Longines Admiral Watch Passionate Racing Game

Watches that combine passion, speed and time in the watch family are definitely not a few, especially the cross-border wind in the past two years has attracted many racing cars and sports cars to start cooperation with watch brands to create unique ‘Racing Watch’. Next, I will introduce you to a racing watch Admiral L3.667.4.06.7.

 Elegance in Longines movement. The Speed ​​Series, Admiral Series, and Comcast Series all have the elegance and calmness rarely seen in other brands’ sports series, and they are almost the first to bring the ‘celebrity and star effect’ into the field of watches Chinese brands are among the most common consumer brands in China where products and culture go hand in hand.
 The tachymeter ring is also displayed on this Admiral Longines watch, and the entire watch is actually out of the brand’s gentle and elegant feeling and is more dynamic. The number of the red, white, and black dial ’12’ is enlarged, and the corresponding 6 o’clock position is provided with a calendar display. The ‘Tachymeter’ on the bezel indicates its speed measurement skills, while the conventional 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions The small dial and timing button make it stand out from the brand’s elegant work, showing the essence of sports.
 Longines racing watch is not only a symbol of youth, speed, passion and challenge, but also more functional and practical and design dynamic and masculine, it is very suitable for male consumers to wear casually.