Gentleman’s Sports Fashion Piaget G0a34010 Watch Tasting

Piaget was born in 1874 and is a watch brand from the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland. Now it has reached the list of the world’s top watch brands, and today it is the world’s top in the field of ultra-thin movements and jewelry setting. Each Piaget watch exudes a very elegant gentleman’s breath, and has become the watch of choice for many gentlemen. Today we introduce this Piaget Polo FortyFive series G0A34010 watch we will appreciate together.
 The Piaget Polo Fortyfive G0A34011 watch is eye-catching in appearance, refined and rough, and at the same time full of gentleman character. Titanium case and stainless steel edge decoration is a new form of material matching. It is cheaper than all titanium and has better visual effects. It is obviously more practical and more expensive than all steel. It is like a balance between the two common sports materials of titanium and steel. In addition, the strap is made of rubber, which is very suitable for sports wear. It is mainly comfortable and wear-resistant.

The bezel is inlaid with polished stainless steel and matte surface titanium to form a strong high-tech visual effect. Of course, it does not have practical use and is purely a ‘cosmetics’. The design on the dial is the focus of it. Traditional watches use 3, 6, 9, 12 Arabic numerals on the scales, and it has 4, 8, 12 Arabic numerals. The advantage is that it creates a very good A triangular balanced visual effect, the rest are long trapezoidal time scales. All scales are covered with a fluorescent coating that can emit dim light at night. The length of time depends on the degree of light exposure during the day. It needs to absorb sunlight to store energy. And rough scale, is a typical sports style.
Overall, Piaget’s G0A34011 watch continues the unique design of the brand’s wide oval shape. The elegant hands have the gentleman’s taste designed by the brand for men. The rough scales, case and rubber straps all embody the movement. Style.
 Although the Piaget Polo Fortyfive G0A34011 watch is designed for sports, it does not have any functions related to sports, because it is positioned for the needs of people who like sports but are not professionally engaged in sports. All it has is a calendar function.
Unlike most calendar displays, Piaget always likes to display the calendar in a large window. A window can display the date of three days, and the red arrow in the center of the window indicates the current date. This seems to remind yesterday, today and tomorrow from a deeper level. To understand from the perspective of it, it represents the past, present and future. This design is also used by many brands, but they are all different. From the function itself, it still cannot identify the number of days in the month. Therefore, at the beginning of the big month and March 1st of each year, the watch owner has to manually adjust the date. . The movement has always been Piaget’s strong point, especially in the area of ​​ultra-thin movements, which stands at the top of the industry. Piaget’s G0A34011 watch uses the Cal.800P self-winding movement made by the brand. It has many advantages that ordinary movements do not have, including: double barrel, balance wheel stop, ceramic ball automatic The oscillating weight bearings, in addition to the delicate decorative polishing.
It is not difficult to see from the movement that the polishing is very delicate, especially the decorative ring Geneva polishing. In order to match this complete ring, the balance plate uses a ring-shaped bridge plate, and the main board is also on the edge. With this overall polishing, it reflects the brand’s attention to detail and control.

From the technical aspect of the movement, it uses KIF shock absorbers, which has better shock absorption effects than the most used INCABLOC shock absorbers. The use of dual barrels can greatly increase the power reserve, which also enables this watch to reach about 85 hours of dynamic storage. On average, each barrel can provide more than 40 hours of dynamic storage. It is determined by the clockwork. In fact, most watches currently have a power reserve of 40 hours. It also indicates that the clockwork used by it is also the material used by most brands. Its advantage lies in the dual clockwork. The box can make the power output more balanced. The balance stop device is a commendable design to avoid conflicts between the movement of the gear driving the gear and the crown of the gear during the timing of the watch, causing excessive wear on the gear and even damage to components.
The Piaget movement has a very interesting phenomenon, that is, it likes to plate PVD on the automatic rotor and inlaid the Piaget family crest, which reflects the excellence of the movement. Piaget is a brand with unique style. Women’s watches are as elegant as men’s watches, while men’s watches are as distinguished as gentlemen. The Polo Fortyfive series is based on the heritage of the brand and incorporates the sporting spirit derived from polo, making the watch unique.
From its appearance, it is not difficult to find that it has a very obvious sporting personality. At the same time, due to the gentleman character of the count, the watch has its own unique and clear temperament. From the choice of materials, titanium, stainless steel and rubber make the watch lighter than most sports watches, and there will be no weight on the wrist.
From the perspective of the movement, Piaget is unique in the field of movement. It is a brand with deep technical depth. Its 800P movement is one of the brand’s third-generation ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movements, with many top-level designs. And structure. In addition, the handling of details also reflects the brand’s watchmaking attitude and skills.
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