Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket Watch-news Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Designers, watchmakers, engineers and craftsmen of Vacheron Constantin are responsible for ‘recording history’ in addition to their watch production. They interpret the representative works of different times in the past through new works. , Showing the trend of watches in each era. Just as Jean-Marc Vacheron created the first pocket watch with passion in 1755, injecting personal passion into watch creation is the key to showing the style of the work.
There is no doubt that Vacheron Constantin’s brand style comes from the traditional historical value accumulated over 250 years-different products have their own characteristics, not only reflected in watch works-its latest pocket watch styles, from sophisticated complications, design and production, details Decoration and other aspects convey the brand’s creative spirit of continuously surpassing itself and actively inheriting history.
All these represent Vacheron Constantin’s creative spirit today-inheriting a proud heritage and tradition, and continuing to bring high-quality and elegant watches to watch lovers.

This pocket watch does not follow the current nostalgic trend, but instead uses a contemporary elegant design. The elegant appearance design fully reflects its value. Sleek design, built in a brand-new manual winding mechanical movement with patent 4400 with the imprint of Geneva. Comes with brown leather bag, and can choose leather rope or original rose gold chain according to personal preference. The elegance of the 21st century is no longer limited to wearing timepieces on the wrist. This pocket watch combines modern elements, and the essence of inheriting the tradition and elegance of the series is also fully reflected on this pocket watch, which can be described as another interpretation of classics and perfection.
A completely different attitude. When holding a precious pocket watch in the palm to check the time on the dial, it once again presented an infinitely elegant posture. Whether it’s in your pocket, hanging around your neck, or on a table as a table clock … Pocket watches provide multiple ways to read time, unlike watches that can only be worn on the wrist.
The beautiful curved, elegant and slender case is made of 18K 5N rose gold. The wide, pure milky silver dial exudes a unique and gentle light. The rod-shaped hands made of rose gold move smoothly between the delicate hour scales: The exquisite sense of metal harmony comes from the overall balanced aesthetic.
The elegant case is equipped with a 4400 movement. This manually wound mechanical movement is the latest patented movement designed and developed by Vacheron Constantin. It fully complies with the strictest Geneva precision watchmaking tradition. Its 28.60 mm diameter, under the sapphire crystal glass, is even wider and fits perfectly into the 43 mm case design. The large clockwork design of the 4400 movement drives the hour and minute hands and a power reserve display of about 65 hours (equivalent to three days).
Source: Vacheron Constantin