Casio Develops Tough Movement With Integrated Led

Fully automatic winding watch? Still flicking your wrist to keep your watch working? Hehe, you are really out of date. Casio is planning to shock a few watch enthusiasts with their latest Tough Movement movement. This magical movement tailored for the Oceanus and G-Shock series watches ‘integrated a high-strength impact-resistant structure and LED pointer correction function’. At the 55th minute of each hour, the watch will receive signals from six transmitting stations around the world to correct the time. Even if the watch is stationary, it will automatically adjust the settings to ensure that the minutes are not bad. According to reports, the first watch model to use this technology will be the GS-1200, which is expected to be available in Japan this September, priced at 42,000 yen (390 US dollars, about 2700 yuan).

Vacheron Constantin’s New Métiers D’ Art ‘city Of Light’ Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s new Métiers d’ Art Master Villes Lumières watch, we invite you to overlook the beautiful night scene of the metropolis together, reflecting unique creativity. The dial is based on dark enamel, and a variety of precious powders are used flexibly to present the dazzling bird’s eye view of the metropolis in a micro-painting form. The traditional large open flame enamel combined with the precious powder craftsmanship demonstrates a pioneering work in fine watchmaking. These eye-catching, realistic and exquisite designs, the timepieces certified by the Geneva Seal have opened up a whole new field of art and creation, and continued traditional techniques through novel ideas.

The brand combines two extraordinary techniques to create a dazzling dream: the glazed infill enamel is a technique handed down by Vacheron Constantin’s craftsmen for nearly three centuries; and the hand-embellished precious powder is the Japanese guest artist Yoko Imai (Yoko Imai). This is also the first time the technique has been applied to a dial. It is embossed on gold, pearl, platinum, and diamond powder one by one, showing an amazing luster. Through extremely elaborate design, these bright flash points outline a vast and magnificent urban landscape. Shows the agility of streets, rivers and well-known landmarks. The Métiers d’ Art master series Villes Lumières watches are engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark, equipped with mechanical movements developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The refined finishing process is in the same vein as traditional fine watchmaking techniques. The first three models in the series showcase charming night scenes in Geneva, Paris and New York. Subsequently, the brand will also launch other city versions.

Continuous innovation in arts and crafts
The Métiers d’ Art Master Villes Lumières watch continues the century-old tradition of Vacheron Constantin. In 1755, the first model launched by the brand’s founder Jean-Marc Vacheron used a delicate hand-carved vine pattern. Since then, for nearly three hundred years, jewelry inlayers, enamel painters, machine engravers and engravers have continued to develop and inherit these rare and rare professional skills. Time is still there, and after years of continuous innovation, the use of their talents has given the watchmaking art masterpieces vigor. These decorative techniques complement each other and blend a variety of arts and crafts, often combined with other little-known or stunning arts, such as painted, Japanese dill painting, gem carving, or filigree gemstones, presenting a creative dial. While continuing the traditional characteristics, the Métiers d’ Art Master Series Villes Lumières watch also opened the door for Vacheron Constantin to explore new, contemporary and innovative arts and crafts.
Overlooking the night scene
Vacheron Constantin shows the dazzling charm of these artistic metropolises by depicting the beautiful night. The unique precious powder embellishment process not only increases its agility, but also enhances the dial pattern to enhance the contrast between light and dark, forming a high and low effect visually, and presenting the outline and emotion of the city in detail. The micro-painting surface created by Imai Yoko truly reproduces the different ‘light drawings’ of these cities. The spotlight not only reflects the changes in the streets, but even the landscape of traffic flow becomes more vivid! In order to present the real scene of the city, these exquisite and detailed works need to be completed through weeks of research and creative attempts.

