Gc Shared The Global ‘smart Luxury Moment’ At Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show

Five Gc stars from four continents performed a passionate performance for the guests at the party. Gc also released a new advertisement in this event sharing the global ‘Moments of Smart Luxury’ event with the background of the event name and the slogan: ‘Realize your dreams’ (Realize your dream).
Paul Marciano, both Gc’s brand founder and Gc’s inspiration. He loves and excels at black and white photography, using black and white photography as a great medium for Gc’s photography concepts and new advertising campaigns-a fusion of contemporary elements and art and emotion Reminiscent of the brand itself.

From left to right: Big Dani Perez, Virginie Riot-Billet, Ricardo Velasquez, Cindy Livingston, Jean-Daniel Pasche, Sabrine El Hossamy, Shayma Al-Mughairy, Maddalena Miramonti

Pino Gomes has been designated as a photographer of this concept, because just like the characters he shoots, he is also a passionate and vibrant star in the field of photography. Pino is from Brazil and currently lives in New York and Zurich. This international philosophy allowed Pino to realize his dream. Since 2011, he has traveled 100,000 miles, covering nearly 40 countries and regions, and photographed more than 100 creative people to realize their dreams in their industry.
These pictures truly reflect the emotional value of the Gc brand: people who are aggressive, energetic, and passionately chasing their dreams-a perfect interpretation of the brand’s DNA. A cross-cultural concept that impresses everyone in a very personal way, just like choosing a timer to express yourself and publicize your personality.

From left to right: Shayma Al-Mughairy, Maddalena Miramonti, Sabrine El Hossamy

The live performance of 5 outstanding artists representing Gc can give us a glimpse of this passion: one is a concert pianist from Italy: Maddalena Miramonti: one is an opera singer from Panama: Ricardo Velásquez: one An Arab drum percussionist from Egypt: Sabrine El Hossamy; a jazz saxophonist from Spain: Big Dani Pérez: and a sand painting artist from the United Arab Emirates: Shayma Al-Mughairy.
Finally, the entire event focused on the Gc-1 Sport, a watch that represents all the DNA characteristics of the Gc brand. The bold design of the watch, attention to detail, selected quality materials, eye-catching color combinations. After the 7th anniversary of the release of Gc’s best-selling series, the Gc1, which is both modern and sophisticated, will be the new benchmark for the Gc brand, and will be worn by singers from the British Gc star opera group Amore team.
Source: Gc