Chopin’s Golden Palm High Jewellery Exhibition Opening Ceremony

On November 16, 2016, Chopard, a high-end watch and jewelry brand, held the opening ceremony of the Chopard Golden Palm Fine Jewellery Exhibition in the atrium of the first floor of Beijing SKP. At the event, the famous Chinese movie star Liu Tao and many media friends and guests were invited to appreciate the high-quality jewelry works from the Chopard Geneva Jewellery Workshop. This is also the first time Chopard has exhibited high-quality jewelry on the red carpet in Cannes in China.

   Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Mr. Stephan Rizmann, chief executive officer of Chopard Asia Pacific, Mr. Tasso Von Berlepsch, regional manager of Chopard China, and executive vice president of Beijing SKP Manager Ms. Lu Xuemei and well-known Chinese movie star Liu Tao came to the scene to cut the ribbon for the opening of the event.

Chinese famous movie star Liu Tao attended the event as an event guest

   At the event, Liu Tao wore a stunning black costume and wore Chopard high-end jewelry earrings, rings and necklaces. Between her hands and feet, her elegant and confident temperament matched with the shining Chopard jewelry. According to observations, she should wear it on her wrist. This is the Chopard Diamond Watch Series 139419-1001.


   The Palme d’Or is the hallmark of the Cannes Film Festival and the bridge between Chopard and the supreme event of the film industry.

Chopard Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Design Director

   In 1997, at the kind invitation of the film festival chairman Pierre Viot, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and design director of Chopard, redesigned and produced the highest achievement of the Cannes The Golden Palm Trophy, the world’s most prestigious Cannes International Film Festival and Chopard Chopard have forged a 19-year-old immortality. In 2014, the legendary trophy debuted for the first time to obtain ‘fair mining’ certification, which also represents the important new phase of Chopard’s ‘The Journey of Sustainable Development’ plan. So far, the Golden Palm Awards not only represent the best films, but also represent the best examples of gold and silver crafts.

Golden Palm High Jewellery Show


Chopard Diamond Watches at the Event

Red Carpet necklace

18k yellow gold set with 3.8 carat marquise-cut diamonds and 6 carat marquise-cut yellow diamonds.

GreenCarpet necklace

   ‘Fair Gold’ certified 18k white gold set with a 22 carat pear-shaped emerald and 60 carat pear-shaped diamonds along with another 11.4 carats of diamonds.

Event Jewellery

   The Chopard Golden Palm Fine Jewellery Exhibition will be open to the public from November 16, 2016 to November 20, 2016 in the atrium on the first floor of Beijing SKP. Interested friends can visit it by themselves.