Mingshi And Chen Kun Jointly Design A Limited Edition Gift Box Glory Release

On November 9, 2017, Mr. Chen Kun, Baume & Mercier’s global image ambassador, jointly released a limited edition watch gift box designed with Baume & Mercier. Chen Kun wore a watch to express a brand new image. The strong black and white minimalist art style is accompanied by a Swiss-made mechanical movement, and the straps of different materials are shining brightly on Chen Kun’s wrist, demonstrating the infinite charm of contemporary celebrities: sincerity, heritage, excellence, self-confidence, trust and affinity . Seeing the exquisite timepieces he participated in designing, Chen Kun said: ‘As a contemporary celebrity, we must always be loyal to ourselves. I hope that this limited edition gift box design will bring a distinguished choice for contemporary celebrities and condense precious moments. . ‘

Baume & Mercier Chen Kun Special Edition Limited Watch Gift Box (36,999RMB)
   This time, Chen Kun’s special limited edition gift box is limited to 9 sets in the world. Chen Kun also owns one of them. The limited gift box embodies the 187-year-old watchmaking craftsmanship of Baume & Mercier. The gift box includes a special watch of Chen Kun of ‘Permanent Mystery’, a special watch of Chen Kun of ‘Permanent Essence’, and 4 replaceable straps. The four straps are two Zhenpin wool straps, one linen strap and one silk strap, which bring different choices to contemporary celebrities. No matter what the environment or season, they can be flexibly matched, bringing more Change shape. In order to retain the minimalist style of the Chrysmer watch, Chen Kun created the time scale with the enlarged Arabic numeral 9 at 9 o’clock, which means firmness, persistence, and persistence, reminding us that we must finally be our own Heart and conviction can stand the test of time.

   Unlimited creativity and ingenuity are woven together to bring dazzling masterpieces. As a model of contemporary celebrities, Chen Kun, the global ambassador of celebrities, from the actor to the initiator of public welfare activities, has continued to grow and be loyal to himself, achieving his unique charm and success in the field of television and film art. Now even more personally involved in the design of Baume & Mercier watches, he is also the perfect endorsement of Baume & Mercier’s ‘aestheticism, only manufacturing high-quality watches’.

   Chen Kun’s special limited edition gift box is priced at RMB 36,999. It will be on sale on November 9, 2017 at Baume & Mercier Chengdu IFS International Financial Center Store. Consumers can also order a limited edition gift box through Baume & Mercier official purchase channels.

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