Blancpain Broadens And Reshapes The Concept Of Watchmaking Couple: Love Is Always Curious About You

what are you doing? What are you thinking? These are the questions often asked by loved ones. Lovers’ curiosity contains the desire to understand each other, and it is the source of motivation to promote close relationships. Love is such a curious exploration. It lets you know others and helps you understand yourself.

   The best state of love is the more you know, the more you feel fresh. From choosing each other after the first encounter, to calmly facing each other after drawing silk. For a long time, we can see that under the superficial appearance of the two, they actually have their own rich inner worlds. Too many disturbances make lovers more understanding, more tacit, and more tolerant.

   It starts with curiosity and it comes down to understanding. After experiencing ecstasy and sadness together, we can understand that it is common to get love and hate in your life. It is rare to encounter someone who is always curious about you, understands and empathizes with you.

   The hand of the child condenses all the fresh curiosity into a pair of shining timepieces on the wrist, using a different ‘ring’ that carries time and memories, proclaiming a rare fit in the world, witnessing the beauty that is born every second miracle.

Blancpain Couples Watch

   Like Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe plasma ceramic watch and color strap watch, the same visual dial is eye-catching and well-matched, but driven by curiosity, each has its own freshness. This time, Blancpain’s expansion of new materials and new concepts is more apt to catch people—advanced plasma gray ceramics, which gives men a sense of toughness and technology; and colorful and stylish colored straps make women more versatile. Not only understand each other, but also leave space for each other, a continuous stream of freshness, and achieve true love.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Watch

   Equipped with 1150 movement, 100 hours power reserve
   Classic fluorescent scale, engraved hands, dial design
   White ceramic bezel with silicon hairspring, greatly improving accuracy and resisting strong magnetic fields
   Color strap, water-resistant to 300 meters

   When she first saw her, she was sometimes lively and sometimes quiet. He was always curious when he was thinking: What else is there under this ever-changing beautiful appearance? Like the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms submersible Bathyscaphe color strap watch, the pure white ceramic bezel is her flawless skin, and it is more elegant and feminine under the background of 4 different color Nato material color straps. . Stubborn, she has the determination and courage that is no less than that of men. Even women’s watches have the long-term power and stability comparable to men’s watches.

   Whether it is work, business or leisure, the free switching between a variety of color straps allows you to easily stunning the audience on any occasion, showing fashion taste. Bring a variety of freshness to your lover with a beautiful effort, full of femininity and full love, attracting envious eyes.

Blancpain Plasma Ceramic Watch

   Equipped with 1315 movement, power reserve is up to 5 days
   Classic fluorescent scale, engraved hands, dial design
   New material plasma ceramic case, Liquidmeta liquid metal hour scale to prevent deformation
   Equipped with silicon hairspring, greatly improving accuracy and resisting strong magnetic field
   Water-resistant to 300 meters

   When he first met, he was handsome and cool, with a tough, metal-looking appearance. There seemed to be too many unknown things waiting for her to explore. Like the Blancpain Plasma ceramic watch of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series, the innovative use of materials has given him a subtle metallic tone and a sense of technology. The extremely hard ceramic bezel, like his powerful shoulders, provides peace of mind for his partner. The deep, dark blue dial is handsome and charming, explaining the mysterious charm of men like the ocean. Powerful power storage and precise adjustment make him a trust and rely on the rest of his life.

   Cool and profound appearance, tough and capable shape, strong and lasting power, achieve the urban men’s free switching under various roles. Regardless of whether you are a business elite or a diving powerhouse at this moment, there is always a watch for your loved one who is always by your side.