Beyond It Again! Tag Heuer Becomes The First International Cooperative Brand Of Nasa To Serve As The Official Choice Of Timing

On June 19, 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand helped the Chinese aerospace industry at the ‘Yuecheng’ Xichang Satellite Launch Base. In 2016, the brand worked hand in hand with the China National Space Administration’s Mars Exploration Project. This time, TAG Heuer is once again honored to become the official strategic partner of the China National Space Administration’s lunar exploration project and the official choice of timing, marking that the Chinese lunar exploration project has officially entered TAG Heuer time! TAG Heuer will continue to uphold the pioneering spirit of #Dont Crack Under Pressure # and support the vigorous development of China’s aerospace industry and moon exploration projects. In the early morning of June 19, China Satellite 9A Radio and Television Live Satellite was launched. On the afternoon of the 19th, a press conference was held at the base of Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

   TAG Heuer has positioned the event at the China Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which has extraordinary significance in the history of Chinese spaceflight. Founded at the end of 1970, it has launched numerous domestic and foreign satellites into space, establishing outstanding achievements for the development of the space industry of the motherland. Aggressive and hard-working, it coincides with the brand spirit of Tag Heuer. It conquers every severe challenge with its far-reaching accurate timing function, and it has no fear even in deep space, showing its brand of excellence and innovation. charm.

Inextricable bond with space

   On February 20, 1962, as the first watch brand to enter space, Tag Heuer accompanied the American astronaut John Grain to successfully launch the ‘Friendship 7’ spacecraft, completing the feat of flying around the earth for three weeks. . Tiger Elegance and John Glenn witnessed this historic moment of great significance to the entire human race, and this watch is from the brand’s 2915A chronograph stopwatch.
   In May 2012, Tag Heuer visited the International Space Station with SpaceX, a space exploration technology company, to verify the reliability and accuracy of its self-made Calibre 1887 movement under extreme conditions.
   On July 12, 2016, Tag Heuer formally became a Swiss Space Systems (S3) ZeroG flight partner, as an exclusive ‘boarding pass’ to take the Airbus experience with the public. Extraordinary journey. On October 26, 2016, Tag Heuer held the “Dream Dreaming and Space” cultural exhibition in Tianjin, focusing on the technological take-offs of the brand over the course of 155 years of history. Among them, many timepieces show that the brand has changed from 1/100 Second, to 1/1000 second, and then to 5/10000 second, break through the miracle again and again and achieve remarkable results.

   On August 23, 2016, TAG Heuer became associated with China’s Mars exploration project and officially entered TAG Heuer time. It marks the official launch of the global collection of Mars exploration project names and graphic signs, while revealing the long-awaited design of China’s first Mars rover.
   From the initial entry into space to the exploration of Mars, one step at a time laid the inextricable bond between Tag Heuer and spaceflight. It is also a natural fit to join hands with the China National Space Administration’s official lunar exploration project to create time and space miracles.

In the early morning of June 19, satellite launch

Launch satellite viewing station

   Since the 1950s, the aviation competition between nations has begun. The successful launch of each satellite means that humans have another pair of eyes in space to observe and understand this unknown vast space. In the early morning of June 19, carrying the expectations and arduous missions of the Chinese people, the satellite 9A will be launched by the Long March 3B in Xichang. After the countdown, the rocket cut through the silent night sky, carrying the Zhongxing 9A satellite, flying into the air, at this time the observer’s heart was excited and full of hope.

Satellite ready for launch
   In the early days of China’s aerospace construction, under the pressure of various huge challenges, rocket technology was placed at the forefront of key development plans. Through years of hard work and tenacious struggle, it has yielded fruitful achievements. On October 8, 1956, China’s first missile and rocket research institute, the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense, was established. In May 1958, the Chinese leader proposed that ‘we also need to engage in satellites’ and began the battle of the satellites. On April 24, 1970, China’s first artificial earth satellite (Dongfanghong-1) took off; on October 15, 2003, Shenzhou V completed its first manned space flight; on October 24, 2007, China’s exploration Moon satellite realized the dream of going to the moon; in 2013, China’s first lunar probe successfully landed.

Unlaunched LM-3 and LM-3 recovery wreckage visit

    On its way to space, China is constantly refreshing its heights, creating miracles and glories that belong to the Chinese themselves.

In the afternoon of June 19, the press conference

Xu Xingli, General Manager of Chang’e Benyue Aerospace Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China Pan Jinji

Summary: At the press conference, the general manager of Tag Heuer Greater China Pan Jinji and the general manager of Chang’e Benyue Aerospace Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xu Xingli exchanged gifts with each other, expressing the common good wishes and blessings between the two groups. Fearlessness under pressure is the persistent pursuit of China’s space industry and the unremitting drive for precise timepieces. Adhering to the common pioneering spirit, we will create a better future for timepieces and aerospace technology.