Male God Wu Xiubo Starred In ‘divorce Lawyer’ Wearing Blancpain

Recently, in 2014, ‘Drama King’ and ‘Divorce Lawyer’ officially landed on several satellite TV gold files. This film brings together the cast of urban emotional drama actors ‘Wang Xiubo’ and ‘Big Mouth Queen’ Yao Chen It was perfect, and as soon as it was broadcast, it quickly became a hot topic on the street. In this big-name TV show, Blancpain, the top Swiss watch brand, became Wu Xiubo’s only choice: in the play, Chi Haidong, whether in suits and leather shoes facing customers, or casually spending time with friends, on his wrist There is a Tourbillon watch that keeps spinning.

In Divorce Lawyer, the successful barrister Chi Haidong (Wu Xiubo) lost to his wife’s attorney Luo Yan (Yao Chen) in his divorce case. They do not believe that love will know each other because of their fate, and they often represent the same divorce case under the guilty confusion. They help divorce parties break up calmly and start a new life, and sometimes even persuade couples who want to divorce; they also help family and friends around them to resolve various crises. Over time, the relationship between Luo Yan and Chi Haidong has also undergone subtle changes, gradually developing from competitors to being attracted to each other’s talents and character …

‘Divorce Lawyer’ is a high-end customized version of the legendary TV series due to Wu Xiubo, the male god of the ‘Uncle Party’, as an emotional drama in the city. 46-year-old Wu Xiubo is an authentic Beijing man, but his screen image blends the boldness of Beijing men with the exquisiteness of Shanghai men, which meets the mixed aesthetic needs of Chinese ‘uncles’. Thick eyebrows, big eyes, and eyebrows … He is not only an authentic on-screen mature man, but also with a rare and generous personality, he has explained countless but indifferent people who read people in a lively manner, and experienced good will. Man image. The high-quality taste that matches his temperament is enthralling between raising his hands.

As Wu Xiubo’s favorite watch brand, Blancpain’s watch works can be regarded as a classic beyond time. In the play ‘Divorce Lawyer’, Wu Xiubo always wears a Blancpain eight-day power reserve tourbillon watch. This watch features Blancpain’s double-layered bezel design, willow hands, large open flame enamel dial, etc., accompanied by an elegant floating tourbillon and large window with 8-day power, highlighting Wu Xiubo’s charming mature masculinity and masculinity. charm.

Blancpain Tourbillon 8 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon

Technical parameters:
8th power reserve
Date display
Power reserve display
Ivory dial
18K Red Gold
Automatic winding
Water-resistant to 3 bar
37.50 mm diameter
Sapphire bottom cover
Alligator leather strap with alzavel calf leather lining