Say ‘love’ In A Straight Way, Straight Man Shows Love New Routine

As the Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching, the topic of Valentine’s Day gifts is endless. What to buy for Tanabata Gift? It has become a problem that everyone who is deeply in love must consider. The eternal topic of ‘love’ is not only lingering in women’s hearts, but also for men.

   The popular bestseller ‘Men from Mars, Women from Venus’ summarizes the huge cognitive differences between men and women and finds that there are many differences between men and women. Because of these differences, men and women have sparked different sparks in their interactions. But at the same time, it will bring unnecessary misunderstandings. Things like ‘the straight man goes to great lengths to prepare gifts and angers his girlfriend’ are common in life.

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   So how to send a gift to avoid the minefield?
   For watches, if you want to buy a watch for men, the three aspects of brand, appearance and performance are very important. In their minds, a watch with superb craftsmanship, unique design and distinctive style can be called a watch in the watch. Among the many brands that can meet the above requirements, Athens Watch is one of them. This year’s Athens Watch has launched a number of heavy machinery watches, both in the use of materials and the design of the watch are amazing.

Mega Yacht pilotship watch
   First and foremost is the nautical series of Mega Yacht pilotship watches. Looking at the dial, you can see that the watch has introduced miniature yachts’ bows, capstans, anchors, propellers, and bells, etc. in miniature technology to create shock 3D visual effects.
However, this stunning timepiece is a choice of advanced players and collectors. It is limited to 30 pieces, and the public price is 2,480,000 RMB.

Whimsical Freak X
   The new Freak X watch from the Whimsical series has a crown compared to the previous old models, but the subversion design without a dial and hands is still very unique. The central bridge acts as a minute hand, and one of the gears displays the hours. The wide, ultra-lightweight silicon balance wheel with nickel flyweight and stable micro-flakes is clearly visible inside, which is unique. As an entry-level masterpiece of the Freak X watch, this blue titanium model is priced at 148,000 RMB.

Executive Series Hollow X Watch
   Another eye-catching masterpiece is the Manager series skeleton X watch. Fully hollowed out, making the watch’s architecture and mechanical functions clear at a glance. The case is made of carbon-gold composite material, which is not only lighter and stronger. The unique marble texture presents a visual feast of flowing light between black and gold, making each watch unique. The Carbonium® gold watch is priced at 168,000 RMB; the titanium version is priced at 128,000 RMB.
   Men have difficulty resisting watches with mechanical hormones, but women are different. It is said that women are emotional animals, so when they give them Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day gifts, in addition to passing the value, their mind is the most important.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   This year Athens Watch launched the new Jade Delicate 520 limited edition watch in the name of love. ‘Jade Linglong’ series was born in 2013. ‘Jade’ describes the color and luster like jade, representing beauty and whiteness; ‘Linglong’ refers to petite, flexible, delicate and delicate. Named after ‘Jade Linglong’, it instantly distinguishes it from the heavy-duty men’s watch style, highlighting the delicate and delicate of women’s watches.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   A splendid galaxy of diamonds adds a graceful look to the charming mother-of-pearl dial. The ‘520’ slang on the dial is a homophonic sound of ‘I love you’ in Chinese. The watch that men give to their beloved women has the deep meaning of ‘accompanying a lifetime’. This limited edition 520 watch ‘love’ is engraved on the watch, which is even more precious and romantic.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   With a diameter of 34 mm, this watch looks exquisite and compact. With white mother-of-pearl disc surface, there is a warm glow between movement and silence. The stainless steel bezel is inlaid with 60 diamonds, shining. The garnet red numerals and leather strap are particularly gorgeous against the backdrop of mother-of-pearl.

   A soft ripple curve extends from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock and is set with 9 dazzling diamonds. The part surrounded by the curve and the edge of the case is decorated with matte stripes, creating a smart leaf-shaped ripple pattern.

