Raymond Weil Announces Cooperation With Artist Cottage

Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Raymond Weil announces that its partner artist cabin, the most famous artist cabin, presents the most fun artistic watches, inspired by the art music platform, and performing artists with extraordinary professionalism Holding a series of TV concerts in a non-traditional music scene further strengthened his professional attitude towards music. Raymond Weil has partnered with artists’ cabins around the world to prepare for the forthcoming seventh season: the 2014 competition.

 Since the launch of the event, Artist Cabin has become an international nominee for three New York Emmy nominees on American Public Television. The artist cabin display is unique in that they only invite guests to the free artist cabin, and randomly select viewers from the machine list.

 ‘We are excited to join the Artist Cabin series, not only preparing them for a unique way of celebrating, but also planning the venue for the artist’s performance. The audience won the votes, and each holder has his own opinion. The overall feeling of attending the unique venue It really underscores the splendor behind the artist’s cottage series. Can’t wait and share it with our music fans and watch fans. ‘-Ellie Bernheim said.

 The brand celebrates a particularly strong artistic accomplishment with Sheryl Crow, its ninth and 9th Grammy winner, on September 9th at New York Fashion Week on September 9th with New York Fashion Week. During the recording, he himself lived in the artist’s cabin. On the eve of her new album release, coming to the art cabin felt like going home. Sheryl Crow’s magnificent Grand Ballroom invited 600 audiences to have a close contact with the singer. From this, it is also very congratulatory to launch the new watch of Raymond Weil.

 ‘We are honored to welcome the Raymond Weil Artist Cabin to live and to wish everyone in our world a constant passion for music. Raymond Weil Art Cottage’s growing influence around the world has also made Raymond Weil The world’s influence is growing. Its cooperation with the Art House is not only commercial, but also to convey world-class good music and art works.

 The Watch House learned that Raymond Weil’s official said: Sheryl Crow won a lot of applause during the performance. During the TV broadcast, sponsor Raymond Weil will also insert its own ads to win in this way. More appeal and buyers is a very proud and happy thing.