Welcome The ‘her Era’ Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award To Witness The Rapid Rise Of Female Entrepreneurship

July 2015-Recently, the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ announced the list of finalists for the 2015 finals. Jeni Saeyang from Mainland China was successfully selected. This is the second time that female entrepreneurs in mainland China have been promoted after Chinese players won the award in the Asia Pacific region in 2011. There is also a group of players from Taiwan in the Asia-Pacific region of the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ for the final.

Chen Wenyi (Jeni Saeyang)

  This year’s ‘Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ attracted more than 1,700 entrepreneurial projects from more than 100 countries and regions. Most of these commercial projects balance the promotion of local economic development and the creation of positive social benefits. Eco & More, a lifestyle brand created by Chinese finalist Jeni Saeyang, is based in China and produces plant-derived, biodegradable household and personal care products, thereby avoiding chemical components passing through The drainage system pollutes the natural water system. These entrepreneurial projects embody the ‘Cartier Lings surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ for in-depth thinking on contemporary socio-economic and ecological balance, and thereby show the world’s efforts and contributions to women’s future social development.
The global ‘her era’ is quietly coming
  In recent years, women’s entrepreneurship has been regarded as an important way to get rid of women’s poverty, improve women’s status, ease employment pressure, and achieve economic development and social progress. Governments around the world are very concerned about the development of women’s entrepreneurship and have adopted different measures to promote women’s entrepreneurship.

 According to the analysis data of the ‘Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’, compared with the female entrepreneurs who registered online in 2007, the growth rate of the number of participants in 2015 was 372.2%, and the country of origin also increased by approximately 47.1%. In addition, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) also shows that 126 million women are starting or running their own startups, and 98 million women entrepreneurs are running established businesses. It is not difficult to see that the era of global women’s entrepreneurship is coming.
  Generally speaking, entrepreneurial motivation can be roughly divided into survival type and opportunity type. The former is an inevitable choice under the pressure of survival, while the latter is to seek better opportunities for developing a career. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Observation Project’s 2014 annual report, the proportion of opportunities among female entrepreneurs has shown an upward trend, which means that the employment opportunities and product innovations contributed by female entrepreneurs will explode with huge growth potential. The research data also show that 90% of women have achieved success in one year, far exceeding the male entrepreneurs of the same period, indicating that women have certain advantages in entrepreneurship, such as strong risk aversion awareness and prudent business operation decisions.

The booming development of Chinese women’s entrepreneurship
  With the global ‘her era’ boom, women’s entrepreneurship in China has also shown a rapid rise in the past 10 years. In 2014, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in China reached 14.18%, an increase of 22.24% compared to 2005. The data of the ‘Cartier Lings Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ also confirmed this phenomenon. Among them, China registered in 2015 The number of participants is even 250% higher than in 2013. Statistics show that Chinese women have made qualitative breakthroughs from entrepreneurs’ own qualities to entrepreneurial models, showing a good development trend.
  Entrepreneurs tend to be younger: Female entrepreneurs in China have transitioned from the early age group of 40 to 50 to the main force of young people aged 25 to 35. The average education level has also increased significantly and is slightly higher than that of men. By. The active subjects of these young entrepreneurs are post-80s, but post-90s are also a force that cannot be ignored. The survey showed that 31.1% of the post-90s interviewed believed that they would have a willingness to start a business within the next three years and fearless failure.

  Entrepreneurial orientation of lifestyle and ecological protection: Since most women show emotional emotional thinking patterns, most of their entrepreneurship is concentrated in the field of lifestyle, which not only has a strong humanistic atmosphere, but also strives to improve the quality of life. In 2015, China’s “Cartier Lings surging Female Entrepreneur Award” application project showed that education has become the industry that attracted the most attention, accounting for 22.75%, while accounting for 11.76% of e-commerce retail and living. The supplies industry is close behind. In addition, ecological protection is also a major source of motivation for women’s entrepreneurship. In 2011, the winner in the Asia-Pacific region, Chen Chunhong, advocated a refreshing concept of ‘a glass of water toilet’ and brought a new attempt to save water; this year’s mainland Chinese player Jeni Saeyang founded Eco & More ) Committed to building China’s premier ecological and environmental protection brand, and the daily life and personal products it manufactures are contributing to solving the problem of water pollution.
  The Internet enables a new entrepreneurial platform: The rapid development of the Internet has gradually shifted the form of entrepreneurship from offline to online platforms, expanding new ideas for women’s entrepreneurship. Alibaba Group’s “Women Entrepreneur Report” recently released analysis shows that compared to the phenomenon of male dominance in traditional model entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs have been supported by the Internet (especially online shopping platforms). half of the sky. The reason is that the lowering of the threshold for entrepreneurship has significantly highlighted the comparative advantages of women’s entrepreneurship, and with the growth of platform users, the structure of female entrepreneurs has become increasingly mature.

