Conditions For Changing The Strongest Tape Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

Following the replacement of the ceramic bezel for the steel case in 2016, ROLEX continued to adjust the Daytona product line in 2017, and this change is to make yellow K, white K and eternal rose The three gold case models (not including the platinum version) can also be replaced with a rubber strap afterwards, with a ceramic bezel. Rolex will promote the tape to the series other than Yacht-Master is a somewhat unexpected but not too unexpected decision. What really teaches people is that they also canceled the Daytona belt model at the same time, which means that in the future (at least temporarily) ) Daytona will only have two options: chain and tape.

Feature one: the rubber strap that Rolex has rushed in the past two years
Oysterflex is a Rolex-patented rubber strap. As the brand’s first tape, it really caused a commotion when it appeared on the new version of Yacht-Master in 2015. The characteristic of Oysterflex’s structure is that it encloses a thin memory metal sheet in the tape. The spring shaft between the lugs and the fixed shaft of the buckle are directly connected to the two ends of the metal sheet through the outer rubber. If the metal skeleton is broken for a long time, it will not impair its function as a strap.

The scale on the ceramic ring uses a triangular pattern. The same pattern has appeared on the metal ring before, coexisting with the original dot scale, and it seems that it has been unified into a triangle after several recent changes.

Feature two: first see the ceramic version of the golden word version
Daytona’s time to replace the ceramic bezel was quite long. The earliest only platinum and rose gold belt models were introduced first. In 2016, stainless steel models were added. This time, the new combination is a gold shell tape with black ceramic rings. Relatively, the chain belt model retains the original metal ring of the same material. The ceramic rings of the three gold cases are black, but the digital scale on the ring depends on whether the case is yellow K, white K, or rose gold, which are plated with different colors of metal, compared to the white and red gold characters. Ceramic ring, this version of the golden word is the first appearance.

Oysterflex has protruding fins on the inside to ensure a tight fit between the strap and the wrist; the fins are actually quite soft, and they are not as soft as you can imagine. The lining memory metal is also very elastic and will not be noticed without speaking

Feature three: stricter product standards
Except for the strap and the bezel, the other specifications of the watch are the same as before, but at this stage, the yellow and white K tape porcelain ring models have only one kind of face plate, but the rose gold model has a ceramic ring before. Version, so there are more colors and time scales available for the faceplate. In addition, since 2015, Rolex has fully introduced the Superlative top astronomical observatory certification. In addition to C.O.S.C., the product has also been added to the actual measurement of the case inside the watch factory.

At present, the combination of tape and ceramic ring is only the face plate with gold surface and black circle. In 2016, the steel shell model of the panda circle has fascinated many players, but in fact, the gold shell model has always been the choice of panda noodles, but it is not expensive.

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

18K yellow gold / 4130 automatic movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / Superlative top observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / diameter 40mm / water resistance 100 meters