Earl Polo Polo Sports Limited Table

Marcos Heguy, the top player from Argentina’s most famous polo club, has become the spokesperson for Piaget. He scored his first 10 points in 1987, and he has twice won the top end of the sport in a long domestic and foreign player career. Marcos Heguy is also one of the three-time captain of the Pilar Piaget team in Argentina.

Marcos Heguy, Polo’s top player
庆祝 To celebrate the brand’s peak in sports, in 2009 Piaget launched the famous Piaget Polo new watch, which has been developed since 1979. This Piaget Forty Five sports watch is the company’s first watch in titanium rather than gold. It is equipped with a self-winding Calibre 880P movement and a power reserve of up to 50 hours.

致 To pay tribute to the greatest athlete in sports in this unique way, Piaget created this unique 45-piece limited edition Piaget Polo Forty Five watch, which was unveiled at the Florida American Polo Association Piaget Gold Cup. The charm of this masterpiece is extraordinary, with the royal blue timer shining on the black dial engraved with ’10 Handicap’. The back of the sapphire crystal gives an unobstructed view of the movement of the entire watch, displaying the name of Marcos Heguy and his signature.