  The ‘Cartier Lingshuang Female Entrepreneur Award’ originated in 2006 and was co-founded by Cartier in collaboration with the World Women’s Forum, INSEAD International Business School and McKinsey & Company. As a global entrepreneurial incentive award, the professionalism and influence of the ‘Cartier Lings surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ has attracted more and more attention from entrepreneurial women. Very extensive.
  The final winners of the 2015 Cartiers Lingshui Women Entrepreneurs Awards will be announced in October this year. Please look forward to the outstanding performance of this year’s Chinese players. Platform: www.cartierwomensinitiative.com.

Raymond Weil Announces Cooperation With Artist Cottage

Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Raymond Weil announces that its partner artist cabin, the most famous artist cabin, presents the most fun artistic watches, inspired by the art music platform, and performing artists with extraordinary professionalism Holding a series of TV concerts in a non-traditional music scene further strengthened his professional attitude towards music. Raymond Weil has partnered with artists’ cabins around the world to prepare for the forthcoming seventh season: the 2014 competition.

 Since the launch of the event, Artist Cabin has become an international nominee for three New York Emmy nominees on American Public Television. The artist cabin display is unique in that they only invite guests to the free artist cabin, and randomly select viewers from the machine list.

 ‘We are excited to join the Artist Cabin series, not only preparing them for a unique way of celebrating, but also planning the venue for the artist’s performance. The audience won the votes, and each holder has his own opinion. The overall feeling of attending the unique venue It really underscores the splendor behind the artist’s cottage series. Can’t wait and share it with our music fans and watch fans. ‘-Ellie Bernheim said.

 The brand celebrates a particularly strong artistic accomplishment with Sheryl Crow, its ninth and 9th Grammy winner, on September 9th at New York Fashion Week on September 9th with New York Fashion Week. During the recording, he himself lived in the artist’s cabin. On the eve of her new album release, coming to the art cabin felt like going home. Sheryl Crow’s magnificent Grand Ballroom invited 600 audiences to have a close contact with the singer. From this, it is also very congratulatory to launch the new watch of Raymond Weil.

 ‘We are honored to welcome the Raymond Weil Artist Cabin to live and to wish everyone in our world a constant passion for music. Raymond Weil Art Cottage’s growing influence around the world has also made Raymond Weil The world’s influence is growing. Its cooperation with the Art House is not only commercial, but also to convey world-class good music and art works.

 The Watch House learned that Raymond Weil’s official said: Sheryl Crow won a lot of applause during the performance. During the TV broadcast, sponsor Raymond Weil will also insert its own ads to win in this way. More appeal and buyers is a very proud and happy thing.

Certina Continues Its Partnership With Sauber F1 Team

The cooperation between Certina and Swiss Sauber F1 team started in 2005 and has now entered its 9th year. The Certina logo will appear on the windshield of the racing side box and on the helmets of two drivers Nico Hülkenberg (Germany) and Esteban Gutie ́rrez (Mexico). Certina will also provide sports watches for the entire team.

Certina DS PODIUM GMT Sauber F1 Team Limited Edition

Certina President Adrian Bosshard confirmed: ‘After 8 years of working with the Sauber F1 team, we look forward to continuing to take advantage of this dynamic and innovative platform provided by Formula 1, the team’s professional approach and The typical Swiss values ​​are a natural match for our brand, and they are in perfect harmony. ‘
Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of the Sauber F1 team, said: ‘Certina has always been committed to cutting-edge technology research, and we are in harmony with this. Since 2005, we have been united by this long-term partnership. With one heart, they share common values, such as innovation and efficiency. Behind the progress and improvement of the Sauber F1 team, Certina has made a great contribution. ‘

Introduction To The Breguet Nautical Series 5837 White Gold Watch

When Breguet launched this Marine Tourbillon Watch 5837 in 2007, it was the first watch with a silicon escapement movement. Not only the balance spring, but also the escapement wheel and fork lever are made of silicon. The tourbillon base is made of titanium. The reason for using this highly innovative material is that these materials can get a lighter tourbillon, so it also has better shock resistance, non-magnetic, and because it requires no lubrication, it is easier to adjust.

