Introduction To Vacheron Constantin’s Classic Ultra-thin Watch

Spring represents the season of hard work. The busyness of the workplace has become the main theme of life. If you ask professionals who have rooted in the workplace all year round, what types of watches do they like, and ultra-thin watches must be ranked in the top three.
Because ultra-thin watches are usually designed for formal wear, which is particularly suitable for workplace wear. Another point is that it is very thin and fits the wrist. When wearing a shirt, jacket, or even a windbreaker, the cuffs will not appear bulging, creating a delicate Decent workplace image. So this time we will take advantage of the best of the year to recommend you various ultra-thin watches.

Vacheron Constantin classic ultra-thin watch
The ultra-thin watch made by Minjiang Shidanton last year to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the birth of the thinnest and most beautiful ultra-thin movement 1003 in the industry. The thickness is only 1.64 mm, and the thickness of the case is only about 4 mm.