Great Fire Enamel
On each dial, the master of Vacheron Constantin enamel first painted the shapes of streets, gardens and rivers using the technique of filling enamel with a large fire. According to the selected contour, the corresponding part of the gold dial is manually excavated, and then filled with multiple layers of translucent colored enamel. With each layer of enamel glaze, the dial is fired up to 850 ° C. These crucial and delicate steps need to be fully grasped through intuition and years of strict standardization practice. The powdered glass and colored glaze oxide are roasted and melted, and then cooled to vitrify-the largest of which The challenge is cracks and flaws. Nevertheless, the enamel master who created the Métiers d’ Art Master Series of the City of Lights Villes Lumières bravely accepted the challenge and used the contrast between light and dark between translucent to dark to reproduce the extraordinary night scene atmosphere.
Bright light
Vacheron Constantin invited Japanese artist Yoko Imai to combine her art with the craftsmanship of the brand’s enamel craftsman. After training by a well-known Japanese master, she has created her own unique technique: calligraphy paintings inspired by precious powder on canvas. For Vacheron Constantin, this is the first time she has applied this technique to an enamel dial, creating a charming contrast between light and dark effects. In order to be able to realistically present the light of the city, she needs to use her dexterous hands, tough focus and unique sensitivity.

The precious powder embellishment technique borrows the basic principles of calligraphy art: the pursuit of balance and purity. Using a fine needle, use a unique technique that has not been disclosed so far to embellish the powder particles one by one. Adding the charm of light effects to the entire painting is a very difficult task: each stroke needs to be filled to the corresponding position perfectly, and no free play or excessive decoration is allowed.
Choose according to the size and gloss of each powder, and then carefully observe different light changes at different angles to ensure that the brightness of the dial is increased without affecting the realism of the work. First, the fine gold powder is used as the background decoration to make the dial appear bright. Diamonds and platinum powders are then alternately filled to create a charming light and shadow effect, and finally decorated with pearl sequins. Just by adjusting its direction and size, the different luster they present can make the dial appear unique and warm. On the enamel dial, between the raised gold ridges and shining in tens of thousands of light points. These unique and precious powders have different reflective brightnesses, which are echoed against each other against the backdrop of dark and large open flame enamel. The contrast in the center of the dial is the strongest and gradually softens towards the outer circle of the dial.
Handcrafted for more than three months, combined with a variety of arts and crafts, making each dial unique. A timepiece display box is equipped with a magnifying glass to admire the fine details of this craft.
Ambilight Geneva, Paris and New York

This bird’s-eye view tour started in Geneva, the cradle of precious watchmaking technology, and is also famous for the enamel micropainting. The St-Gervais area in the city center is the birthplace of Vacheron Constantin. Here It is also home to the Attic Artisan Workshop.

The second is Paris. This veritable ‘City of Light’ is not only a place that artists, philosophers, writers, and painters yearn for, but also world-renowned for its unparalleled elegance. Overlooking the capital this time, it displays its famous landmarks, such as Charles de Gaulle, Champs-Elysées, the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower, which is famous for its light effects. It truly shows its gorgeous light through gold carvings.

Finally, New York, where everything is possible in this sleepless city that symbolizes dreams and vitality. Use this precious powder embellishment technology to draw the scene to the highest point as much as possible, and push this process to the extreme. Stretching in the enamel of the big fire, tens of thousands of precious glittering points vividly outline the night scenes of Manhattan’s Central Park, the Hudson River and Brooklyn.

Professional watchmaking skills
The Métiers d’ Art Master Series Villes Lumières watches are engraved with the Geneva Seal and certified by an independent neutral body, which guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the timepiece. Vacheron Constantin 2460 SC self-winding mechanical movement powers the hours, minutes and seconds display. Through the transparent case back, you can admire the 22K gold rotor with the brand’s signature Maltese cross decoration. Whether visible or not, all parts are manufactured using advanced watchmaking techniques such as chamfering, round graining, and polishing. The precious white gold case protects the movement.
The Métiers d’ Art Master Collection of the Villes Lumières watch collection combines watchmaking skills with artistic creation, embodying Vacheron Constantin’s purest tradition. The exquisite dial, like a detailed micro-pattern, shows the original style of these fascinating cities and watchmaking arts, and is constantly inspiring and innovative.

