New Timekeeping A.Lange & Söhne Langit Zeitwerk Decimal

Lange A. LANGE & SÖHNE launched Zeitwerk Decimal Strike. This self-timer uses a new timekeeping method. The beeping device will sound every ten minutes. This self-sounding is made by Lange’s exclusive 18K honey gold, limited to 100.

Lange created the new Zeitwerk Decimal Strike with the brand’s unique honey gold. This self-sounding watch also incorporates the Tramblage process. Through this engraving process, the face plate will present a grainy effect.

Zeitwerk was first introduced in 2009. Zeitwerk combined with mechanical word display can be said to bring a new look to the timekeeping function. Today, this popular and uniquely designed series welcomes the third masterpiece, the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike with time signal sounds introduced by Lange at SIHH 2017.
Zeitwerk’s movement structure incorporates a beeping device, and the movement can also store a large amount of power to advance the mechanical precision word display. Like the Zeitwerk Minute Repeater and Zeitwerk Decimal Strike, its automatic beeping device makes full use of the relevant power. Now, the sounding device in this new model is through two gongs of different tones, from the beginning of an hour to the next hour, hourly and every ten minutes. In the face plate part, two hammers on one side are made of polished stainless steel, and the hammer bridge is decorated with Tremblage carving process. The left hammer hits the bass reed every hour. The hammer on the right emits a treble every ten minutes or every time a ten-minute period begins.

Lange L043.7 hand-wound movement

In addition, as mentioned in the introduction, Zeitwerk Decimal Strike’s large, precise word jump display is clear and easy to read. Every one minute, the single digit dial advances by one space, which is not bad. The patented constant-power escapement, located between the main barrel and the travelling train, provides continuous power for the entire operation. This system also ensures that the balance wheel can be driven by constant energy throughout the entire power reserve. Every time the ten-digit dial advances, it will emit a high tone, and step into another hour, it will emit a low tone. At this time, the three digital dials will jump into one division simultaneously. Not only that, the wearer can also choose to turn off the beeping device. When the handle at 4 o’clock is pressed, the hammer will deviate from the gong. But this happens when the crown is set.

18K honey gold material / L043.7 manual winding movement

Limited to 100 Zeitwerk Decimal Strike, its 44.2 mm diameter case is made of Lange’s exclusive 18K honey-colored gold and is equipped with a L043.7 hand-wound movement with a power reserve of 36 hours. Other classic Lange elements include 3/4 splints made of untreated German silver with Glashütte diamonds, hand-engraved balance splints, and cam-fixed balances with free-swinging self-made hairsprings.