4 Chronographs Of The Road To Renaissance

The chronograph was manufactured around 1720. At that time, George Graham, a famous British watchmaker, produced a timer with a pendulum, which is characterized by clever control of the stop and start of the pendulum. It is an independent timing system superimposed on a traditional clock, which can record how long an event lasts, and the British is also known today as the ‘father of the timer’.

Tudor’s new watch series Fastrider
TUDOR released this year a new watch series Fastrider, inspired by the high-speed world of motorcycles. The surface of the Tudor Fastrider watch is specially designed for this series. Its main feature is the three vertical stripes and the minute mark on the surface edge, which reproduces the classic style of the racing world. There are three small black counters with red hands on the surface, and there are black, white, or silver sunburst surfaces to choose from. Each surface is equipped with beveled hour markers or double-layered Arabic numerals, and the semi-hollowed hands are elegant and sophisticated. The brand’s red logo is located at 12 o’clock with the word TUDORGENEVE underneath.

Swarovski ‘OcteaLady’

Chronographs have been very popular with consumers for many years. This is because in addition to the time, the chronograph can also record the time taken by a certain thing. The second hand located on the center axis of the dial generally stops at 12 o’clock. After pressing the button, this second hand will start to run. On the surface, there are small dials for recording different times. The ‘Chrono-graph’ used to accumulate the final time period is also written as ‘Chronoscope.’ ‘Chronos’ and ‘Grapho’ are combined, where ‘Chronos’ means time and ‘Grapho’ means record.
Swarovski’s new ‘OcteaLady’ this year returns to the stage with a new theme color-blue. This is the second time to launch a special color model after the launch of the highly sought-after purple model in 2010. A blue cut bezel cut from a single piece of crystal is conceived from Swarovski’s iconic ‘Nirvana’ ring. The blue ‘OcteaLady’ midnight blue crystal bezel enhances the use of color to the highest level. With a diameter of only 32 mm, this watch is one of Swarovski’s smallest models. Its petite size and round appearance exude the ultimate femininity; and its midnight blue tone and navy blue tone of dark blue ‘OcteaSport’ Echo each other and show the classic and legendary design style.

Breitling Chronomat GMT
Travel watches have always occupied an important place in the Breitling watch series. This year, Breitling introduced the new Chronomat GMT, a new cosmic time chronograph watch, which once again led the trend in the field of travel watches. Breitling watchmakers and engineers have developed a unique patented technical system that separates the local hour hand from the gear drive chain when adjusting the time zone, so it does not have any impact on the accuracy and timing performance of the watch. Like all Breitling movements, this high-performance ‘engine’ has passed the ultimate test of accuracy and reliability of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).

Tag Heuer CarreraMikrograph1 / 100 Second Chronograph
5 Tag Heuer, which has a unique advantage in chronographs, launched the Calibre360 chronograph for 5 years, and made another big attack. It newly designed a high-frequency dual-component mechanical movement, the Tag Heuer CarreraMikrograph 1 / 100-second chronograph. Known as a gift to the 1916 Heuer Mikrograph stopwatch. For more than 50 years, TAG Heuer Mikrograph stopwatches have been timing high-speed sports at 25 and 50 Hz. It is the first luxury wristwatch to achieve timing accuracy of 1/10 seconds, 1/100 seconds, 1/1000 seconds, or even 1/10000 seconds. Table brand.