 Now at Baselworld 2011, Breguet has added 950 platinum to the original rose gold model. In addition to the new precious metal material as the case, the dial with a water wave pattern is made of gold with silver plating and platinum coating, and all are carved manually by an old-fashioned engraving machine according to the tradition of Breguet.

 The watch is equipped with a cal. 554.4 manual winding chronograph movement. The 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and the chronograph second hand in the center. The tourbillon mechanism is located at 12 o’clock. Movement diameter 12 law minutes, 28 stone. Provides a 50-hour power reserve at a frequency of 21600vph. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Interpretation Of The Fifties Of The Fifties Of The 1950s, Treasure Qilai Heritage Series New Product Appreciation

Many watch enthusiasts like retro-designed models. The retro aesthetic has a unique style. At this year’s Basel watch fair, the dual-disc chronograph with the heritage series of calendars launched by Bucherer is in line with the tastes of those who like retro watches. This year’s annual calendar double disc chronograph (HeritageBiCompaxAnnual) reproduces the aesthetic charm of the 1950s, but also blends contemporary fashion sense, reinterpreting classics in a contemporary style. There are two watches in the Bucherer Heritage line of calendars with two dials. One is made of stainless steel with a silver dial. The other is made of 18K rose gold with stainless steel and a champagne gold dial. The next thing we want to admire is one of these rose gold and stainless steel watches. (Watch model: 00.10803.07.42.01)

  In the 1950s, Bucherer introduced a chronograph. This chronograph has a 34 mm case and is equipped with slender chronograph buttons. The two timers on the dial also adopt a symmetrical layout, which is timeless and dynamic. This year’s watchmaker from Bucherer draws inspiration from the chronographs in the archives and launches this year’s heritage series of annual calendar double disc chronographs.

Watch real shot


  The outline of the new Bucherer case bears the classic of the year, but the size has been increased to 41 mm. The case is made of 18K rose gold with stainless steel, the sides are brushed, and the bezel is polished with a polishing process, showing an elegant style.

  The crown on the side of the case is also made of 18K rose gold, which is in line with the gorgeous Baroque style of Lucerne. The crown is engraved with the classic LOGO logo, and the surrounding is designed with non-slip texture for easy grip. On both sides of the crown are timing buttons that can be used to control the timing device.

  The champagne gold dial and rose gold bezel complement each other, highlighting the brand’s aesthetic style. The dual time dial display layout and the words of the speedometer are taken from the original version. Bao Qilai combines the new and old aesthetics perfectly to bring us a new visual effect. The chronograph dials arranged at 3 and 9 o’clock are decorated with a snail pattern, a large calendar window is set at 12 o’clock, and a month display window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock. The black Roman numerals and hands are very clear on the champagne gold dial. The strong contrast between the two can bring better visual effects and is easy to read time.

  The watch is equipped with a Cognac brown calfskin strap, matching the color of the watch, in an elegant style.

  The movement is equipped with a CFB1972 automatic winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Summary: This year’s heritage series of double calendar chronographs launched by Bucherer this year presents the classic style of the 1950s once again with the unique aesthetic concept of the brand. Retro design and modernity blend in this heritage series of annual calendar double-disc chronographs, and harmony is distinctive. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Happy Hearts Pendant For Women With A Loving Heart

[Jewelry House 2019 Basel Exhibition] ‘Heart-shaped’ is gentle and amiable, playful, gorgeous, classic and timeless, exudes a sense of joy, symbolizes infinite vitality, and jumps in Chopard’s works Endlessly. Chopard uses heart-shaped elements to launch two unprecedented 18K rose gold and mother-of-pearl cocktail pendants for the classic Happy Hearts collection, as a new lucky charm, dedicated to women with a heart of love.

