Casio Develops Tough Movement With Integrated Led

Fully automatic winding watch? Still flicking your wrist to keep your watch working? Hehe, you are really out of date. Casio is planning to shock a few watch enthusiasts with their latest Tough Movement movement. This magical movement tailored for the Oceanus and G-Shock series watches ‘integrated a high-strength impact-resistant structure and LED pointer correction function’. At the 55th minute of each hour, the watch will receive signals from six transmitting stations around the world to correct the time. Even if the watch is stationary, it will automatically adjust the settings to ensure that the minutes are not bad. According to reports, the first watch model to use this technology will be the GS-1200, which is expected to be available in Japan this September, priced at 42,000 yen (390 US dollars, about 2700 yuan).