Master of Art Series Light City Technical Specifications
Geneva-Certified Timepiece
Available only at Vacheron Constantin stores
Model: 86222 / 000G-B101-Geneva; 86222 / 000G-B104-Paris; 86222 / 000G-B105-New York
Movement: 2460 SC Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures self-winding mechanical movement with a diameter of 26.2 mm (11 ”1/4 legal minutes); a thickness of 3.6 mm; a power reserve of about 40 hours; a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour) ); 182 parts; 27 gems
Display functions: hours, minutes, and central seconds
Case: 18K white gold; diameter 40 mm, thickness 8.9 mm; transparent sapphire crystal case back; waterproof to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial: 18K gold dial with large fire-filled enamel and translucent enamel, hand-filled with precious gem powder (diamond, pearl) and precious metal powder (gold, platinum)
Strap: Double black Mississippi alligator leather strap, large checkered
Buckle: 18K white gold buckle polished half Maltese cross design
Display box: distinguished
Accessories: with a magnifying glass
* Limited sale number, city name engraved on the back of the timepiece

Exquisite And Timeless Athenian Gold And Golden Moon Jade Bow Watch Tasting

As the world’s top watch, Athens was founded in Switzerland in 1846, and has a history of nearly two centuries. Over the years, every watch manufactured in Athens has adhered to the fine tradition of quality and mechanical innovation. At present, Athens has a series of multi-style watches, which has attracted the attention of many watch lovers. Today I will introduce an Athenian Gold and Gold Moon Moon Jade Bow watch, the official model: 8296-122-2 / 42.

   Athens originally started as a marine clock. The marine clock produced by Athens is the most reliable marine instrument ever made, and it has become a necessary instrument for the navies of more than 50 countries in the world. However, this brand coming out of the ocean does not stop in the field of marine watches. It also focuses on the application of enamel technology to watches, creating elegant artistic watches, and thus has the Athens classico gold watch series.

   This Athenian watch is made for men, with a diameter of 40 mm, and its simple appearance is the best interpretation of gentleman temperament. The round case is made of 18K rose gold, with a single color and soft undertones, highlighting low-key luxury.

   Viewed from the side, the case made of 18K rose gold is elegant, shiny and bright. The uniquely shaped lugs and the case are integrated into the case, which naturally connects with the strap.

   The strap of the watch is made of black leather with clear leather texture and pressure lines on both sides for a more stylish atmosphere. The strap made of cowhide material has good abrasion resistance and very comfortable wearing feeling.

   The crown-free side is perfectly curved, the case carefully polished by the watchmaker sparkles with a dazzling metallic luster, and the individual number of the watch is engraved on the side of the case, which shows the ingenious intention of the watchmaker.

   The design of the watch dial is unique. The black dial has an inherent mystery, and the golden hands are elegant and luxurious. The time scale display is also different. The large Roman numerals at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock become a unique scenery of the dial; the three hands also have their own characteristics, stylish and elegant; the middle is the watch’s moon phase display function, through the gold The disk shows the full profit and loss of the moon phases; at 6 o’clock is the date display window.

   The crown is located at 3 o’clock, and the precise gear pattern brings comfortable feel and perfect visual enjoyment. The top has the Athens brand logo, and the blue as the substrate is more profound and elegant.

   The watch uses a pin buckle, which is also made of 18K rose gold and is engraved with the Athens brand logo, which not only serves as the brand’s imprint, but also plays a perfect embellishment role.

   The bottom case adopts a back-through design. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the movement of the movement can be clearly seen, and the complex workmanship of the movement and the exquisite skills of the watchmaker can be truly felt. The case and movement are engraved with the brand’s LOGO, detailing the fine work of Athens watchmaking.

Summary: Athenian watch is at the forefront of watchmaking technology, setting a precedent. It uses new materials to produce highly accurate movement parts and the most creative wristwatches. This Athenian watch has a unique design. Equipped with an automatic movement, it can meet the needs of elegant gentlemen.

