Blancpain Broadens And Reshapes The Concept Of Watchmaking Couple: Love Is Always Curious About You

what are you doing? What are you thinking? These are the questions often asked by loved ones. Lovers’ curiosity contains the desire to understand each other, and it is the source of motivation to promote close relationships. Love is such a curious exploration. It lets you know others and helps you understand yourself.

   The best state of love is the more you know, the more you feel fresh. From choosing each other after the first encounter, to calmly facing each other after drawing silk. For a long time, we can see that under the superficial appearance of the two, they actually have their own rich inner worlds. Too many disturbances make lovers more understanding, more tacit, and more tolerant.

   It starts with curiosity and it comes down to understanding. After experiencing ecstasy and sadness together, we can understand that it is common to get love and hate in your life. It is rare to encounter someone who is always curious about you, understands and empathizes with you.

   The hand of the child condenses all the fresh curiosity into a pair of shining timepieces on the wrist, using a different ‘ring’ that carries time and memories, proclaiming a rare fit in the world, witnessing the beauty that is born every second miracle.

Blancpain Couples Watch

   Like Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe plasma ceramic watch and color strap watch, the same visual dial is eye-catching and well-matched, but driven by curiosity, each has its own freshness. This time, Blancpain’s expansion of new materials and new concepts is more apt to catch people—advanced plasma gray ceramics, which gives men a sense of toughness and technology; and colorful and stylish colored straps make women more versatile. Not only understand each other, but also leave space for each other, a continuous stream of freshness, and achieve true love.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Watch

   Equipped with 1150 movement, 100 hours power reserve
   Classic fluorescent scale, engraved hands, dial design
   White ceramic bezel with silicon hairspring, greatly improving accuracy and resisting strong magnetic fields
   Color strap, water-resistant to 300 meters

   When she first saw her, she was sometimes lively and sometimes quiet. He was always curious when he was thinking: What else is there under this ever-changing beautiful appearance? Like the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms submersible Bathyscaphe color strap watch, the pure white ceramic bezel is her flawless skin, and it is more elegant and feminine under the background of 4 different color Nato material color straps. . Stubborn, she has the determination and courage that is no less than that of men. Even women’s watches have the long-term power and stability comparable to men’s watches.

   Whether it is work, business or leisure, the free switching between a variety of color straps allows you to easily stunning the audience on any occasion, showing fashion taste. Bring a variety of freshness to your lover with a beautiful effort, full of femininity and full love, attracting envious eyes.

Blancpain Plasma Ceramic Watch

   Equipped with 1315 movement, power reserve is up to 5 days
   Classic fluorescent scale, engraved hands, dial design
   New material plasma ceramic case, Liquidmeta liquid metal hour scale to prevent deformation
   Equipped with silicon hairspring, greatly improving accuracy and resisting strong magnetic field
   Water-resistant to 300 meters

   When he first met, he was handsome and cool, with a tough, metal-looking appearance. There seemed to be too many unknown things waiting for her to explore. Like the Blancpain Plasma ceramic watch of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series, the innovative use of materials has given him a subtle metallic tone and a sense of technology. The extremely hard ceramic bezel, like his powerful shoulders, provides peace of mind for his partner. The deep, dark blue dial is handsome and charming, explaining the mysterious charm of men like the ocean. Powerful power storage and precise adjustment make him a trust and rely on the rest of his life.

   Cool and profound appearance, tough and capable shape, strong and lasting power, achieve the urban men’s free switching under various roles. Regardless of whether you are a business elite or a diving powerhouse at this moment, there is always a watch for your loved one who is always by your side.

Interpreting The Beauty Of Simplicity Tasting Mido Commander Series Silicon Gossamer Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Watch

In 1959, Swiss Mido launched the Commander series of watches. For the brand, the outstanding style of the historic building is as significant as the brand’s “inspired by architecture” watchmaking concept. The creation of the first Commander series watch was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, which is called ‘space-time coordinates’. It draws its timeless classic design and continues the legend of timepiece design. At this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Expo, Swiss Mido has once again followed the classic design of this world-famous and legendary building and launched two new masterpieces of the Commander series. Below, let’s take a look at one of them, which interprets the beauty of simplicity. (Watch model: M031.631.11.031.00)

Place architectural design elements above the dial

   As a famous cultural landscape full of French architectural charm, the Eiffel Tower carries people’s dreams and desires for romantic feelings. After a century of wind and rain, the promenade through time has become more contemporary and vicissitudes. Each generation of the Commander series watches is an interpretation of the classic design of the Eiffel Tower in different periods. This year’s new commander, in addition to adding a new style bracelet, still follows the Eiffel Tower-designed time scale and the central three hands. The silver dial is simple and generous. impression.

