is a bold avant-garde design. At the crossroads of the best of watchmaking and high-end jewellery, each creation is the ultimate expression that subverts the existing mortar and aesthetic codes. From the early days with the masters of art Dali, Ernie, Oman, to the recent cases of cooperation with Pierre & Gil (Pierre & Gilles) in succession, reflects the brand’s nature: pure charm, vibrant and fascinating gorgeous. Today, the Earl World will take us one step closer to the borders of an extraordinary country: an Earl Universe magically sings gorgeous mantras and the wonderful architecture of photographer Tim Walker.

     Tim Walker, a storyteller who likes to tell stories by video. His world is full of dreams, fantasy and endless poetry. Although the scenes he constructed for the story are extremely realistic, when imagination is mastered, and every fantasy is filled with every inch of nature, living space emerges from nature, horses slowly slip past the living room, lamp shades hanging from trees, all kinds of dreamy images immediately It’s done without any digital image effects. Tim Walker is undoubtedly a magician in the modern world, and his imaginary world echoes the splendor of the Piaget brand more completely. The beautiful encounter between these two fantasy and eternal worlds has given birth to amazing beautiful images, and has created a fairy tale that is authentic and feminine.

    Piaget’s new advertising image is about a magic journey to the imaginary world. Like a charming, lifelike oil painting, the image of ‘La Femme, woman’ is depicted in a variety of poetic and Baroque scenes. In different visual compositions, these unexpected situation settings each interpret different aspects of a woman’s multiple looks. A naughty and seductive contemporary princess, her perseverance is like a heroine who walks forward without fear, vowing to the bottom of the rainbow before reaching a world with freedom and luxury architecture, all imagination The promised world.

    Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer born in 1970. After graduating from Exeter Art College in 1994, he entered the photography industry as an assistant freelance photographer, and then moved to New York as an assistant to the leading black and white portrait photographer, the master photographer Richard Avedon. At the age of 25, he took the first set of photos for the famous fashion magazine Vogue, and began a partnership for the next 10 years. His most well-known groups of photography have been published not only in the British, Italian and American editions of Vogue, but also in W Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. In 2008, he held his first exhibition of his life at the Design Museum in London and published his first photographic collection entitled Pictures. The Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery have listed Tim Walker’s work as a permanent collection. In the same year, he was also awarded the Fashion Creator as an Isabelle Blow Award. In 2009, he was awarded the ICP International Center of Photography Infinity Award. Tim Walker currently lives in London, England. In addition to his artistic and editorial work, he has also participated in the creation of many fine advertising images.

    A distinctive body, a face with a different personality, and a superior and extraordinary personality. Sasha Pivovarova is the perfect choice for Piaget’s new image of the year. This 26-year-old Russian fashion model walked her fashion path on the internationally-acclaimed haute couture brand in 2005. She, the rising star of the fashion world, is equally passionate about art, showing her own paintings in her studio in Brooklyn, New York. By constantly reinventing and changing the role in Piaget’s new annual image advertisements, each new photo is stunning: sexy and luxurious, or mature and capable, as if it is a charm. She is the incarnation of all count women.

Gifts Of Mid-autumn Festival, Gucci Interprets Holidays

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. In addition to watching the moon and watching the stars, and choosing a sincere gift for yourself or a loved one, it is also a story of reunion full of love. Wear Gucci watch jewellery this holiday season to add luster to the full moon.

   Of course, the reunion Mid-Autumn Festival must be spent with the family. This special holiday, how do you as a stylish Icon in order to maintain the style while not exaggerating the elders? Refer to the latest advertising campaign of Gucci brand spokesperson Li Yuchun, who uses a watch to answer your questions perfectly.

Grip watches

   Gucci’s carefully prepared watch list, the first from the refreshing and tough Grip series. The case has three windows, three white dials indicating the hour, minute and date. The yellow-gold PVD-plated case and the gold-colored PVD-plated bracelet are engraved with an interlocking double G logo to highlight the quality of the watch. The other is made entirely of stainless steel and is low-key and unique on the wrist. There are also two interchangeable burgundy and green calfskin straps with gold PVD coating and a stainless steel case to satisfy you who like the simple and retro design.

G-Timeless Automatic

   The second recommended watch is from the Gucci G-Timeless Automatic series, which uses Gucci’s distinctive bee elements to cover the dial. The transparent back cover can also appreciate the automatic winding movement inside the watch. It is a Gucci watch. The fashionable and interesting styles in the family are most suitable for you who want to express your personality. This watch has a stainless steel case with a black onyx dial and is available in stainless steel and black calf leather.

   You can also choose a dazzling Gucci jewelry for the Mid-Autumn holiday, which contrasts with the galaxy in September.

Gucci Flora necklace

   Inspired by the power and beauty of nature, Gucci Flora’s 18K white gold diamond necklace expresses floral elements and the brand’s classic double G pattern in a small and cute form. It is worn on the neck as if a gentle atmosphere flows through the body.

GG Running ring
   The GG Running ring is inspired by the design elements of the brand from the 1970s. The double G element between the two rings is also like a star trail in the sky. Available in 18K gold and white gold, both are set with a few brilliant diamonds, just like wearing stars at your fingertips, making you more dazzling.

   At the time of full moon reunion, Gucci watch jewelry presents Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to you, a perfect interpretation of holiday fashion.