Mysterious Cheetah Shutting Through Cartier World (1)

For Cartier, the cheetah is not a fierce killer hiding in the virgin forest, but a mysterious spirit traveling through Cartier world, whether it is Cartier’s fine jewelry, high-end watches, or Cartier Rich art accessories and fragrance world, there are always mysterious figures of cheetahs inadvertently. She is beautiful, agile, keen, light, sexy, mysterious … not chasable, but she can have it. She was animated by Cartier, and also gave Cartier a mysterious cheetah kingdom.
Lady Cheetah and the Cheetah she created
   Perhaps the relationship between the cheetah and Cartier originated from the rise and prevalence of the art deco trend in the 1920s. The black and white cheetah pattern decorated Cartier’s original inspiration to express the beauty of ArtDeco art. But the person who really raised the cheetah and brought it into Cartier’s world must be Zhen Dusang. Cheetah is not only a spiritual thing that Zhen Dusang loves. It appears on her vanity case and cigarette case, and even appears in Zhen Dusang’s home as a decorative rug. In his jewellery works, more importantly, Zhen Dusan pioneered the three-dimensional presentation of the “cheetah”, instead of being a flat pattern, Zhen Dusan really gave the cheetah vitality and soul.

Lady Cheetah-Jean Dusan
The earliest cheetah element appeared on the watch

Cartier Archives-Cheetah Design Sketches
   Perhaps many people don’t know that today, the mysterious and charming cheetah in Cartier’s fine jewelry world, originally, actually appeared on Cartier’s fine watch. In the 1920s, when Art Deco was a rage, Artdeco classic elements such as black and white art, geometric figures, and radioactive sun patterns began to prevail, while black and white contrasting leopard patterns became Cartier’s most popular expression of art deco Good inspiration originated. In 1914 and 1915, Cartier first presented black and white contrast cheetah patterns with onyx and diamond decoration on two ladies’ watches. This is the earliest relationship between cheetah and Cartier.

Invitations by George Babier in the 1920s
   At the same time, Louis Cartier commissioned illustrator George Barbier to design an invitation card with a theme of “Ladies and Cheetahs”. George Babier uses an elegant style from the late Belle Epoque to portray a young woman in a pleated long dress by Paul Poiret while a cheetah lies on her At the feet.
Zhen Dusan raises cheetah
   The true resurrection of a life requires not only time but also opportunity. It has waited for almost 30 years, from the appearance of cheetahs on Cartier watches with black and white patterns to the real appearance of cheetahs in a complete, vivid and three-dimensional appearance.

Jean Dusan by Baron Adolph de Meyer
   In 1933, Jean Dusan officially entered Cartier as senior jewelry director. Because of her extreme love for cheetahs, she can be found in coats, cosmetic cases, powder cases, and cigarette cases. At the same time, her innate imagination and extreme free and independent character have made her friends and nickname her ‘cheetah Ms’.
   In 1948, a gold cheetah in gold and black spots stood on a 90-carat, convex, round emerald, the first that the legendary female the Duchess of Windsor had purchased from Jean Dusan. Cheetah brooch. This brooch opened a whole new world, and the cheetah finally entered Cartier’s world with a vitality.
Lady Cheetah Continues Cheetah Legend

Cheetah brooch, purchased by the Duchess of Windsor, 1949

   In 1949, Paris, 13 Heping Street, a proud cheetah stood on a convex round sapphire weighing 152.35 carats, inlaid with diamonds and sapphires. That’s right, this is the second cheetah brooch designed by Ms. Jean Dusan for the Duchess of Windsor, a true legend.

Left / Duke of Windsor, Right / Duke of Windsor
    There is no doubt that the cheetah sapphire brooch not only stunning the Duchess of Windsor and her husband, former King Edward VIII of England, but also made Cheetah’s important position in the Cartier world. Later, the Duchess of Windsor also ordered some cheetah jewelry, including the flexible cheetah bracelet, to Jean Dusan.

Cartier Cheetah Collection, a glimpse of the jewellery workshop

Cartier Cheetah Collection, a glimpse of the jewellery workshop
   It is because of Zhen Dusang that Cheetah has its own territory in Cartier’s world and has become a legend. It has continued to this day and is loved and owned by more women. Known as ‘Ms. Cheetah’, Jean Dusan was also awarded the Knight of the French Legion of Honour in 1955 for his creative talents, maverickness and pioneering spirit.
   The mysterious cheetah traveling through Cartier world (2)-let the cheetah watch travel through time with you
  The mysterious cheetah shuttle through Cartier world (3)-Cheetah jewelry that women have to love
  The mysterious cheetah traveling through Cartier world (4)-looking for the secret trace of cheetah

Extraordinary Skills Three Featured Chopard Watches Beijing Henjili Quotes

Recently, the editors of Watch House learned about the sales of relevant watches from the Chopard Store in Financial Street Shopping Center of Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd. Louis Elyss. Chopard founded Chopard in the small village of Sonwei in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland. Chopard specializes in the production of pocket watches and precision timepieces. Chopard’s watchmaking technology is excellent, and enjoys outstanding reputation in gold pocket watches. Today’s Watch House brings you the Beijing quotes of three distinctive Chopard watches.