Brushed and polished case
   42 mm stainless steel case, tough and atmospheric. The case and bezel are treated in two ways to polish, showing the two look of steel, which is very beautiful.

Stainless steel crown
   The crown of the same material is engraved with the classic MIDO logo. The surrounding is designed with anti-slip texture and polished, which not only facilitates the debugging of the watch, but also gives the crown an excellent operating feel and full reliability.

   On the silver dial, the outer circle is the minute and second time scale, and the inner circle is the hour scale, which echoes the middle three hands, making the time indication of the watch clear and intuitive. 3 The time mark position is the day of the week and the calendar display window. The two functions combined into one design make it more eye-catching and obvious, adding a connotation to the watch.

   The hour scale and hour and minute hands are covered with a luminous part, which emits a bright green light in a dark environment, which is not only beautiful but also can clearly show the time at this time, practical and reliable.

   The back cover of the sapphire crystal glass reveals the appearance of the movement 80, which is not interesting. The 80 movement is equipped with a hot silicon spring, which can minimize the interference of the magnetic field on the watch and ensure the accuracy of the time. And this movement has passed the certification of the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC) and has excellent quality.

   The new stainless steel bracelet is equipped with a safety discount, which makes it very convenient to remove or wear the watch. Compared with traditional steel chains, multi-links can fit the wrist of the wearer perfectly, which is more in line with modern aesthetics and ergonomic design. Makes the watch more pure and elegant.

Mido Commander Series Silicone Hairspring Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Watch
Summary: Outstanding timepieces can evolve time into a process of exploration, trying to show the romantic feelings and taste of elegant art. With the help of minutes and seconds, the interpretation of life is infinite. This is the case for the Mido Commander series of timepieces. The inspiration of the series and the current watchmaking technology are once again combined to create such a pure and elegant wrist watch. If you like this watch, you might as well enter the brand store and feel its style!

Gentleman’s Sports Fashion Piaget G0a34010 Watch Tasting

Piaget was born in 1874 and is a watch brand from the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland. Now it has reached the list of the world’s top watch brands, and today it is the world’s top in the field of ultra-thin movements and jewelry setting. Each Piaget watch exudes a very elegant gentleman’s breath, and has become the watch of choice for many gentlemen. Today we introduce this Piaget Polo FortyFive series G0A34010 watch we will appreciate together.
 The Piaget Polo Fortyfive G0A34011 watch is eye-catching in appearance, refined and rough, and at the same time full of gentleman character. Titanium case and stainless steel edge decoration is a new form of material matching. It is cheaper than all titanium and has better visual effects. It is obviously more practical and more expensive than all steel. It is like a balance between the two common sports materials of titanium and steel. In addition, the strap is made of rubber, which is very suitable for sports wear. It is mainly comfortable and wear-resistant.

The bezel is inlaid with polished stainless steel and matte surface titanium to form a strong high-tech visual effect. Of course, it does not have practical use and is purely a ‘cosmetics’. The design on the dial is the focus of it. Traditional watches use 3, 6, 9, 12 Arabic numerals on the scales, and it has 4, 8, 12 Arabic numerals. The advantage is that it creates a very good A triangular balanced visual effect, the rest are long trapezoidal time scales. All scales are covered with a fluorescent coating that can emit dim light at night. The length of time depends on the degree of light exposure during the day. It needs to absorb sunlight to store energy. And rough scale, is a typical sports style.
Overall, Piaget’s G0A34011 watch continues the unique design of the brand’s wide oval shape. The elegant hands have the gentleman’s taste designed by the brand for men. The rough scales, case and rubber straps all embody the movement. Style.
 Although the Piaget Polo Fortyfive G0A34011 watch is designed for sports, it does not have any functions related to sports, because it is positioned for the needs of people who like sports but are not professionally engaged in sports. All it has is a calendar function.
Unlike most calendar displays, Piaget always likes to display the calendar in a large window. A window can display the date of three days, and the red arrow in the center of the window indicates the current date. This seems to remind yesterday, today and tomorrow from a deeper level. To understand from the perspective of it, it represents the past, present and future. This design is also used by many brands, but they are all different. From the function itself, it still cannot identify the number of days in the month. Therefore, at the beginning of the big month and March 1st of each year, the watch owner has to manually adjust the date. . The movement has always been Piaget’s strong point, especially in the area of ​​ultra-thin movements, which stands at the top of the industry. Piaget’s G0A34011 watch uses the Cal.800P self-winding movement made by the brand. It has many advantages that ordinary movements do not have, including: double barrel, balance wheel stop, ceramic ball automatic The oscillating weight bearings, in addition to the delicate decorative polishing.
It is not difficult to see from the movement that the polishing is very delicate, especially the decorative ring Geneva polishing. In order to match this complete ring, the balance plate uses a ring-shaped bridge plate, and the main board is also on the edge. With this overall polishing, it reflects the brand’s attention to detail and control.

