Movie Role-playing Watches Are Also Divided Into Evil And Evil (Villains)

The watch is generally said to be a dead thing, and there is no difference in personality and emotions. However, due to the profound impact of movies on people’s values, the watches worn by the righteous and evil characters in major movies have made many Hardcore movie fans have ’emotional’ awareness of watches. The righteousness is more righteous, and the villain is not pleasing to the eye. I hereby encourage the audience to say, ‘Let the watch go, it is just a prop.’

 Compared to the fact that the decent people often appear in the movies as ‘gentleman’s candour’, the villains have to experience more emergencies, not to mention that they will always be eliminated in the end. China is even more tortuous. They don’t have a multifunctional and complex watch in their hands, they can only extend their playing opportunities!

 Bell in Survival

Villain watches: Breitling, Cartier

 Breitling is also a brand for domestic watch enthusiasts who only pays farsightedness, because it is so powerful that it is not used for daily wear. In the film ‘Survival in the Wild’, Bell wore a Breitling emergency help watch, and this watch always solved his crisis (this one is much higher than Ryan’s high-end piece, or Ryan may be in the desert). The situation is not bad enough).

 John Travolta is the iron powder of Breitling

 John Travolta also wore a Breitling watch in Broken Arrow. Of course, as the brand’s spokesperson, he can be described as a brand’s brain powder. It is said that the superstar refused to board the plane because he forgot to wear the Breitling watch until Here comes the assistant. Now this ‘brain residual powder’ has been replaced by the spokesperson for the new season-Beckham. Before endorsing Breitling, Beckham and his own woman, Betty, were both Rolex’s iron fans. The stars are fickle!

 Breitling Avengers in Leonardo’s Blood Diamond

 Deadly Strike Back

 There are countless times Breitling wears in the villains of Hollywood villains: from the Breitling Avengers deep diving sea chronograph watch worn in Leonardo’s ‘Blood Diamond’ to Jason Patrick in ‘Desperate Counterattack’ The transoceanic series, without wearing a Breitling watch, villains are embarrassed to say that their lives are particularly good, and decent characters cannot explain how difficult their environment is.

 Audrey Hepburn in Stealing the Dragon to Phoenix

 Sophia Roland in the Cassandra Bridge

 Kate Blanchett in the Sky Tower wears Cartier

 To say that Cartier, the biggest difference from the previous brands is that men wear it, and women also wear it. Those beautiful IQ women like Cartier, Audrey Hepburn in Stealing the Dragon and Phoenix, Sophia Roland in the Cassandra Bridge, and Kate Blanche in The Sky Tower. In particular, Ariadne in ‘Stolen Dream Space’, the cold strap with simple lines, a woman who wears it can’t think reasonably.