New heart-shaped gift

Chopard Happy Hearts Pendant

Over the years, the Happy Hearts collection has long been a hallmark of Chopard jewellery and exudes charm with colorful hearts and hearts set with swirling diamonds. Two magnificent new 18K rose gold cocktail pendants are embellished with mother-of-pearl hearts of different sizes.

Chopard Happy Hearts Pendant

In the meantime, a small heart-shaped swirling diamond, swirling between two layers of sapphire crystal glass, embodies the Happy Diamonds design concept born in the Chopard brand in 1976. The swirling diamond dances endlessly, symbolizing the joy of life, and also in line with the value of generosity and kindness. It excites each woman’s deepest emotion and makes them love at first sight. This glamorous pendant is painted in iridescent mother-of-pearl and comes in two different sizes that add fun to the wearer’s cocktail party look and are also suitable for stylish, casual everyday wear.

Swept The Internet Five Most Popular New Works Of Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2017

Baselworld 2017 has come to an end. Watchmaking brands look back at history and look to the future to welcome this exciting year for fine watchmaking. 2016 is undoubtedly a difficult year, and watchmaking brands can now return to reality and listen to consumers.
   The industry trends presented by the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show and the Geneva International High-level Watch Salon (SIHH) are almost mirror images of each other, with several key elements being particularly prominent. Retro is probably the biggest one, and this trend has been going on for some time. For a long time, rare and rare antique watches have attracted much attention and are expensive. But recently the brand has been working hard to redesign and relaunch classic watches, usually in the name of an anniversary or special event. Omega’s 1957 trilogy released in Basel this year is a good example.
   Different from some brands’ current passion for retro, some brands have accelerated the process of smart watches in Basel this year. Representative products include Montblanc Summit smart watches, and of course, Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watches.
   In this article, we will search for the most talked about new products released this year in Basel. Find out how many people are talking about each new product by influencer and two other categories, tracking social media and online media (including blogs). The influencer category includes more than 2,000 luxury and watch bloggers and bloggers, while other categories cover every online mention.
TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch
Mentions: 1819, 21 from influencers

   The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch is a true innovation in the field of fine watchmaking. This watch attracts lovers of different tastes, and at the same time provides the best choice for traditional old school and new time representative fans.

   From lugs and bezels to dials and straps, this watch can be completely customized. Users can also change the core module of the watch from a smart watch to a mechanical watch to perfectly adapt to various occasions.
   This watch is also the first smart watch with a ‘Made in Switzerland’ label. It is also waterproof to 50 meters, making it a must-have companion for home travel. Since its launch, the watch has been warmly welcomed by watch fans around the world.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II
Mentions: 866, 17 from influencers

   The classic regatta chronograph watch has been improved to present a new look. The rectangular and triangular hour markers are set at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively. The top of the hour hand is also decorated with a fluorescent disc. The watch combines sophisticated technology but is easy to operate. And read clearly.

   This mechanical tool watch is a true classic, which can be perfectly matched with the user’s dress, whether it is a dignified three-piece suit or casual clothes rowing on the Thames, it is equally generous and decent.
   Rolex is one of the most respected brands in the fine watchmaking industry, and the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master watch is the classic of the brand. It is not surprising that this watch can cause a sensation on the Internet.
Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Edition Tourbillon Chronograph
Mentions: 822, 17 from influencers

   In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, Hublot has established a perfect cooperation relationship with the super sports car brand and designed and created the Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Edition Tourbillon Chronograph.

   This black-panel masterpiece uses the same approach to designing cars as the Ferrari Design Center, and integrates Hublot’s watchmaking expertise, the result of a unique and deep collaboration between car designers and fine watchmakers.
   Techframe Ferrari 70th Anniversary Edition Tourbillon Chronograph is limited to 70 pieces. It is not only an exquisite watch but also a collectible treasure, while satisfying the needs of fine watch lovers and ashes fans.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
Mentions: 665, 23 from influencers

   It is not surprising that a new version of the world’s most collectible watch has launched a new version, and then led the Internet.