   The biggest highlight of this watch is the ingenious design at the bottom left of its dial. The time scale here is no longer the ordinary 6, 7, 8 time scale, but replaced by the number ‘520’. Combining time, diamonds and love on your wrist, who can resist such a romantic impact?
   What’s more interesting is that, as a Swiss fine watch brand, Athens Watch chose ‘520’ with Chinese ‘I love you’ as the homonym in the design of the dial. The influence of Chinese culture in today’s world.

   The watch is designed with a dense bottom, equipped with a self-winding movement UN-815 specially designed for ladies’ watches by Athens Watch, with a power reserve of 42 hours.

   Whether it is Valentine’s Day on February 14th, “520” Valentine’s Day on May 20th, Chinese traditional Tanabata Festival, or Love Remembrance Day, this watch will be the warmest witness of love. This watch is limited to 99 pieces and the official price is 63,200 RMB.
   In addition to the 520 limited edition models, the Yulinglong series also has other styles to choose from.

Jade Delicate Watch
   Whether it is the mechanical hormones of men’s watches or the tenderness of women’s watches, they contain the deep love and ingenuity of Athenian watches.
   If you are also a fan of Athens watches, or want to start a romantic 520 limited edition watch for her beloved, you might as well come to the store to experience it. At present, Athens Watch not only has a flagship store in Xintiandi, Shanghai, but also opened a boutique in Wangfujing, Taiyuan, Shanxi. Beijing International Trade Center’s flagship store in Athens will also officially open on August 9.
   In this romantic and enthusiastic August, we may wish to use a table to say ‘love’ and let love flow between minutes.

Jaquet Droz Three Questions For Timekeeping Excellence

Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened a third workshop in Geneva in 1784. JAQUET DROZ paid tribute to Geneva with this extraordinary automatic doll watch, bringing exquisite moving devices and nature’s Poetry and painting blend into one. JAQUET DROZ brings together the extraordinary talents of its artisans in the Ateliers d’ Art workshop to create this new model and to pay tribute to Geneva. In 1784, Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened the first local watchmaking workshop in Geneva, and introduced superbly complex watchmaking into Geneva.

The Bird Repeater Geneva timepiece and minute repeater watch, bringing together the extraordinary talents of its artisans in the Ateliers d’ Art workshop, and paying tribute to Geneva

Natural scenes interweave with the city of Geneva to form the decorative background of The Bird Repeater Geneva. The mother-of-pearl dial condenses all the symbols of this famous Swiss city. Engravers, illustrators and enamelers have successfully reproduced the outlines of Lac de Genève and its famous fountains, the Phare des Pâquis and the Salève in a miniature scale, the former Alps The mountains are considered the ‘balcony’ of Geneva. In the center of the dial, a pair of red-fronted goldfinch lives in the middle of Île Rousseau, a bird paradise at the entrance of Lake Geneva. The two golden eagles are hand-carved, and the feathers are as colorful as brutalist paintings. They guard the two young birds underneath, and a bird’s egg lies in the center of the nest. Exquisite details, brilliant colors, realistic and vivid bird eyes and every straw, all show the outstanding skills of La Chaux-de-Fonds craftsmen.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater, hand-carved golden bird

For Jaquet Droz, beauty and sophisticated mechanics always go hand in hand. Like the previous models, The Bird Repeater Geneva features eight exquisite automatic doll scenes, breathtaking: tits feed chicks, flapping wings, gurgling waterfalls, chicks breaking their shells Waiting and waiting-pay tribute to the famous automatic dolls created by father and son Pierre Jaquet-Droz in the 18th century.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater with JAQUET DROZ RMA88 automatic movement

The lively and interesting event scene is in sharp contrast with the simple and pure eccentric hour and minute display. The hour and minute display is located at 12 o’clock and is made of black onyx. There are two pointed red gold hands upstream of the dial and 47 mm. The red-gold case reflects each other. Geneva The Bird Repeater Geneva is equipped with a Jaquet Droz RMA88 self-winding movement. It has a 48-hour power reserve and is limited to 8 pieces. 8 is a symbolic number in Jacques Droe’s world. Senior experts will be able to appreciate all its meanings and appreciate the mysteries.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater Watch, which highlights the outstanding skills of the master craftsman of La Chaux-de-Fonds