Maurice Lacroix New Campaign

‘Your Time Is Now’ will carry out activities worldwide, and will develop specific market brand slogans based on local customer profiles, culture and consumer psychology, emphasizing And performance is the main appeal. The event stems from the brand’s insights into consumer self-reward, success recognition, and pride. Maurice Lacroix invites you to feel the opportunity to pamper yourself, to explore unknown areas and enjoy a luxurious life. Maurice Lacroix SA Executive General Manager Marc Gläser said: ‘This advertising campaign is impeccable! This is the essence of Maurice Lacroix. The creative ideas are novel, resonating and inspiring, and the message is extremely clear and direct. I believe that it will be very effective in conveying information to our consumers, and at the same time it will help to interpret a brand image that is extremely stylish and enjoys extraordinary joy. ‘

     This advertising campaign consists of three pictures, which promote men’s and women’s watches, respectively, and said that he and her are a wonderful combination. The first picture shows a woman who is as unique as her watch and is preparing for an important date. Her time begins here. The second picture depicts a couple, preparing to board a seaplane. At this moment they are enjoying a time of joy, excitement and intimacy. Their time is thus opened. The third eye-catching picture currently being shot, performed by a male, will be officially released in January.
     Through this advertising campaign, Maurice Lacroix has delivered outstanding craftsmanship, extraordinary creativity and unique confidence that unites the brand and product style.

Longines Admiral Watch Passionate Racing Game

Watches that combine passion, speed and time in the watch family are definitely not a few, especially the cross-border wind in the past two years has attracted many racing cars and sports cars to start cooperation with watch brands to create unique ‘Racing Watch’. Next, I will introduce you to a racing watch Admiral L3.667.4.06.7.

 Elegance in Longines movement. The Speed ​​Series, Admiral Series, and Comcast Series all have the elegance and calmness rarely seen in other brands’ sports series, and they are almost the first to bring the ‘celebrity and star effect’ into the field of watches Chinese brands are among the most common consumer brands in China where products and culture go hand in hand.
 The tachymeter ring is also displayed on this Admiral Longines watch, and the entire watch is actually out of the brand’s gentle and elegant feeling and is more dynamic. The number of the red, white, and black dial ’12’ is enlarged, and the corresponding 6 o’clock position is provided with a calendar display. The ‘Tachymeter’ on the bezel indicates its speed measurement skills, while the conventional 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions The small dial and timing button make it stand out from the brand’s elegant work, showing the essence of sports.
 Longines racing watch is not only a symbol of youth, speed, passion and challenge, but also more functional and practical and design dynamic and masculine, it is very suitable for male consumers to wear casually.

Athens Watch New Nautical Calendar Chronograph

The new ‘Navy Calendar Chronograph’ launched by Athens Watch has the high precision and excellent performance of the mechanical movement, and the elegant big fire enamel dial highlights the watch’s streamlined beauty.

   The Athens watch is a representative member of the nautical series, adding a new member-‘Nautical Almanac Chronograph’. The UN-153 movement, which is designed and developed by the watch factory, includes two functions of an annual calendar and a precise chronograph, showing the technical achievements of the watch; crafted by the enamel dial experts at the Donzé Cadrans workshop in Athens The large open flame enamel dial presents white enamel color, and through this complex process, it displays superb beautiful art. The Grand Fire Enamel is a craft that dates back to the 17th century and is extremely difficult to master, making these enamel dials a collector’s treasure.
   The elegantly shaped dial is lined with two chronograph dials. This simple design has appeared in the antique chronograph models of the Athens watch. The Nautical Almanac Chronograph conveys the DNA elements derived from the ocean with elegant beauty. The month dial at 9 o’clock also has a small second hand display, a 30-minute chronograph display at 3 o’clock, and a circular calendar window at 6 o’clock. The date can be adjusted forward and backward, providing convenient and quick setting functions.
   The watch contains various features of the nautical series: the hands of the classical cathedral, the brand logo and the slender Roman numerals. ‘Navy Calendar Chronograph’ specially selects blue steel hands, which is in striking contrast with the exquisite white large fire enamel dial. The Athens watch’s brand logo and calendar display above the word quantième annuel, the annual calendar, are also printed in classic blue.
   Although the almanac structure is very complex, its operation is very simple. On complex watchmaking issues, Athenian watch seeks simplicity. In the end, the Nautical Almanac Chronograph provided an amazingly simple mechanical solution. Convenient operation, the calendar can be adjusted forward and backward, this innovative feature has become a model of watch function.
   ‘Navy Calendar Chronograph’ is equipped with UN-153 automatic winding movement. The movement parts are made of precision silicon parts such as silicon springs and silicon escapement produced by the watch factory, which can meet the strict precision and quality of Athens watches. Certified with a power reserve of 52 hours.
   Following the original nautical chronometer watch launched in 2012 by the nautical watch series and the original nautical chronograph launched in 2013, the nautical calendar chronograph continues to write classic details: a coin-shaped bezel, which can ensure water resistance A screw-down crown up to 100 meters and a 43 mm diameter case can be read more clearly. The elegant blue alligator strap matches the rubber decoration on the crown perfectly.
   Such a ‘nautical almanac chronograph stopwatch’ perfectly shows the three cores of the Athenian watch: Leroc’s homemade movement technology, bold innovations of avant-garde technology and rare handmade art.