From the technical aspect of the movement, it uses KIF shock absorbers, which has better shock absorption effects than the most used INCABLOC shock absorbers. The use of dual barrels can greatly increase the power reserve, which also enables this watch to reach about 85 hours of dynamic storage. On average, each barrel can provide more than 40 hours of dynamic storage. It is determined by the clockwork. In fact, most watches currently have a power reserve of 40 hours. It also indicates that the clockwork used by it is also the material used by most brands. Its advantage lies in the dual clockwork. The box can make the power output more balanced. The balance stop device is a commendable design to avoid conflicts between the movement of the gear driving the gear and the crown of the gear during the timing of the watch, causing excessive wear on the gear and even damage to components.
The Piaget movement has a very interesting phenomenon, that is, it likes to plate PVD on the automatic rotor and inlaid the Piaget family crest, which reflects the excellence of the movement. Piaget is a brand with unique style. Women’s watches are as elegant as men’s watches, while men’s watches are as distinguished as gentlemen. The Polo Fortyfive series is based on the heritage of the brand and incorporates the sporting spirit derived from polo, making the watch unique.
From its appearance, it is not difficult to find that it has a very obvious sporting personality. At the same time, due to the gentleman character of the count, the watch has its own unique and clear temperament. From the choice of materials, titanium, stainless steel and rubber make the watch lighter than most sports watches, and there will be no weight on the wrist.
From the perspective of the movement, Piaget is unique in the field of movement. It is a brand with deep technical depth. Its 800P movement is one of the brand’s third-generation ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movements, with many top-level designs. And structure. In addition, the handling of details also reflects the brand’s watchmaking attitude and skills.
 Watch details: piaget / 14454 /

Dazzling Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-date

The extraordinary Day-Date II watch has an 18ct yellow gold case and diamonds set on the outer ring. This solemn and elegant watch is equipped with a 41mm case. Its movement uses PARACHROM hairsprings and the new PARAFLEX damping device. Therefore, it has high anti-magnetic and shock-resistant performance, which has also made this watch’s precise timing function and excellent reliability. The unique black wave pattern dial with Arabic numerals shows its nobility. Oyster Perpetual DAY-DATE II
Oyster perpetual DAY-DATE II
Material: Gold case
Function: hour, minute, second, date display
Table diameter: 41mm
Diamonds: bezel set with 42 diamonds
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
    The new Oyster Perpetual Diary-type gold-steel series, following the Rolex watchmaking tradition, launched this watch with feminine charm design, which can accompany ladies to attend different occasions and enjoy various lifestyles, and also represents women’s self-affirmation And highly aesthetic requirements. The 36mm log-type case is elegant and comfortable to wear. Water-resistant to 100 meters, this is the first model with a diamond bezel. The log-type movement is completely designed and manufactured by Rolex, and has also been approved by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center. It can store 48 hours of power.
Oyster Perpetual Date
Oyster Perpetual Datejust
Material: Gold steel
Function ‘hour, minute, second, date display
Kinetic energy: 48 hours
Table diameter: 36mm
Diamonds: bezel set with 52 diamonds
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal

The New Richard Miller Family Welcomes New Image Ambassador Christie Kerr

Cristie Kerr is a member of the Italian Diana Luna professional golf team’s women’s team. She showed her talent for golf when she was a child in Florida, and began to participate at the age of 9. The game quickly became the best in its age group. Her proficiency and skill even enabled him to reach the highest ranking on the school’s men’s golf team, which opened up her eye-catching amateur career. At the age of 18, she participated in the LPGA Championship as a professional player and made her first shot in her career. In 2002, he won his first career title at LongDrugsChainngeinCalifornia, and then started a series of victories. By 2007, she entered the US Women’s Open and set another record.

