Lange Beijing International Trade Mall Store Opens Grandly The Brand Further Expands The Chinese Market And Is Committed To Bringing Customers A New Respectful Experience

Recently, the Beijing Guomao Store, a German precision watch brand Lange, officially opened in the Beijing business circle. The exclusive store with a total area of ​​64.14 square meters inherits the brand’s consistent simple aesthetics, and penetrates the entire store with a design attitude of ‘precision and rigorous, scattered and orderly’, providing guests with more brand-new services. Wilhelm Schmid, President of Lange Global, also attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing World Trade Center store, and cut ribbons and toasts with the guests on site to witness the brand’s further expansion in the Chinese market. Lange Beijing Guomao Store is the second brand store located in Beijing, bringing a new respectful experience to customers in North China.

Mr. Wilhelm Schmid, President of Lange Global, Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, Ms. Liang Xiaodan, Director of China World Trade Center, and guests on site to celebrate the opening of the Beijing World Trade Center store

 Dresden watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange founded the Lange watch factory in 1845. In addition to establishing the Lange brand’s mission to make ‘the best watch in the world’, the move also laid the foundation The cornerstone of Saxony’s precision watchmaking. His great-grandson, Walter Lange, continued his spirit of excellence in technology and aesthetics, and made Lange an irreplaceable place on the world’s top watch stage.

 The Lange brand has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years. In 2007, the first Lange store in China opened in Shanghai, and in 2015 the second Lange store opened in Beijing SKP. Since then, the brand has been developing steadily in the Chinese market, and has been persistent in promoting Saxony’s watchmaking culture. In 2018, Lange’s Xi’an SKP store and Chengdu IFS store opened in succession. In 2019, at the time of the 25th anniversary of the brand’s return to the world’s watch industry, Lange’s Beijing International Trade Mall store officially opened. Watch lovers and collectors are invited to stop and appreciate.

The new Lange Beijing International Trade Mall store is located on the second floor of the mall South

 The Beijing International Trade Mall store uses the iconic gray as the main tone, making the entire store more low-key but luxurious, from the perspective of lighting to the height of the glass cabinet, and the placement of each watch. Demonstrated attention to detail. The edge angle of the siding in the shop is also inspired by the edges of the German silver plywood and bridges that have been chamfered and polished in the Lange movement. They are uniform and uniform, exuding a strong and simple beauty. Wilhelm Global President
Schmid also said, ‘Every display and design of Lange stores is an important part of the brand’s global public relations and sales strategy. We hope that customers will appreciate the intentions of each Lange store. So far, these combine the building itself, handicrafts, design styles, materials use and structural technology, etc., all embody the brand’s pursuit of precision and ‘never stop’ watchmaking spirit.

 As the second store in North China, Beijing International Trade Store has also specially created a VIP exclusive area with a brand history display wall, enabling watch enthusiasts to better understand the historical stories and traditional culture from the brand, as if they are in a micro-brand. Museum, inadvertently step into the past and present of the brand. Not only that, but also the Lange watch series, including LANGE classic watches LANGE
 1 series watch, ZEITWERK with precision jumping device, 1815 with retro flavor, RICHARD continuing the tradition of the Lange Scientific Observatory
LANGE, DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN, etc., which are representative of precision timing, are very addictive.

We sincerely invite you to come and explore Lange’s ultimate craftsmanship.
Lange Beijing International Trade Mall Store: No. 1 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, SL2034 South China World Mall
010-6505 0336

Twelve Years Of Mysterious Flyback Chanel Matte Black High-tech Precision Ceramic Mysterious Flyback Watch

The 10th anniversary of the birth of J12 that year. Chanel returned to the watch with a new mysterious, unique and mysterious operation mode, celebrating the birth of the watch, causing countless heated discussions throughout the Basel scene, attracting countless stops! In order to achieve a round case, the winding crown is unconventional, perpendicular to the surface, and placed at 3 o’clock. Of course, the operation will only emerge when needed, and the normal state is hidden under the convex round mirror to ensure that the curve is smooth at any angle and there is no defect in vision.
    The hour hand works as usual, and the minute hand has its own ‘hidden rules’: divide the faceplate into several fan-shaped areas and run at different speeds and in different directions in different areas. When the minute hand approaches the 2 o’clock position and almost touches the built-in crown, it reverses direction and reverses at a slightly faster rate, slowly retrograde to the 4 o’clock position in 10 minutes, and then it readjusts Direction and speed, proceeding in a normal pace ‘if nothing happens’ clockwise, until the next cycle to 2 o’clock, cycle and cycle. Fully considering that the minute hand can not display the time correctly when it is retrograde between ten and twenty, a special enlarged window display between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock is used to display the minutes in digital mode.
Chanel matte black high-tech precision ceramic mysterious flyback watch
    This masterpiece commissioned by Renaud-Papi (APRP SA), Audemars Piguet’s senior research and development department, became the hottest topic of the year because it perfectly integrated five top-level complex functions: tourbillon, digital display Minutes, flyback minute hand, 10-day power reserve, and a memorable telescopic vertical crown. Keep the concealed state hidden normally, maintain the curved surface of the watch glass, and only press it gently when necessary, the crown will rise from the groove, winding or timing.
    This year J12 is twelve years old, another number of extraordinary significance. After changing the gloss of two years ago, this time mysteriously flew back to the watch with the matte black high-tech precision ceramics promoted by Chanel in 2012, which is even more mysterious and low-key. It is still a 47mm case diameter, and the lack of a side crown makes it extremely comfortable to wear. 18K white gold case bezel. The bezel is set with 12 matte black high-tech precision ceramics, and the 46 movable chain links are also made of the same material. Equipped with the same CHANEL RMT-10 movement, it is also limited to 10 pieces worldwide.