   The new Oysterflex bracelet and black Cerachrom bezel add a modern and innovative element to this classic. Perfecting design through innovation can satisfy classic lovers and attract new consumers, killing two birds with one stone.
   History, innovative technology and stylish aesthetics are combined to create this masterpiece of timepiece. This watch is now popular on the Internet and will certainly become a classic in the future.
Bvlgari 41mm Octo Finissimo Automatic
Mentions: 643, 17 from influencers

   Bvlgari breaks another record and for the third time creates the world’s thinnest self-winding watch. Breaking world records and creating exquisite formal watches, Bulgari is quickly becoming a giant in the fine watchmaking industry.

   Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the brand, said: ‘In the past ten years, the expectations of high-end customers have changed from majestic watches to sophisticated timepieces. These world records have helped to deeply shape Bulgari’s image and enhance the brand’s perceived value , They make Bulgari one of the best watchmakers in the world. ‘
   Refinement and complexity are very important, because not everyone wants to show off a huge gold watch with diamonds, which has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, people prefer the ultra-lightweight design, which can be hidden and displayed, and can be freely retracted.

Beauty Of Hollow Machinery Blancpain Villeret Series 8th Power Reserve Hollow Watch

Blancpain Villeret series 8th power reserve hollow watch, using three techniques of hollowing, chamfering and engraving, to create a harmonious layout and transparent aesthetics inside the movement. In the process of hollowing out, watchmakers have always been adhering to the spirit of exploration, striving to achieve the perfect balance of solid shape and smooth operation.

  In order to achieve pleasing visual effects, the masters need to use different traditional watchmaking tools, after dozens of hours of uninterrupted filing and chamfering, to polish the movement into an extremely thin and long shape. The arched structure of the forming movement highlights the meticulousness and rigor of this process, revealing the delicate and complicated internal corner carving process.

  The engraver follows the splendid tradition of fine watchmaking and decorates the bridge and the main splint with scroll patterns, perfectly highlighting the arc curves of the barrel, case and bridge, giving the finishing touch to the harmonious beauty of the movement. The entire surface of the movement, and even the thinnest small parts, are carefully carved by hand to show the cutting-edge craftsmanship.

Blancpain Villeret 8-Day Power Reserve Skeleton
Case: 38 mm diameter, 9.08 mm thickness
Ultra-thin, platinum
Movement: Calibre 1333SQ manual winding
Hand-decorated and engraved
Power reserve: 192 hours
Function: Hours, Minutes and Seconds Reference Price: 517,500 yuan RMB

What To Give For Valentine’s Day Watches Will Be A Good Choice

It’s another Valentine’s Day. Look at him who is by his side, and think about the years that have gone hand in hand. Whether he was happy or sad, he was with him, and he was happy. Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Do you want to prepare any gifts for your blue friends? A girl who has a plan but does not choose a direction can consider a watch, because men generally have a natural love for watches. Choose a watch that suits his temperament, let him wear it on Valentine’s Day, and record the next Sweet time, let him miss you all the time!

Tudor Kai Cheng M79250BM-0001 watch

Watch price: RMB28,500
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: bronze
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: 22,850
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 12.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 21,200
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Watch thickness: 13.8 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: ball / 1453 /
Watch Comments: Mature and stylish watches, I believe many men are more yearning. If your boyfriend is in this style, then consider this Bol watch. Continuing the brand’s accurate timekeeping features, the large hour markers have a luminous part, which is easy to read in darker environments. The comfortable dark brown leather strap and the black dial complement each other, giving this watch a calmer charm. The sunny shape of the 46mm stainless steel case makes him more tough and atmospheric.
Summary: Time flies so fast and it’s a new Valentine’s Day. In this day of sweet love, choose a watch for him, express the most sincere blessing in his heart, record a common sweet time, and live up to Shaohua’s age.

Appreciation Of The Most Famous Moon Phase Function Watch In Blancpain History

In 2015, Blancpain, the top Swiss watch brand born in 1735, should be regarded as a special year. This year is exactly the 280th birthday of this brand. In the past three centuries, the human world has gone through countless changes, and China has also moved from the Qianlong dynasty to a prosperous, strong and democratic socialist country. The only constant is that Blancpain has always insisted on making only top-class traditional mechanical clocks.