In addition to being a well-known and outstanding athlete, Christie Kerr has always been committed to charity. She joined BirdiesforBreastCancer in 2003, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women fight breast cancer like her mother did. Christie Kerr’s talents and her extraordinary mental and physical abilities, coupled with her generosity, deeply attracted Richard Miller. That’s why Richard Miller invited Christie to become a brand ambassador.

Richard Miller is very concerned about the charities and foundations supported by his partners, and because of Christie Kerr, Richard Miller has also started to pay attention and provide support for BirdsforBreastCancer. Christie was also very excited to be a partner of Richard Miller. She said, ‘I am honored to be an artist for Richard Miller’s brand image ambassador. Outstanding brand spirit. ‘(Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

This Year’s New Rolex Models Are Really Dazzling!

The Rolex Day-of-the-Day Watch, which was introduced in 1956, is the world’s first watch with a calendar window on the dial and a full-written week. At this year’s Basel International Haute Horlogerie Show, Rolex has added a new member to this series. The 18CT gold case with pavé diamond dial is very eye-catching. Next, let’s feel the charm of the new weekly calendar model together. (Watch model: 128349RBR)

  The Rolex Day-Date model with diamonds is noble and elegant. The bezel, dial and bracelet are set with diamonds, dazzling. Gem setting has strict requirements, such as the height of the gem and its precise arrangement, direction and location, the regularity of the setting, the firmness and proportion, and the delicate surface modification of the metal setting. These details need to be handled very carefully in order to present Brilliant effect.

Watch real shot

  The watch has a diameter of 36 mm and the case is made of white CT gold. This material is a high-quality material made by Rolex in its own foundry with extremely pure metal. The side of the case is polished with a polishing process. The luster of white CT gold is relatively moist and low-key. The bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, giving the wrist a glamorous embellishment.

  The round case extends all the way to the lugs, and the connection between them is elegant and natural. When viewed from the side, the lugs show a certain arc, which is in line with ergonomic settings.

  The crown is located on one side of the watch, engraved with the classic Rolex logo.

  The craftsmen set the gemstones on the plate with extremely precise skills, and the details on the plate are exquisite. The dial is also inlaid with 11 rainbow gradient sapphire hour markers that complement each other.

  There is a date display window at 12 o’clock, a date display window at 3 o’clock, and a small window convex lens, which reads the calendar information more clearly and intuitively.

  The heads-type strap is equipped with a three-segment semi-arched link, especially for the Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar watch introduced in 1956. The bracelet is also inlaid with diamonds, which is elegant and comfortable to wear.

  The movement is equipped with a new-generation 3255 movement completely developed by Rolex. This movement has 14 patents and is equipped with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings and high-performance Paraflex cushioning devices. In terms of accuracy, power reserve, shock resistance With excellent antimagnetic performance, wearing comfort and reliability, the power reserve is about 70 hours.

  Rolex released this year’s new weekly calendar-set diamond model. The dazzling diamonds radiate dazzling brilliance on the wrist watch, which fully demonstrates the brand’s exquisite watchmaking technology and delicate inlaying technology.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

  For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

2012 Basel: Omega Launches Constellation Coaxial Female Watch

Omega launched the Constellation watch in 1952. This series was enthusiastically sought after for its high-performance movement and elegant appearance, and it has continued to release new works since then. . Now, the brand has launched a new constellation coaxial 27mm 18K red gold ladies watch at the just-opened BaselWorld 2012.

The new constellation coaxial 27mm 18K red gold ladies watch features a matte case made of 18K red gold with a diamond-set bezel set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.50 carats. White mother-of-pearl dial with 18K red and gold star emblems undulating on the dial to form a constellation pattern, with a trapezoidal calendar window at 3 o’clock. The polished 18K gold arched hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminous coating, making it easy to read time in low light.

 Through the screw-in transparent sapphire crystal case back, the perfect operation of Omega’s unique 8521 coaxial movement is clearly visible. This small-size movement makes it the first time that the brand has applied its unique coaxial technology to a 27mm model. The movement’s Omega Si 14 silicon hairspring brings exceptional stability to the watch. Equipped with 18K red gold bracelet with frosted links and polished chain needles, which are set with a total of 144 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing a total of 0.54 carats. 100 meters waterproof. Also available in 18K yellow gold.

Say ‘love’ In A Straight Way, Straight Man Shows Love New Routine

As the Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching, the topic of Valentine’s Day gifts is endless. What to buy for Tanabata Gift? It has become a problem that everyone who is deeply in love must consider. The eternal topic of ‘love’ is not only lingering in women’s hearts, but also for men.