Chopard L.U.C series 168560-3001 watch


In-store public price: 655,000 (collection time November 2013)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: L.U.C
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44.5 mm
Watch details:

In-store public price: 114,000 (collection time November 2013)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: HappySport
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch details:

In-store public price: 600,000 (collection time November 2013)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: MilleMiglia
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 44 mm
Watch details:

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Dealer Name: Shenzhen Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
Dealer Address: Chopard Shop, 1st Floor, Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: +861066220282

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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’, so if necessary, please contact the dealer in advance. (Picture / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

Wear The Gorgeous Candy Color On Your Hand Taste The Treasure Qilai Plavi Series New Women’s Diving Watch

When a handsome diving watch collides with a sweet candy color, what kind of distinctive diving watch shape will it create? The Bucherer Plavier has replaced the brand-new women’s watch with a candy-like bright rubber strap this year, ranging from fresh sea blue, vibrant palm green, elegant sand pink to bright sunset coral. The colors are fighting against each other, reinterpreting the different styles of diving watches. Bucherer, which began in 1888, has left one milestone after another in the long history of watchmaking. This year’s Plavier brand new deep-dive women’s watches have also given its watchmaking history a powerful pen. (Watch model: 00.10634.23.23.03)

Beach style

  The Bucherer Plavich Deep Diving Women’s Watch uses a bright-colored rubber strap, each color corresponding to a relevant image, such as the ocean blue reminiscent of the ocean, the palm green is like a green tree by the sea, and the sand pink is The warm fine sand of the beach and the coral color are like the sunset on the horizon. These images constitute a beautiful seaside scene. The white dial is even more decorated with wavy patterns. The beach style is fully displayed in the wrist watch.

Watch real shot

  The 36.5 mm watch diameter is suitable for girls who like large sizes, and the effect is handsome and fashionable. The side of the stainless steel case is brushed to give it a special texture. The white ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel can only be rotated counterclockwise. This design can avoid accidental contact or incorrect operation and ensure diving safety. The marker at 12 o’clock has been treated with Super-LumiNova’s luminous treatment, and the blue luminous light emitted from the darkness is very eye-catching.

  The screw-down crown has shoulder guards on both sides, and the case can withstand 200 meters of water pressure, which is professional and safe. The crown is engraved with the classic Bucherer brand logo, giving the watch a unique brand charm.

  The linear lugs and case merge into one, making it sturdy and durable.

  The white dial design adds a touch of freshness, and it is decorated with wavy patterns, as if the layers of the ocean are flowing over and over, making people feel the taste of the ocean. The characteristic hands and hour markers are coated with a luminous coating, which allows the watch to emit radiant light in the dim environment for easy reading of time. A date display window has been added at 3 o’clock.

  A variety of colors of rubber straps create different styles. The watch introduced above is equipped with sunset coral color, bright and bright, and also incorporates the vitality and confidence of women into the watch. The strap is also equipped with professional equipment such as adjustable buckle for easy wearing.

  The CFB1950 automatic winding movement is accurate and reliable, with a 38-hour power reserve. The back of the case is decorated with two motif of a fish swimming in the water. This motif comes from the close cooperation between Bucherer and the British charity MantaTrust for many years.

