Simple And Elegant Real Shot Cartier Santos-dumont Watch

The Santos watch is Cartier’s masterpiece. This series was inspired by the pioneer Pioneer Albert Santos Dumont. In 1904, he ordered the first from Louis Cartier. A modern watch, from now on, the simple, practical and innovative Santos watch has become popular. The new Santos-Dumont watch is represented by Albert Santos Dumont, continuing the pioneering spirit, extraordinary style and passion of conquering the sky of the pioneers of the aerospace industry.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch small model

  The new Santos-Dumont watch with crocodile leather strap is exquisitely subtle, faithfully continuing the elegant style of the original model of Albert Santos Dumont in 1904. This new work is made of 18K rose gold with Roman numerals, exposed screws, a bead-shaped winding crown set with blue cabochon gemstones, and continues the historical heritage of Cartier’s classic watchmaking masterpieces.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch small model

   The new Santos-Dumont watch is simple and pure, which is the true portrayal of Albert Santos Dumont’s modern style: no matter what occasion, he always dresses well, from suit vests, bowlers, collars, cuffed trousers The anti-wearing peaked cap all reflects its chic style.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch dial details
   Cartier retains a square case with a geometric pattern composed of four towers when overlooking the Eiffel Tower, echoing the Parisian architectural aesthetics of simplicity, purity and perfect symmetry. As a symbol of the modern design revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, this watch transcended the limitations of the times, abandoning the round pocket watch styles that were popular at the time, and highlighting the crisp and straight lines.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch with sapphire crown

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch back cover
  When flying an airplane, Albert Santos Dumont always wears goggles and a custom coat that connects various cables to the rudder. He values ​​comfort and practicality without losing grace. Likewise, practicality has played a decisive role in the development of Santos-Dumont watches. In 2019, Cartier equipped the new Santos-Dumont watch with a high-efficiency quartz movement with a battery life of about 6 years, which is twice as long as the traditional quartz movement. To this end, the Cartier workshop redesigned and resized the movement in order to reduce power consumption, while equipped with a new high-performance battery.

Cartier’s New Santos-Dumont Watch Crocodile Leather Strap

Cartier’s New Santos-Dumont Watch 18K Rose Gold Buckle

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch small model
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