   The popular bestseller ‘Men from Mars, Women from Venus’ summarizes the huge cognitive differences between men and women and finds that there are many differences between men and women. Because of these differences, men and women have sparked different sparks in their interactions. But at the same time, it will bring unnecessary misunderstandings. Things like ‘the straight man goes to great lengths to prepare gifts and angers his girlfriend’ are common in life.

(Illustration taken from the Internet, infringement deleted)

   So how to send a gift to avoid the minefield?
   For watches, if you want to buy a watch for men, the three aspects of brand, appearance and performance are very important. In their minds, a watch with superb craftsmanship, unique design and distinctive style can be called a watch in the watch. Among the many brands that can meet the above requirements, Athens Watch is one of them. This year’s Athens Watch has launched a number of heavy machinery watches, both in the use of materials and the design of the watch are amazing.

Mega Yacht pilotship watch
   First and foremost is the nautical series of Mega Yacht pilotship watches. Looking at the dial, you can see that the watch has introduced miniature yachts’ bows, capstans, anchors, propellers, and bells, etc. in miniature technology to create shock 3D visual effects.
However, this stunning timepiece is a choice of advanced players and collectors. It is limited to 30 pieces, and the public price is 2,480,000 RMB.

Whimsical Freak X
   The new Freak X watch from the Whimsical series has a crown compared to the previous old models, but the subversion design without a dial and hands is still very unique. The central bridge acts as a minute hand, and one of the gears displays the hours. The wide, ultra-lightweight silicon balance wheel with nickel flyweight and stable micro-flakes is clearly visible inside, which is unique. As an entry-level masterpiece of the Freak X watch, this blue titanium model is priced at 148,000 RMB.

Executive Series Hollow X Watch
   Another eye-catching masterpiece is the Manager series skeleton X watch. Fully hollowed out, making the watch’s architecture and mechanical functions clear at a glance. The case is made of carbon-gold composite material, which is not only lighter and stronger. The unique marble texture presents a visual feast of flowing light between black and gold, making each watch unique. The Carbonium® gold watch is priced at 168,000 RMB; the titanium version is priced at 128,000 RMB.
   Men have difficulty resisting watches with mechanical hormones, but women are different. It is said that women are emotional animals, so when they give them Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day gifts, in addition to passing the value, their mind is the most important.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   This year Athens Watch launched the new Jade Delicate 520 limited edition watch in the name of love. ‘Jade Linglong’ series was born in 2013. ‘Jade’ describes the color and luster like jade, representing beauty and whiteness; ‘Linglong’ refers to petite, flexible, delicate and delicate. Named after ‘Jade Linglong’, it instantly distinguishes it from the heavy-duty men’s watch style, highlighting the delicate and delicate of women’s watches.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   A splendid galaxy of diamonds adds a graceful look to the charming mother-of-pearl dial. The ‘520’ slang on the dial is a homophonic sound of ‘I love you’ in Chinese. The watch that men give to their beloved women has the deep meaning of ‘accompanying a lifetime’. This limited edition 520 watch ‘love’ is engraved on the watch, which is even more precious and romantic.

Yulinglong 520 limited edition watch
   With a diameter of 34 mm, this watch looks exquisite and compact. With white mother-of-pearl disc surface, there is a warm glow between movement and silence. The stainless steel bezel is inlaid with 60 diamonds, shining. The garnet red numerals and leather strap are particularly gorgeous against the backdrop of mother-of-pearl.

   A soft ripple curve extends from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock and is set with 9 dazzling diamonds. The part surrounded by the curve and the edge of the case is decorated with matte stripes, creating a smart leaf-shaped ripple pattern.

   The biggest highlight of this watch is the ingenious design at the bottom left of its dial. The time scale here is no longer the ordinary 6, 7, 8 time scale, but replaced by the number ‘520’. Combining time, diamonds and love on your wrist, who can resist such a romantic impact?
   What’s more interesting is that, as a Swiss fine watch brand, Athens Watch chose ‘520’ with Chinese ‘I love you’ as the homonym in the design of the dial. The influence of Chinese culture in today’s world.

   The watch is designed with a dense bottom, equipped with a self-winding movement UN-815 specially designed for ladies’ watches by Athens Watch, with a power reserve of 42 hours.

   Whether it is Valentine’s Day on February 14th, “520” Valentine’s Day on May 20th, Chinese traditional Tanabata Festival, or Love Remembrance Day, this watch will be the warmest witness of love. This watch is limited to 99 pieces and the official price is 63,200 RMB.
   In addition to the 520 limited edition models, the Yulinglong series also has other styles to choose from.

