Introduction Of Cartier 9909 Mc Watch

Over the past few years, Richemont Group has successfully developed Cartier into a star product with multiple brands and the top trusted brand in the watch industry to date. Most of its products are indeed made by ‘handmade’ or workshops. Calibre 9909 MC is the latest and most innovative.
 The Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch displays two time zones at the same time, making it easy to read and unique. Local time continues the traditional style with brand signatures, sword-shaped hour and minute hands. At the same time, the second time zone is represented by a double-hour clock concentric with local time, which is novel and unique. It is a double hour clock because its area is a 180 & deg; sector. The two tips of the double hour hand are the sun and moon signs, so as not to confuse day and night. The fader is used to adjust the second time zone when crossing the meridian, and this display points to the city indicator. Apart from the realistic design with highly readable pointers, it is not unique in nature. In this regard, to provide additional space on the dial surface, the city indicator is actually visible through a side magnifying glass.
Then again, the main value of this Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch is that it solves a problem. All watchmakers are aware of this problem, but no one (at least as far as we know) can solve it: take daylight saving time into account when calculating time differences between different time intervals. Cartier offers a simple solution that focuses on the practicality of complex functions, going beyond manufacturers known for their efforts to develop complex functions. In this way, guide the city dial to make up for the difference in the mid-time interval in the five months of summer or ‘Daylight Saving Time’ (DST). At the same time, another extremely useful and unique indicator is displayed below the dial: the number of time difference between two different time intervals! The Calibre de Cartier Multifuseaux watch features a 45 mm white gold case that embodies all Cartier watch design concepts, including dial style, crown setting with sapphire and pointer shapes.
  This concept is clear and simple, and the craftsmanship is perfect. It deserves to be the perfect choice for watchmakers. It is difficult to imagine that such a functional and clear watch will not affect other models that will be released in the near future.