Mysterious Cheetah Shutting Through Cartier World (1)

For Cartier, the cheetah is not a fierce killer hiding in the virgin forest, but a mysterious spirit traveling through Cartier world, whether it is Cartier’s fine jewelry, high-end watches, or Cartier Rich art accessories and fragrance world, there are always mysterious figures of cheetahs inadvertently. She is beautiful, agile, keen, light, sexy, mysterious … not chasable, but she can have it. She was animated by Cartier, and also gave Cartier a mysterious cheetah kingdom.
Lady Cheetah and the Cheetah she created
   Perhaps the relationship between the cheetah and Cartier originated from the rise and prevalence of the art deco trend in the 1920s. The black and white cheetah pattern decorated Cartier’s original inspiration to express the beauty of ArtDeco art. But the person who really raised the cheetah and brought it into Cartier’s world must be Zhen Dusang. Cheetah is not only a spiritual thing that Zhen Dusang loves. It appears on her vanity case and cigarette case, and even appears in Zhen Dusang’s home as a decorative rug. In his jewellery works, more importantly, Zhen Dusan pioneered the three-dimensional presentation of the “cheetah”, instead of being a flat pattern, Zhen Dusan really gave the cheetah vitality and soul.

Lady Cheetah-Jean Dusan
The earliest cheetah element appeared on the watch

Cartier Archives-Cheetah Design Sketches
   Perhaps many people don’t know that today, the mysterious and charming cheetah in Cartier’s fine jewelry world, originally, actually appeared on Cartier’s fine watch. In the 1920s, when Art Deco was a rage, Artdeco classic elements such as black and white art, geometric figures, and radioactive sun patterns began to prevail, while black and white contrasting leopard patterns became Cartier’s most popular expression of art deco Good inspiration originated. In 1914 and 1915, Cartier first presented black and white contrast cheetah patterns with onyx and diamond decoration on two ladies’ watches. This is the earliest relationship between cheetah and Cartier.

Invitations by George Babier in the 1920s
   At the same time, Louis Cartier commissioned illustrator George Barbier to design an invitation card with a theme of “Ladies and Cheetahs”. George Babier uses an elegant style from the late Belle Epoque to portray a young woman in a pleated long dress by Paul Poiret while a cheetah lies on her At the feet.
Zhen Dusan raises cheetah
   The true resurrection of a life requires not only time but also opportunity. It has waited for almost 30 years, from the appearance of cheetahs on Cartier watches with black and white patterns to the real appearance of cheetahs in a complete, vivid and three-dimensional appearance.

Jean Dusan by Baron Adolph de Meyer
   In 1933, Jean Dusan officially entered Cartier as senior jewelry director. Because of her extreme love for cheetahs, she can be found in coats, cosmetic cases, powder cases, and cigarette cases. At the same time, her innate imagination and extreme free and independent character have made her friends and nickname her ‘cheetah Ms’.
   In 1948, a gold cheetah in gold and black spots stood on a 90-carat, convex, round emerald, the first that the legendary female the Duchess of Windsor had purchased from Jean Dusan. Cheetah brooch. This brooch opened a whole new world, and the cheetah finally entered Cartier’s world with a vitality.
Lady Cheetah Continues Cheetah Legend

Cheetah brooch, purchased by the Duchess of Windsor, 1949

   In 1949, Paris, 13 Heping Street, a proud cheetah stood on a convex round sapphire weighing 152.35 carats, inlaid with diamonds and sapphires. That’s right, this is the second cheetah brooch designed by Ms. Jean Dusan for the Duchess of Windsor, a true legend.

Left / Duke of Windsor, Right / Duke of Windsor
    There is no doubt that the cheetah sapphire brooch not only stunning the Duchess of Windsor and her husband, former King Edward VIII of England, but also made Cheetah’s important position in the Cartier world. Later, the Duchess of Windsor also ordered some cheetah jewelry, including the flexible cheetah bracelet, to Jean Dusan.

Cartier Cheetah Collection, a glimpse of the jewellery workshop

Cartier Cheetah Collection, a glimpse of the jewellery workshop
   It is because of Zhen Dusang that Cheetah has its own territory in Cartier’s world and has become a legend. It has continued to this day and is loved and owned by more women. Known as ‘Ms. Cheetah’, Jean Dusan was also awarded the Knight of the French Legion of Honour in 1955 for his creative talents, maverickness and pioneering spirit.
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