Jade Delicate Watch
   Whether it is the mechanical hormones of men’s watches or the tenderness of women’s watches, they contain the deep love and ingenuity of Athenian watches.
   If you are also a fan of Athens watches, or want to start a romantic 520 limited edition watch for her beloved, you might as well come to the store to experience it. At present, Athens Watch not only has a flagship store in Xintiandi, Shanghai, but also opened a boutique in Wangfujing, Taiyuan, Shanxi. Beijing International Trade Center’s flagship store in Athens will also officially open on August 9.
   In this romantic and enthusiastic August, we may wish to use a table to say ‘love’ and let love flow between minutes.

Jaquet Droz Three Questions For Timekeeping Excellence

Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened a third workshop in Geneva in 1784. JAQUET DROZ paid tribute to Geneva with this extraordinary automatic doll watch, bringing exquisite moving devices and nature’s Poetry and painting blend into one. JAQUET DROZ brings together the extraordinary talents of its artisans in the Ateliers d’ Art workshop to create this new model and to pay tribute to Geneva. In 1784, Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened the first local watchmaking workshop in Geneva, and introduced superbly complex watchmaking into Geneva.

The Bird Repeater Geneva timepiece and minute repeater watch, bringing together the extraordinary talents of its artisans in the Ateliers d’ Art workshop, and paying tribute to Geneva

Natural scenes interweave with the city of Geneva to form the decorative background of The Bird Repeater Geneva. The mother-of-pearl dial condenses all the symbols of this famous Swiss city. Engravers, illustrators and enamelers have successfully reproduced the outlines of Lac de Genève and its famous fountains, the Phare des Pâquis and the Salève in a miniature scale, the former Alps The mountains are considered the ‘balcony’ of Geneva. In the center of the dial, a pair of red-fronted goldfinch lives in the middle of Île Rousseau, a bird paradise at the entrance of Lake Geneva. The two golden eagles are hand-carved, and the feathers are as colorful as brutalist paintings. They guard the two young birds underneath, and a bird’s egg lies in the center of the nest. Exquisite details, brilliant colors, realistic and vivid bird eyes and every straw, all show the outstanding skills of La Chaux-de-Fonds craftsmen.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater, hand-carved golden bird

For Jaquet Droz, beauty and sophisticated mechanics always go hand in hand. Like the previous models, The Bird Repeater Geneva features eight exquisite automatic doll scenes, breathtaking: tits feed chicks, flapping wings, gurgling waterfalls, chicks breaking their shells Waiting and waiting-pay tribute to the famous automatic dolls created by father and son Pierre Jaquet-Droz in the 18th century.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater with JAQUET DROZ RMA88 automatic movement

The lively and interesting event scene is in sharp contrast with the simple and pure eccentric hour and minute display. The hour and minute display is located at 12 o’clock and is made of black onyx. There are two pointed red gold hands upstream of the dial and 47 mm. The red-gold case reflects each other. Geneva The Bird Repeater Geneva is equipped with a Jaquet Droz RMA88 self-winding movement. It has a 48-hour power reserve and is limited to 8 pieces. 8 is a symbolic number in Jacques Droe’s world. Senior experts will be able to appreciate all its meanings and appreciate the mysteries.

The Bird Repeater Geneva Minute Repeater Watch, which highlights the outstanding skills of the master craftsman of La Chaux-de-Fonds

Oris Bc4 Flight Correction Table, Best Flight Companion

Oris worked with flight partners, experts from the Blue Eagles helicopter team, to create the new BC4 flight series. The new Oris BC4 flight correction watch, its watch case structure and dial design, are inherited from the BC4 family. In particular, the correction movement is used as the heart to make it more light.

 The calibration movement has a separate minute hand in the center, so that the minute display can be read accurately without being affected by the hour and second hands. It is Oris’ ingenious idea to apply the correction movement to the flight watch! Because, for the pilot, the meaning of the minute display is indeed more critical. The bezel of this watch, in particular the minute number instead of the clock number, strongly declares that the minute of the flight must be counted. At the same time, the watch has a distinctive instrument panel atmosphere.

 The vertical crown at 2 o’clock can be used to rotate the inner dial to set the minute indicator and countdown timer for the second time zone. The key configuration on the dial is clear, and the hierarchical design comes alive. This watch is more particularly presented in the classic flying bag style. In this one-of-a-kind Oris flight bag, you will have a superb BC4 correction table, a dedicated writing pad and pencil, a flight map, and a flight schedule.