Gucci Watch Jewellery: Halloween Product Recommendation

On Halloween three years ago, the music artist Trouble Andrew from Brooklyn, New York cut a hole in a Gucci sheet and put it on his body, wandering the streets of Manhattan like an elf. When someone saw him, he could n’t help but exclaim ‘GucciGhost!’ At that time, he fell in love with the G-G elf with the double G motif as the theme, and began to create creatively in all corners of the city. Such a humorous GucciGhost This resulted in a pseudonym. The Gucci elf series born under the collision of cross-border art is refreshing, perfectly combining the street, pop and Gucci brand culture, and also emphasizes again the eclectic self-expressionism of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.
GUCCI watch jewelry Halloween products recommended

G-Timeless watches
 This collection of watches perfectly integrates the elements of graffiti and complements the GucciGhost silver series, inspired by the recent collaboration between Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and the American artist Trouble Andrew. The series adopts vivid hand-painted patterns, the overall tone is youthful, full of vitality, and has a strong sense of artistic graffiti. A natural extension and extension of the collaboration with Trouble Andrew, this new collection of watches is a testament to the talent of Gucci jewelry — that is, the ability to perform creative interpretations of different eras.
GucciGhost jewelry

GucciGhost ring

GucciGhost necklace

GucciGhost pendant
The GucciGhost series of jewelry includes bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and pendants. This series adopts vivid hand-painted elf shapes, which is also the flagship work of Gucci’s new silver series. The design elements of pendants and ornaments include not only the main elf, but also various colorful shapes such as stars, rainbows, skulls and slogans-all products are made of 925 silver and decorated with colored enamel. TroubleAndrew’s original interpretation of Gucci’s various logos-the ‘RealGucci’ slogan with drip paint effect or hand-painted skulls-runs through the entire series, bringing a fresh and refreshing urban style to Gucci’s unique letter combinations and other design elements.