The Blancpain Classic Villeret Collection Launches The Big Calendar Window Watch

For the first time, Blancpain’s most classic and elegant Villeret series welcomes the addition of a large calendar window watch. This elegant and practical complex function is displayed in large numbers through two side by side wide windows. Make date readings at a glance. Blancpain introduced the concept of ‘schedule’ into a purely famous junior model with a sense of proportion, breaking the ‘increasing by one point’ principle, not only retaining the essence of simple aesthetics, but also satisfying daily life. The most basic functional requirements of life on the watch-vividly reflects the brand’s style when dealing with complex mechanical skills.

   When creating the Caliber 6950 movement, Blancpain watchmakers needed to achieve multiple goals: using a large digital display and completing the date change instantly at midnight to maximize the legibility of the date; while avoiding the machine The core is thickened. As a result, a new self-winding movement was introduced: the movement is equipped with two main barrels; the sophisticated large date display mechanism is also equipped with anti-vibration devices. In addition, the Caliber 6950 movement is also equipped with a silicon-free balance with silicon balance spring and gold fine-tuning screws, bringing excellent performance. Today, it is this extraordinary movement masterpiece that powers the new Villeret series large calendar windows.


   The new large calendar window watch continues the simple and elegant design style, which perfectly captures this series of traditional supremacy and timeless pursuit of elegance and elegance. This watch combines all the classic aesthetic elements of the Villeret series: a 40 mm double red gold round case, a milky white dial and Roman numerals, red gold hands, a six-point date window, all of which exude natural beauty Elegant temperament; the back of the case is sapphire crystal back, you can see the beauty of the decorative pattern of the movement, and decorate the delicate rotor with a honeycomb pattern. The chocolate-colored alligator leather strap adds a strong classic temperament to the watch, making the performance of time even more low-key.