Portugal Tourbillon Red Gold Watch Introduction

The composition of red gold (red gold, rose gold and pink gold) is mainly composed of gold, silver and copper. Changes in these three components determine the hardness of the alloy on the one hand, and the color of the alloy on the other. Simply put, the higher the copper content, the redder the alloy becomes. Even in 18k gold, although it looks golden, there are still two components, copper and silver.
If you really have to define these three colors, there are those who are obsessed and regretful, then you can say so. Red gold has the strongest color of pure copper; rose gold has a relatively low color temperature; pink gold is the least golden yellow alloy. However, there are not many people in the world who can accurately judge the color temperature, let alone ordinary consumers. Secondly, although the color reflected by the alloy is determined by its composition, its color rendering effect depends on the environment, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Even the nearby metal has an influence on the color development of red gold. Therefore, it is best not to pretend to be an expert to tell others the difference between red gold, rose gold and pink gold.
About 5 years ago, French independent watchmaker Juna has fully used red gold for most parts of the movement. ‘I found that red gold is a very ideal material for making movements,’ Juna said, ‘Its indicators are very good in all aspects and beautiful. The manufacturing cost is not important to me. ‘At present, the main movement material is brass, but it must be chrome-plated or rhodium-plated, otherwise the color will decline due to oxidation. It is conceivable that brass is an alloy of copper and tin (pure copper cannot be used because of insufficient hardness), while red gold is an alloy of gold, copper, and silver, which has higher nobility and physical properties than brass. Needless to say.
IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch

IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch

IWC’s self-made 98900 mechanical movement is clearly visible through the transparent sapphire glass case back. 52-hour power reserve, case diameter 43.1 mm.
18K red gold edition is limited to 500 pieces.