Japanese Aesthetics Citizen Eco-drive Limited Edition Ao9010-02e Appreciation

Citizen, like Seiko, is also a well-known Japanese watchmaking company. It is famous for creating accurate chronograph watches. The brand’s main watch series are light kinetic energy movements, light kinetic energy radio movements, and light kinetic energy satellite Time movement and mechanical movement.
 Japanese aesthetics are famous all over the world, and their delicate requirements for details have reached the extreme. Since participating in Basel in 2010, Citizen has launched the Eco-Drive EYES concept watch, which was also a benchmark for watchmaking at the time. Now launching the 2013 Eco-Drive EYES series with light and shadow as the theme, there are two models in black and white, each limited to 250 pieces, and the price is about 30,000. Below I will introduce to you, the shadow in the light-Citizen AO9010-02E watch.

 I chose this watch because I think that the black watch looks more restrained and less publicity than white, which is relatively low-key. Its case is made of stainless steel, which is very hard-wearing. The strap is made of rubber, which is very tough. The dial-less design of the dial makes the 43mm dial, which is not small, look like 46,7mm.
 In addition to the normal travel time, its functions include the date and day of the week functions, which are relatively basic functions. They are not complicated and are very practical in daily life.

There are only 250 watches in the world. They are light kinetic energy movements, which are more advanced than ordinary quartz movements. There are no mechanical movements that always require winding. Although it is only 43 millimeters, it looks as big as 47 millimeters, and the sense of domineering is spontaneous, and the black system is not publicity. Although you can buy it for only 29,800 yuan, but because it is a limited edition, you still need some luck to get started smoothly.
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