What Is The Experience Of Wearing ‘zodiac Signs’ In Your Hands?

The watch brand Roger Dubuis was founded by Mr. Roger Dubuis himself in 1995. The early Chinese translation was ‘Hao Jue’ and later changed to ‘Roger Dubuis’. Mentioning the Roger Dubuis brand, what people think of now is its magnificent design case, naked tourbillon ….. Among the brand’s iconic models, the most memorable one is ‘Knights’. Since the Middle Ages, West convenient spread such stories. Twelve heroic knights gathered around the round table. They swore allegiance to King Arthur and vowed to spare no effort to achieve the goal and overcome all obstacles in order to return in triumph. Roger Dubuis introduced the ‘Excalibur Knights of the Round Table’ watch in 2013, which inspired its creation from this. The watchmaker uses miniature craftsmanship to create 12 round table knights with sharp swords. Each knight is only 6.5 millimeters in height. They are made of gold and each has a vivid and different look. According to the description in the legend, they circled a circle and can also be used as a scale. The dial uses green and cream enamel glazes to draw a pattern of radial stripes. By 2015, Roger Dubuis launched the second-generation round table knight watch, with a slight adjustment in the design. The shape of the center of the iconic 12 knight sword is retained, and the material is changed to copper. At the same time, the dial is made of ink jade, and the complex pattern is embossed on it. In order to create a heavy sense of history, each knight pedals even a textured stone floor tile. At the same time this representative model has two versions of rose gold and white gold, Moyu dial details are slightly different. In 2018, the brand then launched the third generation of Round Table Knights. Compared with the previous generation, the design of this generation has undergone a drastic change. Instead of adopting ‘realism’, it has switched to the ‘Low-Poly’ style. Low-Poly originally originated in 3D real-time rendering of computer games. To put it simply, ‘describe the shape of an object with as few polygons as possible’. After all, the early computers did not have strong computing capabilities. To be more straightforward, it is ‘spicy chicken pixels’. With the continuous innovation of computers, ‘Low-Poly’ was eliminated. However, because of the unique meaning given by the times, the low polygon has a nostalgic and retro atmosphere. This style instead triggered a memory of past emotions, and then returned to the public view. The 12 round table knights on this watch no longer use fine micro-carving, but rely on polygons to shape the figure. With the blue enamel dial and gold reflective section, it brings a full visual impact, no less than one or two generations of watches. For European countries, the story of the Knights of the Round Table is well known. In Chinese society, the tradition of the zodiac is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Recently, Roger Dubuis launched the ‘Zodiac’ derivative version based on the icon of the round table knight. This ‘Zodiac’ and the ‘Round Table Knight’ are both connected and different. The connection is that the appearance of the case is the same, the case is tough and strong, and three lugs on one side are very recognizable. The difference is that the “Chinese Zodiac” models have replaced the previous Western statues with micro-carvings with more Chinese characteristics. Zodiac signs, also known as the zodiac signs, are twelve species of animals in China and the twelve terrestrial branches that match the year of human birth, including rats, cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs. The origin of the zodiac sign is related to animal worship. According to Qin Jian unearthed from the Sleeping Tiger Land in Yunmeng, Hubei and Fangmatan, Tianshui, Gansu, a relatively complete zodiac system existed as early as the pre-Qin period. The ‘Zodiac Sign’ has gone through thousands of years and produced countless legendary stories and historical versions. This watch uses the Yuanmingyuan ‘Twelve Beastheads’ as a prototype design, which was originally part of the fountain outside the Haiyan Hall of the Yuanmingyuan. It is a bronze statue of Qianlong in 24 years (1759). In 1860, the British and French allied forces invaded China and burned Yuanmingyuan, and the bronze statue of the beast head began to be lost overseas. This ‘Zodiac’ scale statue still uses micro-engraving technology. Compared to the Twelve Knights, the surface details of the beast head are more varied and complicated, such as the scales of a snake head, the hair of a rat head, the horns of a sheep head, and chicken The crown of the first … and on the back, in addition to the limited number of 12 pieces, the case back is also engraved with Chinese characters at twelve hours. At the same time, Roger Dubuis can see the exquisite movement certified by the Geneva Seal through the sapphire caseback. Its automatic tuo is a three-dimensional relief with a rising dragon, its claws firmly grasp the round shaft, the sharp blade and smooth lines. The twelve beasts of the Yuanmingyuan Garden are cast from red copper, and this time Roger Dubuis made the watch case with a more suitable copper material, which will have different surface oxidation and discoloration effects according to the use of the wearer. Simple and mottled. The previous ‘Round Table Knight’ models appeared in three generations and four subdivision versions, with each version producing at least 28 pieces, and the official domestic price was between 1.5 million and 2 million. The number of ‘Zodiac signs’ this time is the smallest, and they are privately made. There are only 12 and the price is unknown. —END —