Ingenious Style Only For The Oriental Aesthetics Of Subtle Embroidery Watches. Fiyta Art Series Double-sided Embroidery Limited Edition Special Year Of The Dog ‘swiss Dog’ Is About To Debut At The Basel Clock & Watch Exhibition 2018 –

The special edition ‘Fei Ya Na Fu’ of the limited year of the double-sided embroidery of the Fiyta art series will be unveiled at the 2018 Basel Watch Fair. The art of the zodiac is not uncommon, but there are only a few masterpieces that reflect the beauty of time with the fusion of the microcosm. In the past few years, Fiyta has successively launched a number of subtle embroidered watches that are suitable for the year. Each one is condensed with thousands of years of ancient skills, craftsmanship and oriental aesthetic charm. ‘Named, conveying the best wishes for the new year.

   In the past few years, Fiyta has not only launched a series of zodiac-themed watches such as ‘Golden Rooster Report’ and ‘Double Monkeys Welcome Spring’, but also created a group of timepieces with rich Chinese mood-‘fish leisure’, ‘Man’, ‘Butterfly Love’, ‘Qing Chan’. Whether it is the zodiac sign or the fish swimming potential, the magpie whispering represents a unique Chinese charm. These exquisite watches are all derived from ancient Chinese subtle embroidery skills. The master used needle and thread to trace the interest of Chinese culture in the micro world, endowed the beauty of timepiece art on his wrist, and presented traditional oriental aesthetics to the extreme figurative presentation. Bring the new year’s expectations to the wearer in the visual experience of seeing Weizhi.
   In the Lunar New Year of the Dog Year of the Lunar New Year, Fiyta once again joined hands with the national embroidery master Zhao Hongyu to launch the fine embroidered zodiac watch watch-Rui Dog Nafu. With the elegant Chinese design concept, the unique oriental aesthetics of Fiyta watches are shaped.

Ingenious ingenuity, ingenious embroidery embellishes the watch

   Embroidery is the earliest decorative language of human beings, and the jewel in the embroidery technique, the subtle embroidery technique, has a history of more than 2000 years, and it is one of the traditional rare crafts in China. I’m curious, how much space can I play and imagine on the dial of a watch? Under the hands of the subtle embroidery master Zhao Hongyu, the tiny texture is like a canvas. The texture depicted by silk threads has aura, birds and beasts, flowers and plants, and the delicate beauty brought by this technique is no problem. Taking the silk thread as the carrier, the master repeatedly passed the needle and thread through the silk surface. Imagine subdividing a mulberry silk thread into one-seventh to eighty-tenth, and knitting it with a needle and a thread. Such a subtle embroidered watch, embellishes the dial with art, and gives a new expression of embroidery art, so that more people understand the art of embroidery and its fusion and modernity, just like the flowing time at this moment, it seems full precious.

Following the tradition, auspicious meaning implies cultural heritage
   2018 is the year of the Wuxi year. On the basis of the limited-edition embroidered zodiac model of the lineage series, Fiyta combined the zodiac attributes of the Wuxi year-old dog to extract the festive meaning of ‘Rui Dog Nafu’. The design team combines traditional subtle embroidery skills and professional watchmaking spirit, and uses sophisticated double-sided embroidery to take subtle embroidery to the design and application of watches to a higher level, creating a limited timepiece of 5 pieces worldwide. In Chinese culture, the moral of dogs has a long history. Whether the ancient ancestors worshiped dogs as totems, or the legend of farming civilization giving godly food to god dogs, they all reflect the dog’s agile behavior, loyalty, and close psychic nature. In the zodiac culture, dogs carry the auspicious meaning of ‘Wanwanglaicai’ and ‘dogs come to wealth’.
   This watch draws the image of a Swiss dog on the silk dial by virtue of the subtle embroidery master Zhao Hongyu’s excellent manual skills. The Swiss dog’s body hair is moist and delicate, like agar. The lines have a strong sense of direction, and the meticulous stitches make the dog’s body yellow, gray, and white with a sense of layers, bright and dark, and full of life. The sloping ear curve runs to a degree, and the color gradient is natural. The pearl-like pupils are crystal clear, enthusiastic and full of enthusiasm. The bridge of the nose stands tall, the mouth is slightly open, the white canine teeth and pink tongue are all realistically painted with delicate embroidery. Rui.
   The design of the watch face is inspired by the ancient coin ‘Kaiyuan Tongbao’. Lishu-style quaint pin nails blend the elegance of the oriental scent of ink. Against the backdrop of time, with deep cultural connotation, each reading becomes an extraordinary enjoyment. With a simple red ‘戌’ on the plate, the Chinese lunar calendar year of the 1898 year is indicated. The entire watch not only creates the festive meaning of Rui Nafu, but also has a unique aesthetic form when the watch is read.
   In 2018, at the moment when the cover is opened and closed, a glorious time legend is written for the wearer.

Professional watchmaking, excellent configuration highlights brand strength
   The special edition of the Fiyta Art Series Limited Year of the Dog ‘Swiss Dog’ is equipped with an ultra-thin Swiss manual winding movement with precise movement time. The rose-gold dial has a delicate texture, exuding the glamour of art. The black brushed leather strap has a soft feel and fits comfortably on the wrist. The case and strap are connected in a unique way, making the entire watch line smoother and presenting an integrated visual experience. In order to highlight the exquisite patterns of the master’s subtle embroidery, the surface of the disc has been omitted, demonstrating the aesthetic and collection value of this fine art work on the wrist.

Watch configuration
Name : Fiyta Art Series Double-sided Embroidery Limited Year of the Dog
Model: GA886016.PWB
Movement: Swiss ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement
Panel surface: white, clamshell inlay is hand-embroidered on both sides
Case: 18K rose gold
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Crown: 18K rose gold with natural diamonds
Strap: black brushed leather strap
Buckle: 18K rose gold horseshoe buckle
Waterproof: 30M
Limited: 5 pieces worldwide