Summary: The new women’s watch of the Bucherer Plavier series is very impressive at first glance. A visual harmony is formed between the bright and beautiful colors and the handsome watch. Wandering between refinements has given modern women new watch options. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention. ¥ 38500 (Wu Fengqi, House of Pictures / Text Watches)

Tag Heuer Mikrogirder Watch Wins ‘golden Hand’ Award

A luxury store in New York connects with Geneva to broadcast the award ceremony live. At the same time, through radio, especially through website in English to make simultaneous live video broadcast for global watch enthusiasts, this annual award is designed to recognize the world’s top watchmaking industry’s most creative works and the most outstanding production The watchmaker is known as the highest honor of the most prestigious, authoritative and influential watch industry in the Swiss watch industry. Aiguille d’ Or Gold Hand Winner: Tag Heuer Mikrogirder Watch
     The 12th Geneva Haute Horlogerie International Jury, composed of watch industry professionals, awarded TAG Heuer Mikrogirder the highest award of the year-the ‘Aiguille d’ Or’ Grand Prix (Golden Hand) Award.

     Winning models (from left to right): Best Ladies’ Watch Winner: Chanel Chanel, Flying Tourbillon Première-Best Men’s Watch Winner: MB & F, Legacy Machine N ° 1-Best Innovation Watch Winner: HYT, H1 Titanium Black DLC-Best Jewelry Watch Winner: Chopard, Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set-Best Complicated Function Watch Winner: Greubel Forsey, Adventure Piece 2-Best Sports Watch Winner: Habring2, Doppel 2.0 -La Petite Aiguille (Small Pointer) Award Winner: Zenith Zenith Pilot Big Date Special-Public Award Winner: MB & F, Legacy Machine N ° 1-Best Watchmaker Award Winner: Carole Forestier Kasapi-Judge Special Prize Winner: Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC)
     The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards was founded in 2001 and has been supervised by the Foundation since 2011. It is committed to transmitting values ​​with its international reputation and influence in the watch industry: innovation, continuation of expertise across the ages, and constant pursuit of excellence. GPHG shares this core value with its main partner, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Edmond de Rothschild Bank, which has provided scholarships to the best young students at Geneva watchmaking schools every year since 2011.
2012 Grand Prize Winner
‘Golden Pointer’ Grand Prize Winner: TAG Heuer, Mikrogirder
Winner of Best Women’s Watch: Chanel, Flying Tourbillon Première
Winner of Best Men’s Watch: MB & F, Legacy Machine N ° 1
Best Innovation Award Winner: HYT, H1 Titanium Black DLC
Best Jewellery Watch Winner: Chopard, Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set
Winner of Best Complicated Function Table: Greubel Forsey, Invention Piece 2
Best Sports Watch Winner: Habring2, Doppel 2.0
Winner of the Small Pointer: Zenith Pilot Big Date Special
Best Watchmaker Winner: Carole Forestier Kasapi
Special Jury Prize Winner: Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC)
Public Prize Winner: MB & F, Legacy Machine N ° 1

Lange Beijing International Trade Mall Store Opens Grandly The Brand Further Expands The Chinese Market And Is Committed To Bringing Customers A New Respectful Experience

Recently, the Beijing Guomao Store, a German precision watch brand Lange, officially opened in the Beijing business circle. The exclusive store with a total area of ​​64.14 square meters inherits the brand’s consistent simple aesthetics, and penetrates the entire store with a design attitude of ‘precision and rigorous, scattered and orderly’, providing guests with more brand-new services. Wilhelm Schmid, President of Lange Global, also attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing World Trade Center store, and cut ribbons and toasts with the guests on site to witness the brand’s further expansion in the Chinese market. Lange Beijing Guomao Store is the second brand store located in Beijing, bringing a new respectful experience to customers in North China.

Mr. Wilhelm Schmid, President of Lange Global, Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, Ms. Liang Xiaodan, Director of China World Trade Center, and guests on site to celebrate the opening of the Beijing World Trade Center store

 Dresden watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange founded the Lange watch factory in 1845. In addition to establishing the Lange brand’s mission to make ‘the best watch in the world’, the move also laid the foundation The cornerstone of Saxony’s precision watchmaking. His great-grandson, Walter Lange, continued his spirit of excellence in technology and aesthetics, and made Lange an irreplaceable place on the world’s top watch stage.

 The Lange brand has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years. In 2007, the first Lange store in China opened in Shanghai, and in 2015 the second Lange store opened in Beijing SKP. Since then, the brand has been developing steadily in the Chinese market, and has been persistent in promoting Saxony’s watchmaking culture. In 2018, Lange’s Xi’an SKP store and Chengdu IFS store opened in succession. In 2019, at the time of the 25th anniversary of the brand’s return to the world’s watch industry, Lange’s Beijing International Trade Mall store officially opened. Watch lovers and collectors are invited to stop and appreciate.

