Bvlgari Bulgari And The Eternal Spanish Steps

Everyone has a Rome in it. It is a complex that lingers deeply. The first time you see it, you can feel its majesty, its past, its romantic atmosphere and its profound heritage. This is why Rome is called the ‘Eternal City’ by the world, and Rome is the birthplace and source of inspiration for the BVLGARI brand.

  In celebration of the 130th anniversary of the brand, Bulgari donated 1.5 million euros to Rome, the eternal city, to repair the Spanish steps of Rome’s most famous landmark. The renovation project will start in 2015. It is expected that after two years of hard work, this legendary building closely related to Bulgari will reappear.

  The Spanish steps are an integral part of Bulgari’s history. 130 years ago, BVLGARI’s first boutique in Rome was located at the end of Condotti Avenue leading to the Plaza de Espana; today, another Bulgari boutique is already located at the intersection of Rome and Rome. On the bustling shopping street, the Spanish steps are the link between the mountain and the mountain boutiques. With the exception of Bulgari, there is no second jeweller in the world who can lean on such a spectacular building.

  The legendary Spanish steps, designed by architect Francescode Sanctis, resemble a giant staircase bench garden ladder, and its 138 steps are famous in Italy. Completed around 1725, this project is still the widest stepped building in Europe.

  For hundreds of years, countless legends have been staged on the Spanish Steps, and this is also where many romantic love stories on the screen take place. The most well-known of them are Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Pike in ‘Roman Holiday’ Love story. In the film, the royal princess, who longed for freedom, met the tall and handsome journalist Joe on the streets of Rome. The two sparked a spark of love in a short contact. They played in the streets of Rome. The scene of ‘Princess’ Audrey Hepburn eating ice cream while sitting on the Spanish steps is still impressive. The love story of the two accompanied the beautiful street scenes of Rome and the Spanish steps. Became an eternal classic in the hearts of the world. During the filming of ‘Roman Holiday’, Audrey Hepburn often went to the Bulgari boutique on the Condotti Avenue in Rome to buy various jewelry, powder boxes, evening bags, cigarette cases, etc.

  It can be said that the history of Bulgari and the Spanish Steps are inseparable. Together with the Spanish Steps, Bulgari, who has passed 130 years, not only symbolizes the heritage and spirit of the ancient city of Rome, but will also continue to write about the eternal glory of this eternal city. .

  Kirk Douglas, a famous American film and television actor, and his wife took photos on the Spanish steps in August 1958.

  The famous Swedish movie star Anita Ekberg enjoys the sun on the Spanish steps and experiences the romantic atmosphere of the Spanish steps.

  The famous Italian film and stage director (LuchinoVisconti) and his female companion are on the Spanish steps and feel the romantic atmosphere of walking in the rain.

  The famous American movie star Tony Curtis and his wife Janet Leigh talked and laughed on the Spanish steps, enjoying the romance brought by Rome.