   In the world of traditional mechanical clocks, the function of the moon phase, which can counteract the change of the moon’s shade, has always existed in a relatively special position. First of all, the moon phase is not a necessary function of clocks. ), It is not a very complicated function at the same time, but you will find that as long as there are more watches, most brands like to add this function. The reason is that the moon phase function is the most intriguing, best-looking and easiest to match with other functions, especially for those multifunctional and complicated watches. With the moon phase function, you may think that there is nothing, but If you don’t have it, you will immediately notice that something seems to be missing, and the feeling of emptyness will become stronger!

   Therefore, I said that the moon phase function is definitely the first gold supporting role in the clock and watch industry. As a golden supporting role, it is necessary to show color. Therefore, while the major watch brands continue to improve the accuracy of the moon phase function, they do not forget to add this. Functions are becoming more and more beautiful; more and more creative; more and more beloved. But when it comes to the brand that is most willing to think about this feature, Blancpain is undoubtedly the most powerful. Blancpain has not only popularized this feature into every watch series, but also different years, different series, different functions, The facial expressions of ‘Sister Moon’ on the moon phase tables of different genders are all different. Below we have selected eight Blancpain’s most representative moon phases for your appreciation.
Blancpain Classic Full Moon Phase Watch

   This classic full-calendar moon phase watch launched by Blancpain in 1983 was an extremely important revival for Blancpain, because Blancpain had just experienced it at the time, and it had a significant impact on all traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking industries. Deadly Destroyed Quartz Storm. The end result of this revolution is that mechanical watches are destined to end in a price war. Eventually in the early 1980s, Blancpain discovered ways to overcome the challenges faced by the mechanical watchmaking industry. The reason why Swiss watchmaking can be called Swiss watchmaking is because it has its own tradition, so the Swiss watch industry must have its own tradition to have a future. Eventually, Blancpain did the opposite and started The table is made more complicated.

  So there was this full-calendar moon phase watch equipped with a 6395 movement, and it was the first moon-phase watch to enter the market. This watch once again returned to the complete full-calendar moon phase complex design. The month and week are displayed in a separate window, and the pointer calendar makes all information clear and easy to read. The smiling moon phase window on the moon reminds people of the exquisiteness and delicateness of traditional mechanical watchmaking.
Blancpain ‘1735’ ultra-complex watch

   ‘1735’ is both the year in which Blancpain was born and the name of a legendary watch in its history. This Blancpain’s most famous high-complexity model was born in 1991. This watch combines ultra-thin, moon phase , Perpetual calendar, tourbillon, dual chase, and three questions, four of which are also ultra-complex functions. Its appearance can be said to have laid a solid foundation for Blancpain in the field of super-complex watches. Other complicated functions are not so complicated, but it is the finishing touch for the entire watch! Because Blancpain’s workshop has only two master watchmakers who have mastered this unique skill, if one master is on vacation, delivery will be delayed. Therefore, its annual output is only two, and it is limited to only 30. If you want to find the trace of this god watch today, I am afraid that I can only go to the safes of those 30 collectors!
Blancpain Concept 2001 Full Moon Phase Half Hunting Watch

   Blancpain’s moon phase watch with a round hole cover is a concept watch, but it is Blancpain’s most interesting and storytelling moon phase watch. The reason for adopting this design is to draw attention back to the Battle of Waterloo that took place in the 19th century, when the two armies were entrenched at a distance of 20 kilometers from Brussels. The leader was Napoleon and the other was Wellington. . Because the situation on the battlefield changes rapidly, from time to time, opening the cover of the hunting pocket watch and seeing the time may be the only thing the two generals have in common. Because the cover protects the fragile mirror, opening the cover to watch the time is inevitable.

   But one day, Napoleon finally got bored with this switching action. When he couldn’t bear it, he finally waved the sword in his hand and cut the top of the hunting pocket watch to the ground. As an officer of the Napoleon army at the time happened to be an employee of Mr. Louis Blancpain, Blancpain introduced this exciting history, ushered in the new millennium, and expressed his recognition of Napoleon’s great tradition of breaking through tradition. This limited edition ‘Concept 2001’ hunting watch. This watch follows the look of a hunting pocket watch with a double protective cover design. However, unlike a hunting pocket watch, Blancpain has a round hole in the front cover that is just the right size, so even if you do n’t open the other, You can also read the time, month and week clearly, and of course you can see the beautiful moon phase! If the hole had existed then, Napoleon would not have to cut off the cover.
Blancpain L-evolution series eight-day long-power full-calendar moon phase watch

