Extreme Cost-effectiveness Is The Key To Our Adversity. Interview With Mr. Franz Linder, Global President Of Swiss Mido

At the unveiling ceremony of the Beijing station of the most ‘oldest’ city in the 12-city tour of the world, which was just inspired by architecture, the Swiss Mido watch was inspired by architecture. The Cyrel Series Caliber 80 silicon hairspring long kinetic watch is finally available at the same time. As everyone knows, Mido has always used architecture as the source of inspiration. So what is the origin and connection between Mido and architecture? What are the core factors that Mido can brave in the adversity of the industry? With these questions in mind, we took this opportunity to interview Mr. Franz Linder, global president of Swiss Mido, what kind of Mido will he present to us?

Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido
Why did Mido choose architecture as a source of inspiration for the brand, and it has been passed down to tradition?
Franz Linder: We chose architecture as the source of inspiration for the brand because architecture reflects a value concept that we want to share: innovation, quality, and enduring design. We have two large watch series. In the heritage series, we obtain design inspiration from the spiritual concept passed on from the architecture. For example, the classic Belemcelli series is the arch of Milan’s neoclassical architecture Emmanuel II. The source of design drawn from the gallery’s imagery. Our other series is inspired by the elements of the building itself to design watches, such as the Great Wall series and the Big Ben series watches, which directly integrate the lines of the building into the watch design, which can be intuitively felt visually Here. Therefore, our products actually have two big series classifications.
Is there any standard for Mido in choosing inspirational architecture?
Franz Linder: We do n’t have very strict standards in choosing inspirational architecture, but first of all, this building has its own distinctive style, and secondly, our designers can draw some design elements from it and apply them to our watches. Whether it is a classical building with a long history or a new modern building, it can be our source of inspiration.
In this 12-city inspirational tour of the world, Mido has selected a total of 60 famous buildings. Which one do you personally prefer? What do you expect from the next creative watch to be announced next year?
Franz Linder: This is really a difficult choice. Now we don’t know which inspirational building of the next watch will be. It is really difficult to choose the architecture that I personally like, because for example, the classical architecture of the Doge’s Palace in Venice has a heritage and heritage. I think architecture is a culture, and all architectures reflect the spirit of this country Modern buildings have more possibilities. As for the inspiration for the next watch, it is still decided by the votes of the majority of netizens.
Today released the brand new Berenceli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch, this is a very cost-effective watch, then it will affect the original Caliber 80 watch? Will it be used as the main movement in other Mido series later?
Franz Linder: Caliber 80 silicon hairspring movement is undoubtedly the most beautiful standard movement that can be found. At the same time, this observatory-certified Caliber 80 movement equipped with silicon hairspring and has 80 hours of kinetic energy storage will definitely use more Among Mido watches. However, these technologies are not free after all, and they cost money, so for a long time in the future, they will not be used in non-observatory-certified movements.
In recent years, the entire watch industry has not been very good. The decline in brand performance has become a normal situation, but not only did Mido not decline, but achieved growth. What do you think is the biggest attraction of Mido?

Franz Linder: I think the most important reason is that Mido is a brand that really provides cost-effective products. Our design is outstanding and the art of architecture has lasting value. Therefore, our design will also last forever. It is also attractive to consumers. A point to be particularly emphasized is the silicon balance spring watch released this time. Such an excellent movement is currently only available in Mido within 10,000. Such a high cost performance is the success of Mido. .
Summary: In this interview, we have learned a lot. The latest achievements of Mido Caliber 80 silicon gossamer observatory certification movement will appear in more observatory certification models, in fact, this is an excellent Sports performance movement, commander, helmsman, navigator and some other sports watch series may use this outstanding movement. Nevertheless, Mido has not raised the price. Such sincerity and cost-effectiveness, as well as the long-term design sense of ‘inspired by architecture’, are the most important values ​​of Mido watches.