The new Lange Beijing International Trade Mall store is located on the second floor of the mall South

 The Beijing International Trade Mall store uses the iconic gray as the main tone, making the entire store more low-key but luxurious, from the perspective of lighting to the height of the glass cabinet, and the placement of each watch. Demonstrated attention to detail. The edge angle of the siding in the shop is also inspired by the edges of the German silver plywood and bridges that have been chamfered and polished in the Lange movement. They are uniform and uniform, exuding a strong and simple beauty. Wilhelm Global President
Schmid also said, ‘Every display and design of Lange stores is an important part of the brand’s global public relations and sales strategy. We hope that customers will appreciate the intentions of each Lange store. So far, these combine the building itself, handicrafts, design styles, materials use and structural technology, etc., all embody the brand’s pursuit of precision and ‘never stop’ watchmaking spirit.

 As the second store in North China, Beijing International Trade Store has also specially created a VIP exclusive area with a brand history display wall, enabling watch enthusiasts to better understand the historical stories and traditional culture from the brand, as if they are in a micro-brand. Museum, inadvertently step into the past and present of the brand. Not only that, but also the Lange watch series, including LANGE classic watches LANGE
 1 series watch, ZEITWERK with precision jumping device, 1815 with retro flavor, RICHARD continuing the tradition of the Lange Scientific Observatory
LANGE, DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN, etc., which are representative of precision timing, are very addictive.

We sincerely invite you to come and explore Lange’s ultimate craftsmanship.
Lange Beijing International Trade Mall Store: No. 1 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, SL2034 South China World Mall
010-6505 0336

Twelve Years Of Mysterious Flyback Chanel Matte Black High-tech Precision Ceramic Mysterious Flyback Watch

The 10th anniversary of the birth of J12 that year. Chanel returned to the watch with a new mysterious, unique and mysterious operation mode, celebrating the birth of the watch, causing countless heated discussions throughout the Basel scene, attracting countless stops! In order to achieve a round case, the winding crown is unconventional, perpendicular to the surface, and placed at 3 o’clock. Of course, the operation will only emerge when needed, and the normal state is hidden under the convex round mirror to ensure that the curve is smooth at any angle and there is no defect in vision.
    The hour hand works as usual, and the minute hand has its own ‘hidden rules’: divide the faceplate into several fan-shaped areas and run at different speeds and in different directions in different areas. When the minute hand approaches the 2 o’clock position and almost touches the built-in crown, it reverses direction and reverses at a slightly faster rate, slowly retrograde to the 4 o’clock position in 10 minutes, and then it readjusts Direction and speed, proceeding in a normal pace ‘if nothing happens’ clockwise, until the next cycle to 2 o’clock, cycle and cycle. Fully considering that the minute hand can not display the time correctly when it is retrograde between ten and twenty, a special enlarged window display between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock is used to display the minutes in digital mode.
Chanel matte black high-tech precision ceramic mysterious flyback watch
    This masterpiece commissioned by Renaud-Papi (APRP SA), Audemars Piguet’s senior research and development department, became the hottest topic of the year because it perfectly integrated five top-level complex functions: tourbillon, digital display Minutes, flyback minute hand, 10-day power reserve, and a memorable telescopic vertical crown. Keep the concealed state hidden normally, maintain the curved surface of the watch glass, and only press it gently when necessary, the crown will rise from the groove, winding or timing.
    This year J12 is twelve years old, another number of extraordinary significance. After changing the gloss of two years ago, this time mysteriously flew back to the watch with the matte black high-tech precision ceramics promoted by Chanel in 2012, which is even more mysterious and low-key. It is still a 47mm case diameter, and the lack of a side crown makes it extremely comfortable to wear. 18K white gold case bezel. The bezel is set with 12 matte black high-tech precision ceramics, and the 46 movable chain links are also made of the same material. Equipped with the same CHANEL RMT-10 movement, it is also limited to 10 pieces worldwide.