   The L-evolution series is Blancpain’s latest series. It was born in 2009. It is not difficult to see from the name. The evolution of the Leman series, once the exaggerated fonts and the scattered dial are launched, it will give people a powerful visual impact. This series can be said to be a breakthrough in the modern design style of the ancient brand Blancpain. And how to perfectly integrate the traditional function of the moon phase with such a modern watch? Blancpain once again started to write articles on the moon’s expression. Through careful observation, you will find that Blancpain will design different expressions according to the style of the watch, and this moon phase expression is obviously younger since the two. The eyes are similar to the shape of a full moon and look bright and vibrant, while the upturned eyebrows and resolute lips are seamlessly matched with the modern style that this watch wants to express!
Blancpain Villeret Collection Modern Retro Concealed Full Moon Phase Half Hunting Watch

   The ‘Concept 2001’ mentioned earlier is a full hunting watch, and this one is a half hunting watch. The so-called half hunting watch is to remove the front cover and leave only the back. I personally like the semi-hunting watch, because this watch can not only appreciate the beauty of the movement, but also feel the satisfaction of the precious metal back cover affixed to the wrist. Grand view!

   This watch was born in 2010 and coincides with the 275th anniversary of the birth of the Blancpain brand. This year, Blancpain modified the Villeret series. Not only is it equipped with a safe and reliable date protection system and Blancpain’s original hidden adjustment system. In addition, the scale and hands have been fine-tuned, especially the moon phase. Compared with the old 6263, the expression has become more agile and refreshed!
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Full Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph

   Whether or not you agree that the sports watch should have the moon phase function, Blancpain is added. But think about it, a sports watch can have so many functions and can indeed cope with more occasions, and Blancpain dare to install so many adjustment mechanisms on a diving watch, it also shows that Blancpain is in the field of waterproofing If you take a closer look at the expression of the moon phase, it is totally a scornful attitude, as if you are saying, ‘I can’t make any mistakes in the depth of the sea.’
Blancpain Women’s Eccentric Date Retrograde Women’s Moon Phase Watch

   Having said so many men’s watches, Blancpain’s women’s moon phase watches are equally outstanding, especially this retrograde moon phase women’s watch launched in 2012. Compared with Blancpain’s previous women’s watches, this watch has a huge surge. The entire dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The most watched timepiece function in the past has been placed as a subordinate at 6 o’clock this time. At 12 o’clock, the most noticeable position is completely occupied by the moon phase and retrograde date. At the same time, the expression of the moon also reveals a kind of feminine beauty. Such a bold design, its strong visual impact will make women remember at first sight! For women, beauty is always the first. On the surface, this women’s watch is just an adjustment of the functional area. In fact, Blancpain now really understands women more and more!
Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar

   As the last watch in this article, you must choose a god watch. Looking at all the Chinese element watches in the world, only this Chinese calendar from Blancpain is really made for us Chinese. , Because the Chinese elements of this watch have completely separated from the flashy on the surface, but are firmly rooted in the inner core, realizing China’s most traditional lunar calendar year on the watch. I believe that every Chinese will have a special affinity for this watch when they see the familiar hours, zodiac signs, five elements, heavenly stems, and earthly branches on the watch.

   In addition to the lunar calendar, Chinese people also have a special preference for the moon, so Blancpain specially designed a new moon expression for this watch. Slightly straight eyebrows and smiling eyes reflect the atmosphere and tolerance of Chinese civilization. This watch has platinum and red gold. Two materials, but only the platinum crown is inlaid with rubies, and because the platinum version is limited to 20 pieces per year, only the platinum version will be engraved with the zodiac pattern on the rotor, although the first 20 The Chenlong Chronograph can no longer be found, but we are looking forward to the watches launched by Blancpain of the Renchen Dragon Year 60!
   Summary: Whether it is the allusion to Chang’e to the moon, the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizing reunion, or the tradition of the Chinese calendar to use the lunar calendar, China seems to have a special preference for the moon. The distance between the clock and China is close. In short, if you want to have a moon phase watch, Blancpain is undoubtedly the most correct choice! (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)