Challenge The Extreme, Pay Tribute To The Classic Lange 2018 Sihh New Product Summary

In recent years, Lange’s SIHH pushes new steps every year. It has always been a stable watch, a large complex watch, several distinctive key watches, and some classic updates or upgrades. New models are generally in 7 to 9 styles, with a total of more than 10 new watches. This year is no exception, a large and complex watch, embodying Lange’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and unremitting commitment to exploration. Three special watches from Walter Lange, and five new models.
Miracle Time Trio

   Lange brought a big complicated watch this year-a three-tracker watch. Many people have heard of a three-tracker watch and a double-tracker watch, but no one has heard of a three-tracker watch. The watch, of course, someone must have thought about it, since you can track the seconds, you can track the minutes, and you can also track the time, but it is not easy to achieve it. Achieving the three-tracing hands requires designing a set of chasing wheels at the chronograph second, minute and hour hands, which is obviously not easy for the already crowded chronograph movement space. Lange is currently one of the few brands that insist on producing large and complex watches every year. There is no doubt that the brand has a deep understanding of excellent watchmaking technology. Only brands like Lange dare to touch these unseen Tab black domain. Through our real shots, new product materials and videos, I think everyone will be able to understand it one more level.
News information: Last year, the watch altar has fallen into a number of very important figures. SIHH in January last year, just before it was launched, came the bad news that shocked the watch altar-Lange brand revival, Lange founder fourth The descendant of Mr. Walter Lange passed away. This year, SIHH paid tribute to the pioneer who made an important contribution to the modern watch industry. Lange introduced a solitary commemorative watch and three limited edition commemorative watches. They are equipped with a start-stop seconds jump function, whose design is derived from a set of stop-second jump seconds mechanism invented by the founder of Lange in the 19th century, and the new watch uses the same system, which spans nearly 150 The system of the year rejuvenates again.
News Materials: Chronograph

   In addition to these special watches, Lange also brings some new models of classic watches for watch lovers to choose from. The 1815 Chronograph is familiar to everyone. Apart from the Datograph, Lange is the purest chronograph. In fact, the Datograph is a truly complex chronograph watch, so it is expensive. The 1815 Chronograph is a replacement for conventional watches and Datograph. There is a huge gap in price, and a pure chronograph watch launched, of course, it also has excellent performance, still includes the flyback chronograph function, as well as fine movement decoration. This year, 18K rose gold silver and white dials and black dials are added, with pulsometer function.
News Material: Big Calendar Watch

   This year, Lange seems to love black. The stainless steel orphan watch has a black dial. Then the Saxonia series also uses more black dials. The black is deep, stable and classic, which makes people think of imagination. This year Lange brings two Saxonia large calendar watches. The minimalist style makes the watch easy to understand. The large calendar design at 12 o’clock and the symmetrical design of the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock also make people watch. I like its simplicity and harmony. At the same time, it is a large self-winding calendar watch. Before that, only a few Lange watches were self-winding watches. Therefore, the new model not only retains Lange’s classic design beauty, but also makes the watch practical. Sex goes one step further, this is a big addition to this year’s Saxonia series.
News Materials: Big Calendar Moon Phase Watch

   In addition to the Saxonia series big calendar watch, Lange adds moon phase function to it, bringing the big calendar moon phase watch. If you think the big calendar watch is too simple, not poetic, not romantic enough, then the moon phase This model will be your wonderful choice. It also has a self-winding movement, but the barrel provides a 72-hour power reserve, a classic movement design version, and exquisite movement craftsmanship. Collection watch.
News Materials: Three Temperaments of Lange 1

   In addition to men’s watches, Lange has increased the rhythm of launching women’s watches in the past two years. Previously, only a few years later, one will now be available almost every year. This year is no exception. Three Little Lange 1 watches. Little means small Lange 1. The diameter of the case is 36.8 millimeters. To be honest, this size is not small and can be worn by men. But compared to Lange 1, it is indeed Little. The three new watches are available in purple and grey tones, with purple models available in 18K rose gold and white 18K gold. Its decoration is more luxurious than the regular Lange 1-the guilloché surface. Compared with last year, the moon phase has been cancelled this year, which is simpler.
News material: Lange Saxonia new ultra-thin watch, this year brings a very dreamy work, with a copper blue aventurine dial, creating a wonderful fantasy of the midnight starry sky, this is the most outstanding of Lange’s regular watches this year. Watch. We rarely use romance to describe Lange, but it does fit this description. The watchmaker’s self-made L093.1 caliber is superior in technology and is only 2.9 mm thick. Despite its small size, the built-in flat barrel provides a power reserve of up to 72 hours. Because Lange watches are generally thick, this series is very popular because of its simplicity and slimness. I believe that this year’s starry sky plate will definitely be hot.
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Summary: Lange’s new products this year are still stunning, there are amazing large and complex watches, there are also low-key but profound commemorative models, and there are some new watches to meet the majority of watch friends, then you like Which one?
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